Monday, September 5, 2022

Britney Spears - level headed woman!

Britney Spears is written about endlessly and one can’t help but be curious about what her hand reveals about her personality. The media often gives the impression that Britney is vulnerable and weak, and not too sensible. But this characterisation is likely to be wrong as her hands do not show this. Britney's hands reveal a stable, sensible person. Why this contradiction between the Britney persona created by the media and the real Britney? That is a difficult question to answer but likely because the media loves writing about celebs this way.

Britney has a longish palm with fingers on the shorter side and her head and heart lines are clearly etched, although the headline shows a slight waviness. A few of her fingers appear bent, particularly the pinky which is also low-set. Her fingers are tapering at the end with a few sensitive pads. The thumb is quite good with a nice balance of the

first (Will) phalange and the second (Logic) phalange and it is not held too close to her palm and nor is it set wide apart. The mounts are developed but not excessively so, with the Moon, Jupiter and Venus mounts the most developed.

You can check out her hand image here.

All these signs show that Britney is a stable and grounded human being although sensitive to her environment. She has good will-power but it is not that of the dogged kind, and it can be derailed along the way. In fact, her willpower and strength are the type that normal, strong people have, nothing less. Her hands show her to possess an artistic bent of mind, and she is passionate about what she does. She has a vivid imagination and this can give rise to moodiness and cause her unnecessary grief. 

A difficulty with relationships is shown on her hand, mainly because she finds true communication hard, however verbose she is. There is a tendency to give too much in relationships and expect too much and perhaps it is a kind of immaturity.

Her hand does not show her to be particularly or excessively temperamental. She is high-spirited though, ambitious, goal-driven and a warm, giving person. She can at times be too responsive to her environment and action-oriented, and impulsive. It is the strong practical streak of her personality, which helps her keep the balance.

She has tact when she wants to use it, and good expressive ability. In fact, she can be quite the storyteller when she wants to be as she has the ability to manipulate language and knows what the best thing is to say at the time. There is an ability to use drama in her speech but her heart is in the right place and there is a desire to fix things.

Her fateline being attached to her lifeline in the early years shows the closeness to family…or a restricted life. It is usually a dutiful attitude or maybe love for one’s family which makes a person choose such a life. It does not show weakness. 

With her basic tact, ambition, hard work, talent and sensible approach, Britney is likely to have a bright future in whatever she undertakes.

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Free Image by Melanie from Pixabay


  1. Please do a reading of Kartik Aryan's hand.

    1. I will check to see if sufficient photos are available of his hand on the net. If yes, then certainly I will.

    2. Thank you so much for your response. Also, I would like to put forward a request for Kriti Sanon and Kiara Advani as well. 🙏

    3. Sure, will keep it in mind.


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