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Wentworth Miller's hand reading

Wentworth Miller’s hand is one of the good ones when one compares it to the hands of other celebrities and successful people  It shows a calm and inwardly strong temperament. And it shows a very good heart as well.

Wentworth has claimed that he tried to kill himself when he was 15 (because of some issues regarding his sexual orientation) but when one looks for the signs of a suicidal person,

one cannot find them on Miller’s hand. This just goes to show that people who try to kill themselves are not necessarily “suicidal” by nature. By this I mean they need not be people who are unstable or chronically depressed.

Check out a photo of his hand here.

In Miller’s case, it is just the opposite. He is a cool customer. This is not just on the surface. He has inner strength.

Miller has a large hand with a large palm and long, slim fingers with a long Apollo (ring) finger, and a thumb which is of a good length, with a strong upper phalange. He has developed Moon and Venus mounts, and a slightly hollow palm. The lines on his hand are well-etched and the heartline is long and ends in a fork. The headline is sloping and is a little weak as well, but the shape of his hand is more important.

No doubt that Wentworth Miller’s heartline is better than his headline, and his emotions can get the better of him at times, but this does not mean that he is an emotional out-of-control person. On the contrary, his hand shows an extraordinary coolness of temperament and mental strength, despite his sensitivity. The only issue is that he is not steady in his thinking; his thinking changes several times in his life. And this is concerning major issues. These changes would affect his emotional health.

As it is he is the introspective type. His heightened sensitivity to the environment will likely affect his emotional state because he would find it difficult to function in a hostile or unpleasant environment. He can be called thin-skinned if there is such a term. But this does not mean he cannot handle it. He is very determined.

Miller's hand shows remarkable business talent, a kind of understanding of what works in the marketplace, and this is more enhanced than the acting talent although he has creative talent. What's more, he is the kind who strives to improve himself. And from what little one can see of Wentworth Miller’s lines, this man is in for some very serious long-term success. This success is likely to stem from his business acumen. He can take risks, calculated, intelligent risks.

He is not the materialistic type. He is just very smart. Carefully weighs the pros and cons. Takes time to come to decisions, and finally does exactly what he wants.

(Wentworth Miller is an actor known for his role in the television series Prison Break)

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  1. Someday, I will watch 'Prison break'. Does the hand indicate anything about his acting skills?

    Destination Infinity

  2. Prison Break is an action oriented serial. If it is watched from the begining, it is quite interesting. His acting skills as shown on his hand are seen to be average.

  3. What is the sign of being a good actor?

    1. Specific professions are not seen on the hand. What can be seen is a creative mind set, boldness in the personality, and charisma, and all these are characteristics which help an actor be a good actor. Creativity is one of the signs. If you are talking specifically about Wentworth Miller, he does have acting ability. It is overshadowed by his other abilities.


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