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Kishore Kumar's Hand Reading

Kishore Kumar was a singing legend - a great and renowned Indian music star. Besides his talent, he was known to be a very loving, generous, and passionate human being. However, this post will examine another aspect of his personality which is revealed by some interesting lines on his hand. it is quite fascinating from the point of view of Palmistry.

While it is well known that he had a turbulent personal life (4 marriages), and this is very unusual in India. It is less well-known that he was also considered a little eccentric, as this Wikipedia article says. 

Interestingly, he has a double headline on his hand. While a double headline can show more than ordinary intellect/capability, it can also explain
odd behaviour, or rather, behaviour which is not commensurate with the main personality. This is enhanced if any of the headlines are oddly placed (as the ones on KK's hand), and such a case it can also show that his thinking was not always logical.

Kishore Kumar photograph

Check out a handprint of Kishore Kumar's here. It is an extraordinarily good handprint.

The hand shows a broad/large palm, strong, deep lines, and a highly developed Lower Mars as well as the Moon mount. The fingers are on the shorter side, and the second phalanges are long. The heartline is long with a wide fork, and the lower branch enters the Lower Mars mount.

On KK's hand, one headline is of medium length and fairly even. It stops mid-palm. Another headline overlaps it. It appears to be originating from lower mars (which is well developed) and the origin, as well as the shape of this line, is unusual. It's distinctly wavy.

He was able to function quite normally in the world, more so in his younger days, but there was another side to his personality. He could also be a person with immense aggression, a person who could get antagonistic, at times with little provocation. Something could set him off. This aggression was enhanced in his character because of the energy and drive shown on his hand. His hand shows a strong personality.

His hand shows that money and material things were important to him, but he had a very big heart and was very helpful and kind, more so than the average person. However, it also shows that he could be controlling in personal relationships. This could cause some trouble in intimate relationships.

His hand busts the prevailing myth that the lines under the Mercury (little) finger, the so-called Marriage lines, show marriage/relationships. I have written in detail about The Myth of the Marriage Lines on this blog. There is only one short line on his hand under the Mercury finger. However, Kishore Kumar married four times, and two of his marriages ended in divorce (singer Ruma Ghosh and actor Yogeeta Bali), and one ended by the death of his wife (Madhubala), and his last marriage to Leena Chandavarkar lasted for about 7 years, till his death. And it’s not as if his several marriages were short or insignificant. His first marriage (Ruma) lasted 8 years, the second one (Madhubala) 9 years, and his last marriage (Leena) was for about seven years. Only his marriage to Yogeeta Bali (third wife) can be considered a short one – 2-3 years.

Kishore Kumar died at the age of 58 but his lifeline is strong, deep and goes right around the mount. This busts another palmistry myth – that the length of the lifeline reveals the length of life. If the lifeline does not show death, where is his death marked? I have explained this in the post Death and Hand reading.

Death can be marked anywhere in the hand, on any of the lines or on the palm which is why it is very difficult to predict death.  In KK's case, there is a dark line cutting across the Line of Fate, under the mount of Saturn, and it is around the same age that he died. Such a line (as dark and deep as the main lines, or darker) crossing the Mount of Saturn, does not usually show death, although it always does show an unfortunate event.

(Kishore Kumar was a famous Indian film playback singer, actor, lyricist, composer, producer, writer and director).
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(The photo published above is a free photo from the wiki: India Post, Government of India / GODL-India []) 


  1. If hand-lines change based on our actions, thoughts and activities, how would it even be possible to try to predict death?

    Anyone who has been through four marriages should be eccentric - why see the hand for that? :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. DI, I am a palmist and that is why I see hands. :) Seeing hands of eccentric people is a learning experience. Also, eccentricity can mean many things, and is too vague a term. The hand shows a clearer picture.
    However, a person who has had 4 marriages is not necessarily eccentric. He can also be fickle, impressionable, or simply just a heartless person! The reason for the breakups is something different in Kishore Kumar's case. It is not the traits mentioned above and nothing to do with the eccentricity.
    When it comes to eccentricity, it is others who believe a person to be eccentric but he might not think so. The hand explains why he behaved the way he did. It was the illogical conclusions that he would come to which led him to behave in some odd ways. Not because he was mean.

  3. i want know about my palm line

  4. i want to know about my palm lines so how to send images

  5. Mahesh, please write to me on my email address. It is given on the right hand sidebar, under my profile. Thanks.

  6. I also want to know please how to contact you

  7. Dear Agiie, my email id is given on the right hand side column, under the About Me section.

  8. @ nita . I have seen palms of honey singh in different photos , his fate line is short and faint , he don't have any sun line either apollo mount isn't that much developed still he's very famous and successful .
    see photo in link

  9. apollo mount and sun line do not show fame. i have seen taxi drivers and maid servants with good sunlines. It is the same with fatelines. the hand has to be read as a whole.
    That said, you cannot assume that he has a short fateline or no sunline unless you see a high resolution photo of his hand.
    I can see his fateline almost till the mid thirties and it is likely to be present in some form even after that. we don't know.

  10. Addressed to the person who has written that KK does not have a double headline:
    I cannot publish your comment here because this is my website and I do not want to mislead my readers. Palmistry is a field where there are many interpretations of the hand and this website has my own personal interpretation. As long as your comment is polite and respectful I will publish your views. If it becomes rude, you are not welcome here.

