Sunday, July 8, 2018

Melania Trump's hand reading

Melania Trump official portrait What lies behind Melania Trump’s smile? Her hand can tell us what goes on behind that pretty exterior, and give us a glimpse into her real personality.

Melania has a good hand shape, her palm and fingers are well balanced, and both her head and heart lines are balanced as well. The thumb and Jupiter (index) fingers are conic-tipped. Her first phalanges are average, and she holds her Jupiter and Saturn (middle) fingers close together, and the latter leans towards the former. Her lines are fine, with a fairly long heart and headlines, both slightly curved. The Mercury (little finger) is significantly apart, and the thumb is normal in length and held close to her hand. The Jupiter finger is high-set and dominates the Apollo (ring) finger. The mounts of Moon and Venus are developed, though not excessively so.

These hand features tell us something about Melania Trump’s character. She is an
an intelligent, capable woman, even if not an intellectual. She likes to do her own thing and doesn’t like to be hemmed in. Ego is a prominent characteristic of her personality, something that she always carried with her, from childhood. At heart, she is a private person and likes to keep her own counsel. She will not let others in easily and can be stiff and awkward in social situations, particularly with strangers. She is usually careful before she speaks, and this can make her appear distant, although actually, she is not. She is a warm, loving and flexible personality, and impressionable as well, but this may not come across if one is meeting her for the first time, and if one is not in her close circle. However, she is not an open or frank person.

You can check out her hand photograph here.

Melania Trump's hands show her to be a capable woman, and an objective thinker, but not a particularly original one. Societal norms would influence her. However, she is no pushover and would do whatever she wants to do, and if she really wants it, she wouldn't care what people think.

A liking for power is a part of her personality, although the desire for money is muted.

Melania may appear to be unfriendly, but she has a good heart. She could have issues with communication. In temperament, she is very different from her husband, President Donald Trump. His personality verges on the instinctive, while she is more of a thoughtful person.

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(Free photo of Melania Trump from the Wiki: Regine MahauxWeaver. []) 

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