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Hyun Bin – what is his personality like?

Hyun Bin waving
Hyun Bin (real name: Kim Tae-Pyung) is arguably the best-looking actor in South Korea, and talented too. He has been acting for over 15 years now, with a series of hits under his belt, the more recent one being the romance series, Crash Landing On You, streaming on Netflix currently.

His hand is a good one, with a broad palm, a bit fleshy, more so because of the well-developed mounts of Moon and Venus. His heart and head lines are balanced with each other, well etched. The headline is attached to the lifeline considerably at the beginning. The heartline has a wide fork at the end although the fork is not as dark and strong as the rest of the line. The fateline starts with a fork with one branch either attached to the lifeline or there is a line connecting the fateline and the lifeline.

His thumb is a little low-set, with a good balance of both phalanges. Overall, Hyun Bin’s first phalanges are long and the second phalanges are average in length. The Saturn (middle) and Jupiter (first) fingers are a little

bent on both hands, and the Apollo (ring) finger is long, the most dominant finger on the hand. The fingertips of both the Mercury (little) and the Jupiter finger are conic in shape.

You can check out his hand here.

His hand shows that Hyun Bin has a broad perspective on life, breadth of vision and an understanding type of nature. This is in addition to a warm, loving nature and basic unselfishness. In fact, his hand shows true philanthropy. There are a lot of people who give to charity but in the case of Hyun Bin, he gives because he is a giver. He has no other agenda but to do something for those less fortunate than him; he is certainly not doing it because he wants to be known for it. He also has a very helpful nature, the kind of character that will go out of his way to help others irrespective of whether he is close to them or not.

He is a fairly adaptable and likeable person who enjoys beautiful things and has good taste. He is also very likely to have energy and charisma. At heart, he is the shy type.

This is not to say that he is a perfect person. He has his issues, cynicism and restlessness being some of them. There is a tendency to look on the dark side of things and this can lead to dissatisfaction with the world and with himself, and he needs to be careful of that.

He has always been ambitious, wanting fame and a name. He is talented, with the potential to develop different talents.

Idealism and romanticism are also seen in Hyun Bin's hands. Although he is pragmatic, the combination of idealism and cynicism can at times result in not-so-objective decision-making.

His hand shows that he will be in the limelight in the forties and possibly the fifties too. However whether he will be satisfied or not, that is another thing. That element of restlessness in him is something that makes one wonder whether achieving external goals will be enough to make him feel fulfilled in life. Whether happiness in love will be enough for him? What is Hyun Bin really searching for? That elusive something that doesn’t exist?

For true happiness, he needs to understand this about himself.

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(Photo credit: / Korean Culture and Information Service (Photographer name), CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons


  1. A very well-balanced palm reading!

    I really need to watch more South Korean films, their stars do seem interesting palmistry wise. I did watch Parasite and also Netflix's The Call - both being one of the finest thrillers of the 21st century that I have seen.

    I watch mostly Hong Kong action cinema and I was about to suggest Chow Yun Fat's palm reading but I recalled and then re-read your excellent reading of him.

    As I am enjoying the hand reading of East Asian celebs here are my recommendations, feel free to research them anytime as always :)

    1. Donnie Yen
    2. Rain
    3. Tony Jaa
    4. Henry Golding
    5. Jet Li

    I have a special place in my heart for East Asian cinema, looking forward to it. :)

    1. Of late I too have become quite interested in East Asian celebs. It all started with a reader asking me to read the hand of Lin Min Ho. I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind and read their hands if the right photos are available...right now I have a few lined up so after I finish those.


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