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Bruce Lee's hands do not show a violent nature

If there ever was a legend, it was Bruce Lee. And if there’s a hand I’ve been curious about, it’s his. While examining his hands I looked for signs of violence, and perhaps I might have found what I was looking for if I had a clear picture of his lines. But after sifting through scores of pictures of his hands I could just about see the shape of his hand and fingers, and one picture showed me a glimpse of the lines.

What struck me immediately after going through Lee’s hand pictures was that he had
good mounts, particularly that of Middle Moon and Venus, although the Jupiter, Mercury and Upper and Lower Mars areas are also developed to some extent. However, this development does not show anything negative as the base of the hand is not heavily developed. The other major features were the spatulate shapes of some of his fingers with their waisted phalanges. His hands are also quite large as compared to the rest of him, and the palm area is very broad and yet, it appears that the lines are not in proportion. The lines on his palm are mostly straight, clear and there is a wide gap between the head and life lines. The palm is squarish and the fingers long.

See a picture of his hand here and here.

Bruce Lee Statue
An interesting aspect of his hand is that he was an original thinker with a philosophical bent of mind, almost spiritual in a sense. This seems to be puzzling in someone who was dedicated to martial arts as this sign is often seen in true spiritual leaders. He was an original thinker, someone who broke the rules more often than the norm and rebelled against authority because of his own unique ideas and an overpowering desire to invent new methods. 

He was the type who would choose his own life come what may. He was bold, and fearless and did what he wanted without caring about consequences or what others thought. He was also action orientated, in addition to an individualistic nature. 

At the same time, Lee’s hands show amazing levels of energy, which when added to his independent and bold nature can turn a person into a dynamo.

Energy without the pathways. Inner energy that needed to be expressed. A tragedy in the making.

However, his hands show no signs of a violent nature. Far from it. They, in fact, show a person with a cool head, a philosophical bent of mind, and belong to a man who was amazingly calm in a crisis. This is not to say that he was not aggressive or pushy, but he was not excessively so. His hands do not show an uncontrollable temper or passion without control. Instead, they show a productive imagination.

(The photo of Bruce Lee's statue is a free-to-use image)

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  1. I loved this post. Bruce Lee is one of my heroes. Thank you.

  2. That is surprising. Though I am not much acquainted with the story of Bruce Lee, or his films, I was of the opinion that his over-aggression brought him trouble. Perhaps, it's not so?

    Destination Infinity

  3. Thanks TN
    DI, even I believed he was over-aggressive as I had heard of his life before he became an actor. He used to get into fights a lot. However his aggression levels are seen to be normal in his hands, but he is bold and fearless, and this would make it easy for him to get into fights. He must have got into trouble because he was not willing to take a back seat or because of a refusal to back down. He himself would not be aggressive or bullying.

  4. interesting ..did u saw any sign of sudden death ...

  5. Hmm, that is what I was looking for but without seeing the lines clearly I cannot see the danger to life.

  6. can u read the hand of steve waugh??

  7. Yes sure I can, if I have a sufficient number of photos of his hand. I will keep his name in mind, and see if I can find some decent photos of his hands. The hand which he writes with is more important for the reading. If you have any photos, pass them on!

  8. Oh god!!! Ur amazing, I love u Nita

  9. Hi Nita,
    Here u began by saying that " If there ever was a legend it was Bruce lee " and it his hand that you have been the most curious abt.
    What is that in him..that makes him so special??....there have been people who have been even more successful, rich and famous and extremely talented in their fields, who are commonly referred to as legends ... so what makes bruce lee stand out(,if u really meant what u said).

  10. Anonymous, If you ask me what makes him so special, I would say everything! The way he looks, the way he moves, the way he talks, every single thing. I think he was the best, the very best. None of the other action heroes come even close to him in my opinion. He is a personal favorite. I was a teenager when his films came out and loved them.
    When I said he was a legend, well, that is history, it cannot be denied. What I have seen on his hand I have written, and I think that those qualities of his are special.
    I am sure you have your favorites too, like all of us.

  11. Hi Nita,

    This is amazing! You are right on spot about Bruce Lee. Now I can explain the puzzle. Chinese Martial Arts is more about non violence than about violence. Unfortunately only the violent part is popular in India, but for the chinese , martial arts and spirituality goes hand in hand. Chinese martial arts were developed by monks, so that they can defend themselves without weapons and without killing or permanently damaging the opponent. That way they show infinte respect for life , both for the self and others. Martial arts masters are supposed to be like Yogis.

    It is not surprising that you see a lot of energy in Bruce Lee's hand. Chinese martial arts are all about Chi (energy)!! I am not able to explain this as I havent learned the martial arts. But in chinese movies and books about Kung Fu, they always talk about energy.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Thanks Sangeetha. I don't know too much about the Chinese arts, but somehow I always had this feeling that Bruce Lee was awesome.

  13. Too bad there are no better pictures to be found (Knowing how hard it is to find good pictures of his palms, because I've looked myself, I appreciate you going to the trouble to get a hold of this one) but you're right to point out his lack of real aggression. True martial artists have a very spiritual perspective and Bruce Lee also had an incredibly open mind- as shown by the angle of his thumb (especially in this picture). I know that because I read his biography. He embraced new ways,cultures, and technologies (and women!). He was really amazing in that way. But, alas, perhaps he was simply too open minded, in a physical way- because he died at the age of 32 of cerebral edema. I love your work!

  14. Nita, rea dhis book called tao of jeet kune do, he was a philosopher

  15. About 50 years ago I saw a newspaper or magazine photo of Bruce's hands and I always remembered seeing on one of his hands that the life line clearly ended at around age 32. He also had a definite inner line of Mars accompanying the life line, a sure sign that he could recover quickly from sickness or injury, which he did when he injured his back badly.


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