Friday, February 22, 2019

Kim Kardashian is not your regular airhead

One would have expected that Kim Kardashian’s hands would be that of a superficial, vain and artificial person. Instead, I found myself looking at the hands of a down-to-earth, savvy woman. Considering her high net worth, this wasn't surprising.

Kim Kardashian, a reality TV star from the United States, has normal-sized hands, with a good balance of the fingers and the palm. The Venus mount is developed and so is the middle part of the Moon mount. None of the mounts on her palm is excessively developed and her head and heart lines are long and in their proper place on the palm, neither set too low nor too high. The thumb is normal length and the will phalange is good, although the thumb is held close to her palm and could be a little high-set. The fingers are broad but the first and second phalanges are of a good length. She has a long Mercury (little) finger which is slightly bent, a short Saturn (middle) finger and a slightly bent Jupiter (index) finger.

All these signs reveal a person who is clever, calculating and
ambitious, though money is not the prime motivation. Fame is.

Kim tends to be secretive, even in her personal life. She cannot be said to be straightforward; she is the opposite of open and frank. There could be a fear of being taken advantage of.

You can check out her right hand photo here. The photo published below is a free photograph.

Kim Kardashian photoBold and independent she may be, but Kim Kardashian is not a particularly independent thinker, can be headstrong at times and can lack sympathy for others. This doesn’t mean that she is cold. She feels emotions keenly and is warmhearted, demonstrative, caring and nurturing towards loved ones. She has the ability to connect with other people – once trust has been established. She is likely to be idealistic and romantic when it comes to love.

She leans more towards intuition and feelings as her heart tends to dominate her head and this can result in her thinking not always being logical. 

Although she is a strong-willed person, she is the kind who will not always hold firm to her views and this usually means changeability. Her attitudes and values (even the deep-seated ones) could change in different periods in her life. It can mean difficulty in her own understanding of who she really is.

Peace of mind does not come easily to her and there is a restlessness in her personality, always seeking something. Perhaps the restlessness is caused by an underlying feeling of being hemmed in or feeling restricted by rules and regulations. There could be a reluctance to accept her own limitations and that of society. This is probably what gives that rebellious edge to her personality.

She will get her peace only later in life, in her fifties and beyond.

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  1. never looked at her palms, but she has great butt that's for sure!

  2. So ironic that she headlines the reality show when she's so secretive as a person.
    What did you think worked for Kim as per her hand? I wish you wrote with context to her career and her marriage to Kanye. It was a wonderful read though :)

    Can you please do Kylie/Kris as well?
    Kylie is a billionaire already. Very curious to see her reading and even Kris Jenners who apparently is running all the sisters.

    1. Thanks.
      Her hand shows that she is smart, calculating, and ambitious and also hard working. She has a strong inner drive. This worked for her.
      Without seeing her lines clearly it is difficult to get into details.
      I will keep your suggestions in mind regarding Kylie and Kris.

  3. Awesome article again, Nita. I wish you could post more often.

    I also noticed double head lines which you said may give a subject more capability.

    Also, I'd like to add that no matter how smart she is, there is also considerable luck in her life. Her dad was close friends with OJ Simpson and during the latter's trial the father and his family gained a lot of national coverage. Kim and her family also got a reality TV series deal after the trial ended.

    Overall, she is a smart and attractive lady, and lucky as well.

  4. She got a good start in life, because her family was in the limelight and she made the most of it. About the double headline, it wasn't visible in the other photos, so I avoided mentioning it. No doubt she is a very capable lady. And luck is all about grabbing opportunities, isn't it.
    About writing more, I wish I could too, but right now at least it's not possible due to other commitments.

  5. Hi Nita, I do like your palm reading and appreciate your reading even though they are sometimes contrary to the person and his/her public image.
    1. My simple question to you is what is the use of palm reading in a sense it gives you some idea about a person's personality but is there any way it can help a person better his/her life.
    2.The other thing is can people have completely different hand lines on both hands and does that necessarily mean a bad thing, can the working hand lines over come the other hand lines.

    Hope you could answer!


    1. Hi John,
      Regarding your question, hand reading can better your life because it is a window to your soul. Very few of us really know ourselves. And even if one takes the most self-aware person, even these people rarely know their deepest, subconscious desires and weaknesses. Understanding ourselves is the first step towards personal growth and this can lead to a better future and perhaps, peace of mind. The lines are not fixed and they change as we change. However, only very significant and dramatic changes are marked on the hand.
      And yes, it is possible to have completely different lines on each hand and it is not a question of bad or good. The left (or passive) hand is your subconscious or inherited personality and the right (or active) hand is who you are currently. Very few people have exactly the same lines on both hands, in the 21st century at least. The modern environment is variable and unpredictable and this can have an impact on the personality of a small child, especially if the child travels, immigrates or there is a death/divorce of a parent. This can alter the destiny. Whether the change is good or bad depends on the hand.
      I did not get your last line.


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