Friday, October 14, 2022

Kylie Jenner – driven but delicate

Wikipedia describes Kylie Jenner as an “American media
personality, socialite, and businesswoman.” She is also the "second-most-followed person on Instagram". That’s pretty intense! 

Kylie gives the impression of being a strong, driven personality. However, while her hand shows her to be driven, it does not show her to be a strong person.

What is most striking about Kylie Jenner’s hand is that her palm lines are faint as compared to the size and shape of her hand. Her hand is slightly long, with a longish palm and fingers. The mounts on her hands are not very well developed, though the Jupiter and the Lower Moon mount are relatively better developed. Her fingers are slim, with pads on the tips (referred to as sensitive tips in palmistry), and the middle phalanges of her fingers are slim and waisted. The Jupiter (index) finger has a pronounced conic tip and could also well be a little shorter than normal. The first phalanges of Kylie’s fingers are long, particularly that of the Mercury (little) and Apollo (ring) fingers. The second phalanges of her finger are average, not significantly long. She has a slim, shapely thumb,

with a conic tip.

You can check out her hand photos here.

What all these hand features tell us is that Kylie Jenner tends to have delicate sensibilities. She is idealistic, impressionable and fragile. She is likely troubled by insecurities, particularly about the self, and these personality traits are inherited. At the same time, she is ambitious for fame, has a sense of money, and is talented…although business talent is average. Her talent is more of an artistic kind.

The energy and drive that Kylie has, the intensity in her mind, her soul, it does not match with what she can actually do without burning out. She needs regular breaks, and time to unwind, relax and be herself. It is important that she does not push herself too hard, whether it is to maintain her public persona or whether it is putting pressure on herself to achieve fame and name. 

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Or Photo by Condé Nast (through Vogue Taiwan), CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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