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Park Eun-bin – why is she still single?

Park Eun-bin photograph
South Korean Park Eun-bin started off as a child actor and today is quite a well-known actress in Korea. She is over 30 years old and single, and has apparently never been in a serious relationship! She says she has never dated. Beautiful and talented, and yet, no time for romantic relationships? What do her hand say about this aspect of her personality?

She has a largish palm and the thumb is conic-tipped with a strong first phalange and slim second. The Mercury (pinky) and Jupiter (index) fingers are conic-tipped too. The thumb is held close to her hand but the Mercury finger is held a little apart and is also low-set. The Saturn (middle) finger seems a little bent as does the Jupiter finger although much less. Overall, the

first phalanges of her fingers are average and the second are long. One cannot see much of her lines but the heart line is low-set, long and curved. The mounts overall are not well developed, but the Moon and Jupiter mounts are relatively more developed than the other mounts.

You can see her check out these google images of her hands.

Her hand shape reveals that she is high-spirited and enthusiastic and also feels strongly about things. She likes to keep herself busy. She needs to feel inspired before she does anything and once she sets her mind on it, she can be very passionate and dedicated. She is not the kind to give up and will stick to her commitments. She can be very determined indeed. She is sensitive, refined, and not aggressive, and also tends to be responsive and action-oriented. She is a doer. Achievement is important. 

Freedom is also very important to her and she likes to do what she wants without interference. In such a case, when it comes to her beliefs, she will happily defy society.

She has strong views about things and is a straightforward and honest person, but at the same time, her hand shows an intense need for privacy, much higher than normal. She has a tendency to be secretive and it is unlikely that people know who she really is.

Of course, she is a good person, with a good heart and is helpful and kind. She is able to show her affection for people although her communication ability is likely to be average. Her hand also shows romantic idealism and this can make it harder for her to find the right person easily. Besides, if one expects too much from a romantic partner, relationships can falter, because accepting human weaknesses is a part and parcel of what constitutes a healthy relationship. Considering that her hand shows passion and a high sex drive, it is indeed surprising that she is still single. In other words, her hand shows that she is the opposite of cold. She is warm and giving but till now, has held back. 

Maybe one of the reasons for this is that her hand shows a fairly high level of emotional suppression, more than is seen in people who are reserved and private. Emotional suppression is never a good thing, not to this extent. She is deliberately putting her own needs and desires on the back burner. One is not sure why because her hand does not show an excessive desire for fame or money. Ambition and drive are both present but again, moderately, and not sufficiently enough to create an imbalance.

She has said that working from a young age has occupied her, and that is why she did not spend too much time developing friendships or romantic relationships in the past. As a child one tends to get moulded and clearly, she has been unable to break out of this mould. The pattern of behaviour which was stamped upon her in childhood is continuing and she is not giving too much thought to her own needs and desires. 

There is no doubt that she needs someone, and is searching for someone. She is not the loner type. When she finds Mr Right, it is possible that she might give too much of herself, and trust too much, so she has to be careful. 

For long-term happiness, it is best that she opens up a little and pays attention to her own feelings, which are in fact very deep.

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(Photo credit: Marie Claire Korea, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. Do a reading of Kriti Sanon.

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    I've always wondered about her co-star Kang Tae Oh, who's hands caught my eye (beautiful hands!). Is he on your list to read?

    1. You are welcome. About Kang Tae Oh, I will add him to my list to read.


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