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Muhammad Ali was humble at heart

Mohammad Ali I am the Greatest!

Muhammad Ali proclaimed himself to be great and then went on to prove it. He was a flamboyant personality, known to brag about his achievements, past, present and future. That is probably why people think of Muhammad Ali as someone with high confidence levels and a big ego. His hands tell a different story.

Ali had a fleshy hand, with a rectangular palm and pronounced mounts of Venus and Moon. Lower Mars is developed, but not Upper Mars. His fingers are not
particularly short or long, have conic tips with good first phalanges and long second phalanges. The Jupiter (index) and Mercury (pinkie) fingers are a little low-set. The index finger is possibly short and a little bent. He has a long thumb with a pronounced conic tip and is held close to his hand. His head and heart lines are long, even in shape, and joined considerably. The heart line has a branch going downwards and touching the lifeline. His clear lines, strong thumb and slim fingers with their long first and second phalanges all point to the fact that Muhammad Ali was no ordinary man. 

You can check out Muhammad Ali's right hand pic here and his left hand one, here. (The photo published above is a free photo.)

Even if Muhammad Ali was a very aggressive, pushy and contentious man, his hands show that he was not as inwardly strong on the inside as he was on the outside. There was an inner vulnerability. He had some type of inner diffidence and oddly enough, this was not an inherited trait, but developed in childhood. It is possible that he lacked self-esteem as well. We know he grew up in an America which was divided by race and this must have left scars. If he showed the world that he was confident, then it was bravado. Perhaps when he spoke out about himself, it was also a way to reassure himself, not just to intimidate his opponents. But no doubt his words were studied and strategic. His hand shows that he was level-headed and able to plan and manipulate. Besides, his hands show expressive ability, and the ability to use dramatic words.

His aggressiveness was of a very high degree. People in competitive sports often have this quality and it helps them in their sport. However, it's the kind of aggression which can rub people the wrong way. There was a battling element to Muhammad Ali’s nature.

By nature, he was secretive and controlling and this means both in his professional and personal life.

His hand shows idealism and righteousness and this fits in well with what we know about him – his conversion to Islam and refusal to be drafted to fight in Vietnam.

His ability to succeed and his talent are seen in many places on his hand. He had control, he had imagination and he knew how to strategise.

At heart, Ali had a fairly generous mindset and was a warm and affectionate person. He liked people and liked to connect with others. An inherent love of music is shown on his hands. Such a person’s natural state is marriage but acutely impressionable as he was, he would have found it difficult to be faithful even under normal circumstances. But his situation was anything but normal. He was famous.

Muhammad Ali was a world-famous boxer from the United States

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  1. One of my favorite sports personalities. I became a fan of Ali when I started playing the boxing game Fight Night Champion on the PS3. I then watched the movie Ali starring Will Smith and as the unfaithfulness mentioned in your article, that point is quite accurate to his affairs depicted in the film.

    Also Nita, what do you mean by a developed lower mars but undeveloped outer mars on Ali's palm?

    Not surprises that his moon mount was developed as he was quite imaginative in his speeches.

    1. There are three Mars mounts. Lower Mars near the thumb, Upper Mars between the mount of mercury and mount of moon and plain of mars in the middle of the palm. These three mounts reveal different aspects of Mars qualities. Outward aggression, inner resistance and temper. However, as I have mentioned before, if one goes by just these signs without taking into account other aspects of the hand, there can be be an error in reading. For example outwardly aggressive people usually have strong lines, particularly the lifeline. This needs to be taken into account. Also, a lot of people with a weak Upper Mars are quite strong, it depends on the rest of the hand.


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