Friday, April 3, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew - Hand Reading

Lee Kuan Yew picture
Lee Kuan Yew was the founder of Singapore and was known to be an incorruptible personality and a visionary.

He has an ideal hand in some respects: a large broad palm, fingers of medium length, mounts neither flat nor overdeveloped, well-etched long, balanced lines on a firm palm and a good, long low-set thumb to boot. All these signs point to a balanced character without personality quirks or eccentricities, a broad, progressive outlook, a strong purpose, and a clear head.

Lee Kuan has been criticized for being a dictator and curtailing freedom of speech. Where is this shown on his hand?

Actually, his hand does not reveal him to be of a dictatorial temperament, not in the sense that people
view the term (in a derogatory fashion). When one thinks of leaders of a dictatorial nature, one cannot help but think of leaders like Robert Mugabe or Indira Gandhi.

You can check out Lee Kuan's hand photos here.

What makes Lee Kuan different? While idealism in some form is usually present in the personalities of dictators and leaders of countries (and shown on Lee Kuan’s hand as well), this by itself does make a good leader. What saves Lee Kuan is his genuinely philanthropic nature and broad thinking. The broad outlook is as important as benevolence; without it, the "benevolence" would be directed wrongly – into some extreme beliefs because many dictators think that they are doing things for the good of the people. When personality characteristics like benevolence and a broad perspective are combined with idealism, calm yet firm resolve and clear thinking, a person would go to great lengths to see his dream realised. Unselfish is simply not a strong enough word to describe Lee Kuan's intentions. He was simply a great man.

Some of the other distinctive features of Lee Kuan's hand are the long first and third phalanges, the waisted thumb, developed Lower and Upper Mars (but not the Plain of Mars), stiff hand, bent Jupiter finger with a conic tip, a long Apollo finger, and a line from the headline joining the heartline under Apollo. His fingers are on the shorter side and are slightly conic-tipped. The mounts of Venus, Jupiter and Moon are developed.

His hand is that of a hard-working person who expects the same of others – a tough disciplinarian and a dominating man. He was controlling, even a little manipulative, and warmth of personality and flexibility were not his forte either, but the lack of adaptability is redeemed by inherently good judgement and fine diplomacy. His hand shows no desire to be rich. In some ways, he was a dreamer.

(Lee Kuan Yew (nickname LKY), died at 92. He was the first Prime Minister of Singapore for over three decades. He voluntarily retired at the age of 67. He changed Singapore into a modern, first-world country in just one generation). 

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(Photo Attribution: White House Photographic Office. 1974-1977, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. I think there is very little to differentiate between a good leader and dictator. It often requires a dictatorial mentality to become a good leader because that's often what works!

    Destination Infinity

  2. A dictatorial mentality of a leader works well in an unstructured and weak system, but the country benefits only if the intentions are good.


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