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Hands of Attention-Seekers - Uorfi, Rakhi, Donald, Charlie, Rahul and Kim!

Attention-seeking behaviour is known to have psychological causes, due to low self-esteem, jealousy or loneliness, or it can be a psychological condition. All of us know about attention-seeking celebrities and maybe some people in real life as well. Why do these people do what they do? Is it a part of some grand plan or is just what it is… a desperate desire to be the central attraction?

I have selected an odd bunch of people to write about, those who

have been known for doing things for publicity. These people were selected at random and are from different backgrounds and different continents. Some of their hands have already been studied on this palmistry blog, and in such a case, their name is linked to a more detailed post on their hand analysis. 

Do the hands of attention-seekers show some similarity? 

Kim Kardashian: Kim has developed mounts of Venus and Moon but overall, the mounts are not too heavily developed. Her head and heart lines are a good length and well-balanced. The thumb is good too, even if it is held close to her palm and likely to be high-set. The first and second phalanges of her fingers are good length and her Mercury (little) finger is long, and slightly bent, as is the Jupiter (index) finger.

Her hand does not show that she craves attention. For her, the publicity is more about her business. This does not mean she hates attention of course…but it is present in normal amounts – no more than is present on ambitious people who want to make a name for themselves. If she engages in any provocative behaviour, it’s calculated.

Uorfi (Urfi) Javed in yellow dress
Uorfi (Urfi) Javed: She has long, curved lines on her palm but they are not fine or deep. The headline is forked and improves around the halfway mark. The lifeline too improves after the halfway mark. The head and life lines are joined under the Jupiter (index) finger. The second phalanges of her middle two fingers are long and the first phalange of her Mercury (little) finger is long. The Mercury and Apollo (ring) fingers are a little bent. The thumb’s first phalange is supple and it’s long. You can check a hand photo of hers, here.

Uorvi is known for her unusual fashion sense and attracts attention with her strange outfits. While her hands show that she loves attention, her hands also show confused thinking, and an introverted, and impulsive nature. Her hand does not show talent but it does show a fairly well-developed expressive ability. She is not likely to be a happy person. Her hand shows difficulty with concentration and focus. She is very likely dressing against social norms to cover up her insecurities, trying to project a bold, confident persona and this is not who she is. There is a strong desire for fame in her personality, and she is trying to garner fame the only way she knows how.

Donald Trump: He has been written about on this palmistry website, before he managed to become the President of the United States and now, in 2023, he has been indicted. Trump has a thick palm, short fingers, some of which are bent, long lines, and a supple, waisted thumb. The mounts on his hand are heavily developed, more so of Venus, Moon Jupiter and Lower Mars. His thumb is supple and has a long first phalange, and his heartline tends to dominate. His fingers are bent, some more than others.

Yes, his hand shows his personality to be that of an attention-seeker who craves the limelight, and while the attention-seeking behaviour is usually calculated, it is not calculated smartly enough as there is too much impulsiveness, impressionability and pig-headedness shown on his hand. His hands belong to a person who wants his way and there is no reasoning applied. A lack of control shown in his hands means that he could likely do things which he could regret later.

Rakhi Sawant photo
Rakhi Sawant: She has been on the entertainment scene for many years now, with TV serials and Big Boss, and has always managed to garner publicity for herself. What is it that drives Rakhi and makes her desire to remain in the limelight?

She has conic, and maybe even pointed tips to her flexible fingers and their second phalanges are long. The headline is in two or three parts, although it is better in the latter half. It is not broken on her passive hand which points to a troubled childhood. The passive hand shows the inherited personality and subconscious thoughts while the active hand shows the current state of mind. She has a long, low-set thumb with a good balance of both phalanges. 

Here is a hand photo of Rakhi Sawant.

Oddly enough, her hand does not show that she craves attention, although it does show plenty of insecurities. Her hand shows extreme idealism as well, and it is possible that she has always been seeking a path to channel it. Although talent as such is average, she has an understanding of money and how to make it. She has an analytical mind too but her mind shows a lack of consistent thinking. There is a part of her which is hung up on material success and money and this is probably because money gives her security. And yet, she also has a philanthropic mindset. When she has money, she would have a tendency to give it away. Her publicity stunts, if one can call them that, would be a way for her to be in the limelight, so she can make money.

Charlie Sheen: Charlie also has a broken headline on his active hand. The first phalange of the thumb on the hands is a little too long, and the head and lifelines are joined together. The Apollo (ring) finger is strong and the mounts like Moon and Jupiter are heavily developed and the fingers are bent. His hand, despite the broken headline, is more similar to Donald Trump's. It shows a very ambitious personality and a manipulative and controlling nature. There is also an intense desire to be in the limelight, and also a desire to be rich. Public attention can be quite lucrative for such people.

Rahul Mahajan: His reason for being famous is that he is the son of a famous politician from Maharashtra, Pramod Mahajan. There are hardly any photos of his hand on the net, but I did find one, here

Rahul has denied that he is an attention-seeker and oddly enough his hand corroborates that. The fingers of his hand are conic, the thumb is long and supple, and the second phalange is slim. The third phalanges are a little thick, as is the lower part of his hand. Overall the mounts on his palm are well developed, more so Lower Mars and Moon. The palm is long, and the fingers are relatively short.

Not much is visible of his hand features but whatever little is shown, reveals a man who is volatile, moody, and aggressive. If he manages to garner attention, his hand shows that he can’t really help it because self-control is not his best quality. His hand also reveals that he enjoys the good life, and luxuries. Fame and name are not what he seeks, which means the drive to achieve is not present in any significant amount.

All these celebs have very different hands which means they have very different personalities. People are complex and have different inner motivations for their attention-seeking behaviour. Some do it smartly; others don't. 

(Photo credits: Bollywood Hungama, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

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