Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The hand reading of Xi Jinping, the Chinese President

Xi Jinping 2019China’s powerful President, Xi Jinping, has been criticized, particularly after the way in which China handled the Covid19 crises. But the President's hands show that he is a compassionate leader, with a great love for his people.

His hands have developed mounts of Moon, Venus and Mars, particular Lower Mars. The hand, squarish with a broad palm and short fingers appears to be stiff. The fingers, on the shorter side, are straight, have short middle phalanges, good first phalanges and developed third phalanges. Tips are conic, more so on of the Jupiter and Mercury fingers. The ring (Apollo) finger is a little too long and it’s possible that the index (Jupiter) finger is a little short. The heartline dominates, it’s dark, curved (which makes it long) but does not reach the Jupiter mount. The headline is straight and fine, though lighter than the heartline and not too long.

These hand features tell us about a person who is down-to-earth and for whom
stability, pragmatism and security are important. They tell us that he is a straightforward and honest man even if a bit overly aggressive and pushy. He values regularity, conformity and reliability. He is not comfortable with change, but the pragmatic person that he is, he can adapt if he is convinced that it will be useful. He is not easy to convince but he is not a vindictive man. He can become excitable but his hands show that he is a good guy, warm and compassionate with a great, intense love for his people.

You can check out his hand photo here.

One of his most prominent characteristics is that his heart qualities are strong and the disadvantage is that he may let his heart rule. He is emotional and this becomes significant as he is quite idealistic, with a strong belief system.

Yes, he wants fame and name, but which politician doesn’t? That is the reason why people are attracted to politics in the first place. He is certainly not a sage. He enjoys his comforts, but the important thing is that he is not at all interested in accumulating wealth. This, coupled with the honesty shown on his hand, shows integrity.

He doesn't like to get too much into the details and this can affect organisation skills and thus he could lose touch with what is happening on the ground. We don't know what happened in China when the coronavirus crises hit, but it is quite likely that Xi Jinping did not have all the details. He may have the most wonderful intentions, but that is not enough.

Does he want power? Well, his actions show that he does but his hand does not! His hand is certainly not that of a despot. Instead, it shows insecurity about the self and also trust issues.

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[Free photo by Palácio do Planalto / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]


  1. This was a pleasantly suprising relegation.
    After all people(including me) sometimes realise that stereotyping and prejudices also fail

    1. It's difficult to know the real person, even those who are close!

  2. Can you also do a hand analysis of karan johar
    As he is a apparently shows two sides of his personality

    One of a shrewd,manipulative and an astute producer

    And the other as an emotionally sensitive, loyal person

    1. I had tried to find some of his hand photos some time ago as someone else had also requested his hand reading but hadn't found anything good. Will try again.

  3. Aspiring PalmistApril 3, 2020 at 9:13 PM

    Very intriguing. One of my Pakistani friends is married to a Chinese woman and although she isn't talkative she had the world to say about Xi. Also, my aunt is a palm reader though she doesn't read palms nowadays due to religious reasons but she also said Xi is warm-hearted and most of her analysis was the same as yours.

    Also, Nita, a favor. Could you read the hands of Nicolas Cage? I'm pretty sure there are accurate pictures of his palms on the net. He is my favorite actor. I want to know specifically why he isn't as famous now as he was in the late 90s. Some people call him as crazy as the characters he portrays. Please do a reading of him within this year if possible.

    And again a wonderful article from you. I always await your monthly reaings, Nita. :)

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Aspiring Palmist. And Nicolas Cage is a fascinating guy, isn't he. Will definitely keep him in mind.

  5. Somehow hard to reconcile “good guy” comments with his power grab to become the most authoritarian leader since Mao. Earlier presidents confined themselves to 10 year tenures but he plans to stay on. The suppression in Hong Kong and cultural geneocide of Uigers that was leaked recently only underscore the dictatorial tendencies of the man. More indicative of Stalinist methods in some cases though obviously not in the same league of mass killings.

    1. I am glad you brought up this point Varun. What people don't know about palmistry is that the palm is connected a person's brain and it is his view of himself which is reflected on the hand. If a person thinks he is good, even in his subconscious mind, his hand will show it. For example, just look at the past, and the brutal killings and the inhuman treatment of women even in normal households. Do you think these hands showed all the men as evil? Of course not. Evil is relative. It depends on the society which one comes from. There are many things happening in Indian households which would be considered as bad by a westerner. It is the outlook. Evil people who are shown up by their hands, usually go way beyond what the society norms are. They know they are evil, any which way. Does this mean that there is no such thing as good and bad? Of course there is, and such people will always have their hands show it.

  6. I don't agree with you. Xi heart line starts from Saturn mount. He is a selfish and hedonistic person..

    1. The heartline starting from the Saturn mount does not show the traits you mentioned. It can show just the opposite, a person devoted to the family.
      I am quite sure he is what you say, that is how people like you and me would see him, but I highly doubt that it is his self image. Even deep down, he thinks he is China's savior. The hand is all about who one thinks he/she is. It's all about context. A politician like Xi would never have this kind of self-image in a democratic country. But China hasn't been democratic, not for a long time. China's political history is very different from India's and that is why it is not just Xi who thinks he is doing right by China, but millions of Chinese too.


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