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Michael Jordan – aggressive and talented

Michael Jordan Basket player graphic wearing red shirt
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Michael Jordan, also known as MJ, is a self-made man and this is clearly evident on his hands, particularly in the lines of his palm. The differences between the two hands are fairly distinct, with the lines on his right, active hand being much longer. (The passive hand shows the subconscious/inherited personality traits and the active hand shows the current self). This shows that he enhanced his strengths to a considerable degree through focus and commitment.

However, although the lines on his left, passive palm are shorter, they seem to be of better quality. The fateline is also longer on the

passive hand…that’s odd one would think as the fateline tends to be an indicator of success. There are likely reasons for this and when you read on, you will get some answers.

Jordan has big hands but considering his height, they are not too large. He has slim fingers with slim lower phalanges and a low-set thumb with a flexible top phalange. The first two phalanges of his fingers are long, and that of his thumb, are fairly well balanced. The thumb is a good length and held apart. The palm is broad and the lines seem clear enough. He has a long Mercury (little) finger on both hands and his Apollo (ring) finger is long too, although the Jupiter (index) finger is average in length and a little low-set.

Take a look at Michael Jordan's hands.

On closer inspection, one can see that the lines on his active hand, though dark, and longer than on his left, passive hand, are far from perfect. The headline is uneven in the first half, broken in parts, with bars and downward lines. The heartline could have been of better quality, although it is long and well-etched. It is uneven, and wavy, going across the hand, cutting through the Jupiter mount towards the edge of the hand, near the thumb. 

The mounts of Mars, Jupiter and Moon are the most developed on this hand. Lower Mars seems excessively developed, if one compares it to the other mounts on the hand and this is seen on both hands, passive and active.

Considering his fame and name, Jordan's right, active hand should have been better in most ways, but it isn't. Not really. Not only are the heart and headlines not as even as they are on his left, passive hand, the Fate or Saturn line definitely isn’t as good. Odd, isn't it! It's like his hand is telling us that Michael Jordan was fated to become a happier, and more self-fulfilled man if he had not become a famous basketball player. He might have a hard time agreeing for sure!

His hand shows that he made himself who he is, through discipline, hard work and talent and it is entirely to his own credit. Aggressiveness played a big part. His hand shows immense aggression and competitiveness – Jordan has the hand of a go-getter. People like him would never be satisfied with what they have and they don't give up. He was born that way. Regarding his personality, he had the competitiveness, risk-taking ability and immense drive to make it big. He had it from the start. He decided to channel it into basketball, and it worked. But he would have made himself a satisfactory and successful life anyway even if he had chosen another field. He could perhaps have had better can never know. 

To catapult himself to the top, to attain immense world fame and success, he must have developed himself to a remarkable degree as his abilities were not innate. The thinking prowess that he developed, it's all his very own. Without this you cannot make it in any field...his intelligence and ability almost doubled…and this is rare. 

When one is so focused on developing oneself, improving in every way, it can cause stress and anxiety and it is likely this happened to Jordan. It also takes away time and energy from steadying one’s moral compass and can make people falter along the life path. When one is focused only on worldly success and fame everything else tends to fall out of focus. 

His hand also shows generosity and almost an uncanny understanding of people. 

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