Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gay Celebrity Hands

Some celebs have come out of the closet like Elton John (singer), Ellen DeGeneres (talk show host), Neil Patrick Harris (actor), Wentworth Miller (actor), Jodie Foster (actor), Jim Parsons (actor), Matt Bomer (actor), Zachary Quinto (actor) and Ricky Martin (singer). Is their sexual orientation marked somewhere on the hand? Can Palmistry reveal the sexual orientation of a person?

There are different

Elton John with partner

theories regarding this. Some hand readers and palmists say it's the widely forked heartline which indicates a gay person, and some say just the opposite – that a straight heartline which goes right across the hand and touches the beginning of the headline is a sign of homosexuality. Another author has said that double loops on the fingers indicate homosexuality and others say that short Jupiter fingers are it. None of this is correct.

The hand shows the type and intensity/strength of the sexuality because that is what is significant to human beings. Being gay is not reflected. Or if it is, it is so subtly marked that no hand reader to date has been able to pinpoint the signs with accuracy. There isn't even a combination of signs which can indicate a person's sexual orientation. 

Elton John has a short dark heartline ending under the mount of Saturn and his Jupiter (index) finger is not short at all – check out a hand photo of his here.

Ricky Martin could possibly have a slightly short Jupiter finger (check out a hand photo of Ricky Martin's here), but then so does Ben Affleck and he is not gay (Ben Affleck's Hand Reading). Besides, Ricky Martin has no fork on his heartline (another picture of Ricky Martin's hand here) and neither does his heartline touch the headline!

Sure, some hands may show these so-called signs of sexual orientation, but then these signs can just as easily be found on the hands of heterosexual people. This proves that these signs do not point to sexual orientation. 

Wentworth Miller is another actor (from Prison Break) who has acknowledged that he is gay but his hands do not have any of the so-called signs of being gay.

Whether you take the hands of Jim Parsons from the Big Bang theory (a picture here) or Jodie Foster, the Hollywood actor, or Ellen DeGeneres (check out a hand photo of Ellen's here), none of these hands show any so-called signs of their sexual orientation. 

In fact, the hands of these gay celebs are all widely different in every way showing their widely different and unique temperaments. Some of the hands have large mounts, some curved heartlines, some straight heartlines, some long Jupiter fingers, some short, some long Apollo (ring) fingers and then there are small hands and large hands, long palms and thick palms. No signs in common that can give us a clue as to whether these hands belong to gay people or heterosexuals.

And why would the hand show this anyway? Sexuality is sexuality, whatever the orientation. It doesn't bother the person, it bothers society. The hand clearly shows how sexual the person is, but that is all. Whether the person has the ability to love and to hate, whether he has the ability to be loyal or whether he is fickle or sentimental or romantic. Whether he/she is passionate or cold. These are the personality characteristics which are significant to humans.

When gay people keep saying don’t make such a fuss about us, they have a point. The hand seems to agree.

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  1. Mam , my head line is like right tick , it has a upward bend ... what does that mean?

  2. Vinay a sharp upward turn like a tick as you say may not be the Headline, but a chance line. I cannot take your word for it that it is actually what you say.
    In any case, even if the Headline turning upwards has a particular meaning, it cannot be read in isolation. Other signs can soften or enhance the meaning.

  3. hi, had done my analysis a few years ago from you.
    After reading this article I remembered something I wanted to ask you before... my heartline is not a clear line...there are simply too many cuts and all those small lines form the entire shape...I have never such such a line on anyone before!
    what could be the reason?

  4. I do not remember reading the hands of anyone named Gaga. However if you are writing this comment under a nickname, then please do write to me at the email id of blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com


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