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Takeru Satoh's hands reveal his talent

Takeru Satoh is known to be of a calm, humble, down-to-earth temperament. Do his hands prove that his personality is actually like that?

Takeru Satoh is a 32-year old Japanese actor, from a film industry that is one of the oldest in the world and the fourth largest in terms of the number of films. He is known for his leading roles in the Kamen Rider Den-O franchise and in the live-action Rurouni Kenshin films.

His hands have large, broad palms and fingers which are more long than short. The Apollo (ring) finger is dominant. Two fingers, the Saturn (middle) and Apollo (ring) fingers have spatulate tips though this is more pronounced on his left, passive hand. The first phalanges of his fingers are long and the thumb is a good length, with a normal length of the Will (first) phalange and the Logic (second) phalange.

The Saturn (middle) finger looks a little short as compared to the ring finger and interestingly, Takeru wears

a ring on his middle finger, as observed in several photographs.

Check out some of his hand photos here and here.

The lines on Takeru Satoh’s hands are fine and although the left, passive hand shows the presence of the Simian Line (head and heart lines joint together), the right, active hand shows a clear separation between the head and heart lines. The heartline on the right hand is not very long though. It is also quite straight and low-set but there is also a girdle of Venus on his hand although much fainter than the heartline. And the headline is a long one, straight in the first part and then curving downwards into the Moon mount. The mounts of Moon, Jupiter and Venus are dominant on his hand.

His hands show that his basic nature is that of a thinker, a practical and contemplative one. There is a tendency to be non-conformist and there is great originality and creativity present in his personality. This goes beyond just acting talent. His acting would be more inventive and creative, and plus, his hands show flair and a unique style as well, something physical in the mannerisms.  All this, added to the physicality, lends something unusual and distinctive to his personality. It is likely that the actor is quite charismatic, a quality which is a plus for any actor.

His hands do not show ego. If there is humility, it is more because he is not that confident about himself, especially as he is quite sensitive, not just to slights but also sensitive to his environment. At the same time, there is a great desire to succeed and make a name for himself. Often these two traits, very high ambition and high sensitivity do not always belong together.

Takeru may not always show his emotional sensitivity to the outside world as his emotions are quite deeply buried within himself and his head is very much in control. This is probably why he has this image of being so polite and kind. He has a good heart, but he is actually more of an inward-thinking type of person. He has a brooding temperament and a tendency to feel solitary. 

His hands show shyness in the early days but by the late teens, he starts to open up. His thinking is very much on the level in the first half of his life, and this could be due to his focus on his ambition because of which he maintains the discipline. One is not sure how tenacious he will be in the latter half of his life.

However, his self-control and willpower are average overall and he could be overly optimistic at times and is potentially disorganized, and unwilling to put too much pressure on himself. He may not make detailed plans for the future.

A hand feature that displays the marked difference between his passive and active hands is the Simian line which is present only on his passive hand. The passive hand shows the inherited/subconscious qualities and the active hand tells us about the current personality. The Simian line usually shows an intense personality and someone who is not much of an objective thinking type, but this sign is not present on his current, active right hand. It is not surprising that his Fate or Saturn line is also better on his active right hand. Clearer thinking leads to a better focus on one's goals.

If one can't help but wonder how and why Takeru Satoh became so successful (from reading the hand only), and one can say it's because of a combination of extraordinary talent, energy and a desire for fame and name. He may not be temperamentally suited for a life of a celebrity.

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(Photo credit: Dick Thomas Johnson from Tokyo, Japan, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. I was wondering who this guy was when I first saw the title then you mentioned the Kenshin films and I'm like oh yeah just added them to my watchlist on Netflix. What a coincidence!

    Interesting read and his Moon seems to be bulging out his hand. Quite prominent.

    One question. In regards to his passive hand's simian line what kind of change would cuz a non simian line formation to appear on the active hand?

    1. I know someone who has this, a simian line on the left passive and a normal head and heart line on the right active. I think it is a good upbringing and parents who do not have this sign. Perhaps reading the right books. We learn how to think at an early age.

  2. Great analysis as always!
    Can you please please do the late rishi kapoors palm reading he seemed to be a very interesting person

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, Sudesh. Yes, Rishi Kapoor is an interesting character. I will check for good hand photos and if I get good ones, will study his hand for the October slot.

  3. Wow I just finished the Kenshin movies where he leads as a samurai and he has played his role with aplomb. His acting style reminds of DiCaprio. Masculine but not too masculine.

    1. I guess I need to see the Kenshin movies..on my list!


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