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Kento Yamazaki - balanced and thoughtful

Kento Yamazaki photo
Kento Yamazaki is a popular, young Japanese actor. His personality is the thoughtful, cool-headed type, and behind that exterior burns a great desire for excellence. This is what is revealed by his hands.

His hands are largish, with long fingers and a long palm. The fingers are waisted, with prominent second knots and the first phalange of his fingers are long, with either squarish or tapering tips. The third phalanges of his Jupiter (index) finger and Saturn (middle finger) are also long but neither of these are thick. The lines of heart and head are well-marked and above-average in length, with the headline leaving the lifeline a little later than it normally does. The lifeline is well etched too, and its position is a little outward, not close to the thumb. The mounts of Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are developed, but not excessively.

The fate (Saturn) line and the sun (apollo) line can hardly be seen on the hand but that does not mean

he does not have these lines on his hands. They are likely to be lighter than the other main lines.

You can check out his hand photos here and here.

Kento's hand reveals that he has a perfect balance in his personality as regards the desire for fame. This desire is muted, and he is not the kind who will seek attention for the sake of it. This is not so common in the hands of actors, as many actors aspire to be actors because they want the attention and they want the fame quite badly. There is no craving for money seen on Kento’s hand either. This does not mean that he does not want these things, it just means that he will not sacrifice too much to achieve fame or riches. Success is what he desires and there is a great desire to be the best at what he does. 

Relationships are also very important to him. To succeed in relationships, it’s important that he becomes more open. Kento's hand shows a level of introversion, and possibly also secretiveness. He becomes more people-oriented as he grows older.

His hand also shows sensitiveness and refinement; he is the kind who will not like to hurt others. There is an ingrained sense of fairness in his personality.

He is likely to like things around him very organised and neat and is likely to be organised in his mind too. He is the practical type.  

There is some kind of physicality evident in him, and this energy will go a long way in making him successful.

He has empathy and is the helpful type, often going out of his way to help others. The outside environment tends to affect him keenly.

There is no dearth of talent, imagination and creativity seen on his hand. With his ability to work hard, and the aspiration to be the best, there is no limit to what Kento Yamazaki can achieve.

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Photo credits: Girlmaking, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Very interesting! I've never heard of this actor but this reading makes me want to watch his movies.

    1. Thanks. I had never heard of him either but i googled the top actors in Japan and this guy came up. I want to read the hands of more people from SE Asia as they are under-represented on this blog. One hears of the politicians but not the actors.

    2. I just checked his filmography and I'm aware of some of the shows he has done for Netflix! I think that's a great idea. Also, Nita, as Elvis Presley's biopic is out could you consider him palm reading this year?

    3. Elvis is one my favourites. Several years ago I tried to find decent pics of his hands. I doubt that I will be able to find any now.


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