Thursday, December 15, 2016

Actor Rekha's hand reading

Rekha’s hands are on the longer side, with long fingers, square palm, long straightish lines and mounts are not excessively developed. Second phalanges are long except that of the thumb (which has a conic tip), finger knots are present (both the first and second), and the index and little fingers (Jupiter and Mercury) appear to be slightly bent. Both these digits have conic tips; the Jupiter finger is slightly short (on her right active hand) and the Mercury finger is low-set. Her head and lifelines are joint for about an inch or so.

Primarily, Rekha is a thinker (she has the 'thinking type' of hand), and reason and objectivity are both an important aspect of her personality. However, her heart
dominates her personality. This may seem like a contradiction, but actually when her heart is not stirred she can be very practical and down to earth, wanting to reason out everything. She might even feel that emotion needs to be kept in check if one has to truly understand something or get something done. Her thinking approach could at times be excessive and too analytical, giving rise to an overworked nervous system.

Check out a hand photo of hers here, and a sketch of her hand below this post.

Rekha is the type of person who could find traditional attitudes restrictive, and it is her basically unexcitable nature and logical thinking which would keep her behavior within the confines of convention.

As mentioned earlier, the heart dominates, and responding emotionally would come naturally to her. Her affections are however, self contained. There is self-control and she is also likely to be reserved when it comes to expression of her intimate feelings. Emotional suppression is also evident on her hand.

Idealism and impressionability is present in her personality.

As regards the self, she inherited good levels of self confidence and self esteem, but unfortunately her current personality show reduced levels. Considering her emotionally difficult childhood, this is not surprising. Another weakness of personality is her intractable wilfulness. When she gets something on her mind, logic and reason would not apply. This means that when it comes to decision making her actions may be something that she could regret later on when the rationale kicks in.

Both her Sunline (Apollo line) and the Fateline (Saturn Line) are long, the Sunline starting from below her Headline and the Fateline starting from the Lifeline, possibly even on the Mount of Venus. This generally means restrictive early circumstance, and the strong influence of the family in the career and this aspect of her life is fairly well known.

The sketch below is to show the shape of her hand. The original photograph was sent to me by a reader.

The original photo is copyrighted so just a part of it has been sketched out here.

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  1. Nita,thanks for this reading. I am interested in astrology and Totally agree with you about the fact that this hand belongs to a thinker. Rekha is a thinker , creative intelligent person and a healer from her astro chart.glad hand shows it.


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