  11. Hi Nita,
    Your blog is really informative and i really like the way you are treating palmistry as a science which can have any outcome, positive, negative or even neutral. :-). And most importantly you always emphasize a Hand to be taken as a whole package rather than commenting in bits and pieces.

    I was reading your analysis about KK's hand and would like to ask you :
    The cross you mentioned which marks KK's death under Mount of Saturn, Is this the one between Heart and Head Line just before the Fate Line ends ? If yes is'nt that age before 50 ?
    And another one, for an acclaimed person like KK, i expected the Sun Line to be really Well developed around his peak time but we see it broken and getting strength only after 50 `? This really confuses me :-(. (I agree from your one post that even poor people can have Good Sun Lines but here he was famous ...)
    Please shed some light on these questions when you have time.
    Best Regards,

  12. Thanks Ankur,
    Regarding KK's death, I have not mentioned a cross on his hand. Just a crossing line and it does not form a cross at all as the fateline is missing at that point (in any case any lines crossing the fateline cannot be considered a cross but just a crossing line or bar). The bar is much higher up, and not between the head and heart lines.
    Regarding the sunline there are a lot of misconceptions about the sunline. It is commonly believed that the sunline shows fame. It does not.

  13. Hi Nita,
    Interesting, now i got the Line which you mentioned. I was confused as your analysis said :'dark cutting line across the Line of fate' although the Line of Fate is missing at that point as you pointed out. I feel it takes lot of expertise to point that line and relate to a person's Death.

    Regarding Sunline, i totally agree that this line is misunderstood.
    However, when you see on the Apollo Mount this strange Sun line from broken pieces form a strange yet strong shape, Does this mean something ?
    (I have a feeling that some Hands have Many many lines and not all Lines have a meaning and could be interpreted but then there is a category of hands which have very Few Lines but each line has a very precise meaning and KK#s hand belonged here. So i ask this question.)


  14. Ankur, all lines have meaning, and whether major or minor depends on their strength in relation to the hand. Also, KK's hand does have a lot of lines.
    I am not sure of your question though. But if a sun line is present strongly only on the mount it has less significance. A sun line also shows personality characteristics. Broken lines have less meaning.

  15. Maam can I publish my hand images.. If so please give me ur mail id..

    1. My email id is on the right hand column. Please write to me and I will reply to you with the hand reading charges for different types of readings. Once you select a reading I will give you instructions on the type of photos to send. Please do not send photos unless they are according to the instructions. Thanks.

  16. Mam i have a marrage line in left hand thats go downward and a light line coming from my heart line tought my marrage line that show marriage line join to the heart line i read plam astrology in many website they give the information if ur marrige line touch heart line thats mean your partaner will die ealier than u otherwise accidental death i am depress because i love my husband i cant think about my future without him
    So please mam give me real infromation
    I also read the mole astrology on ur body he have a mole on right side ear that show short life according to mole astrology so please clear all my dought

    1. Dear Pallavi, you are falling prey to the superstitious aspect of hand reading. Your partner's death cannot be seen on your hand. Why, it cannot also be seen on his own hand! So please stop your worries. Secondly, it is very unusual for the marriage line to touch the heartline. I highly doubt that it is so. Thirdly, the left hand shows the past or subconscious so it is not at all relevant to the future. Therefore you are worrying for no reason. Please ask yourself what it is about you that makes you worry like this for no reason except reading some misleading things on the internet.
      As regards moles, these are caused by skin conditions. It has nothing to do with death. If you are believing such nonsense, really, I cannot help you.

  17. A very well-written article.

    Thanks for dispelling the myth that union lines show number of marriages. An interesting point to note is that Idi Amin whose palm you also read in a separate article, had 5 marriages but he has only one union line.

    Regarding the double head line. Cheiro said it is a mark of advanced mentality and coupled with a good mount of Jupiter a person can become a self-made wealthy man. Ironically, he himself also had a double head line so I also wondered whether or not he was specifically referring to his own success.

    So my question is:

    As you stated above, KK's head line from lower mars fueled his aggressiveness and might have contributed to him being an eccentric in terms of other people's opinions.

    Similarly, Michael Jackson also had a double head line and he is also considered an eccentric by many people.

    So what does a double head line on an otherwise good palm show? And what do most palm readers mean when they say advanced mentality? Does it mean increased levels of natural intelligience or smartness in making money? And on a bad palm does a double head line denote mental confusion?

    I'm looking forward to your reply,

  18. One has to carefully see the type of headlines, the quality and placement. If both headlines are good, then it means more capability and if the hand shows it, more intelligence. Whether such a person can make money or not depends on the type of headline. If both headlines are good, such people are naturally more successful. On a bad palm a double headline does not show mental confusion at all. On a bad palm a double headline can negate the effects of it. It depends on the headline. If the headline itself is bad then it can show even insanity, mental confusion. This can be seen with even one headline.

    Even though you probably know it, I want to remind you that that lines do make the person. The lines reflect who we are and not the other way around. Also, the traits of aggressiveness and irritability are not related to the eccentricity. Eccentricity is often caused by minor behaviours and mannerisms which are often not seen on the hand. People who do not follow social norms are often deemed eccentric. MJ was reclusive and a private person and that is probably why he was considered eccentric.

    1. Thank you Nita for explaining the concept of double head lines so clearly.


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