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Chow Yun Fat's hand reading

Chow Yun Fat free photo from wikiChow Yun Fat is known to be down-to-earth, humble, charitable and a person who likes the simple things in life.

Most of this is confirmed by his hand, but not all of it. There is nothing on his hand that suggests a philanthropic temperament, yet he has planned to donate his fortune to charity. His hand will give us some answers.

He has a long, fleshy palm with a slightly high-set thumb held a little close to his hand and shortish conic fingers which are more or less straight. The first phalanges are long, particularly that of the Apollo (ring) finger. The second phalanges are all short and the third phalanges seem normal. The lines on his hand are
finely etched, medium in length and the Fate or Saturn line starts with a clear branch from the mount of Venus at the base of the palm. There is a line joining the head and heart lines. The headline slopes and dips into the Moon mount. The mounts are developed, particularly that of Moon, Venus and Lower Mars.

Check out his hand photos here and here. (The photo above is a free photo from Wikipedia.)

These hand features tell us that Chow Yun Fat is an intelligent and creative soul, very artistic, and a lover of beauty and appreciation for the arts. He is imaginative but not the type to brood. He is also quite warm, passionate and loving.

Enormously talented, creative, action-oriented and enthusiastic as he is, Chow Yun Fat is not necessarily always practical. In fact, his hand shows that he can be quite a dreamer and idealistic too. His financial ability is not very good. This affects his ability to market himself in the correct way although some shrewdness is shown.

Overall though, left to himself, he may not have been able to become world-famous, despite his enormous talent. For one thing, at times he has a hard time at times distinguishing his emotions from his thoughts. Secondly, he may not be able to market himself well. He is the kind of person who would go far with the right mentor and/or partner. This is because he is hard-working, goal-oriented, talented, pushy and a doer. With the right person behind him, he can achieve much.

His hand shows a strong attachment to the home, particularly early in life.

He is not materialistic, and this explains why he leads a simple life. He does not need money and luxury to be happy. Making money has never been his goal and being rich never his aim.

However, philanthropy does not come from deep within him. Maybe he wants to donate his fortune because he has no children or maybe he has been influenced by his wife. He may want to give it to others because he doesn't give too much importance to wealth. But perhaps there is another, unknown reason.

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  1. Dear Nita,thank you so much for this!

    I am not surprised that he may have not gotten world famous on his own as John Woo helped him establish his acting career.

    Also, I'm confused on one point. Isn't him being non-materialistic a reason for him being charitable?

    And what does the line connecting the head and heart lines mean in his case?

  2. Being charitable and being non-materialistic are two different things. Non materialistic means "not concerned with material possessions" and charitable means "relating to the assistance of those in need" and one can exist without the other. A lot of people are spiritual and non-materialistic but they are not necessarily charitable. And a charitable person may give away a lot of money to those in need but he himself might find material things important. A lot of rich people who lead luxurious lives (in that sense they are materialistic) are very charitable. The head and heart line connecting affects clear thinking but that is my own interpretation of it. You might find different things said by other hand readers.

    1. Alright, that makes sense.

      Again, thanks a lot for this Nita. :)

  3. Nice. It's quite charming and refreshing that he doesn't know how to market himself. Today everyone sells themselves to get ahead, but I quite like that it was his extraordinary talent and being surrounded by the right people that got him famous. To me that's a more honest approach and basis to have for a career.


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