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What Jennifer Aniston's hands show about her personality and temperament

Hand Reading of film star Jennifer Aniston, who shot to fame after she took on the role of Rachel Green in the television serial F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

It’s always a pleasure to read the hands of famous people and that's not just because their hands show more positive qualities than negatives ones, as compared to ordinary folks like us. After examining scores of photographs of hands from every possible angle, a reading is finally made.

Like most successful people Jennifer's hands also show that she has plenty of energy and determination and that she is ambitious. The elasticity of her hand and the firmness of it, all show this. But then many of us have these qualities, and yet do not reach the pinnacle of success. So what is it that she has?

Check out one of Jennifer's hand photos here.

In the case of famous artists, it is usually Talent. Jennifer Aniston’s headline and mounts show her creative talent. Additionally, you will see that her middle mount of Moon has an amazing curve, and this is what shows not just any kind of creative talent, but a talent which will make her money. This is a good combination, creativity and money sense combined. It is not at all surprising that Jennifer Aniston is one of the richest celebrities in Hollywood today.

She is however also moody and idealistic.

At first glance her hand seems quite balanced as her fingers seem to be of normal length and no single mount predominates. She comes across as a sensible, balanced person. She is actually, to the world. One of the reasons for this impression is because she has an amazing ability to talk to people, say the right things, and can be very clever with her use of words. This is evident from her mount of Mercury and the Mercury finger. Her ability to be diplomatic and adroit (shown by her thumb) impresses people even more. Her thumb, held a little away from the hand, shows that she is fairly open at most times.

Another thing which is very likeable about her is that she is a very straightforward and truthful, again evident from the Mercury finger. Plus, she does not manipulate people or use them, even though she overall she has a selfish view of things and can be slightly aggressive. However, she can be quite broadminded and understanding as well, if some thing is pointed out to her. She has a tendency to be idealistic though and a little dreamy at times.

Her greatest flaw is her negativism. Her negativism shouts out at you from the way her Saturn finger is shaped. She can be a real wet blanket at times, very gloomy and critical of everything. The Sun finger, which is the mount of cheer, gives away some of its sunny nature to Saturn and this makes her see the negative side of everything almost effortlessly, and that includes the negative side of people. This can affect her close relationships. She has a problem with self-esteem too.

It’s easy to blame these qualities on one’s childhood or one's parents, and very often in adult life children do this. In Jennifer’s case these qualities have not been developed because of her environment. She was born with them. Just like we are born with a long nose or big eyes, all of us are born with a certain temperament, a temperament or characteristic which can change because of the environment. Or not. If Jennifer had grown up in an environment where she had seen more positivity then perhaps this quality of hers (negativism) could have been diluted. Unfortunately her environment did not do this. In fact I would say she was lucky to have a lot of positive things going for her in her childhood. From what I know she has talented parents. If anything, her talent blossomed due to her environment.

Another thing which makes this particular quality of hers irritating is that she is very particular about small things, for example how people speak and behave in public. She is critical of behavior which she thinks is not proper. However, she can be hypocritical in this regard and does not always apply the same standards to herself.

She can do with more warmth and passion her personality. Unfortunately her mount of Venus is not broad at all, and nor is it very high. If she had that warmth, it would have balanced out her critical nature. She can also show streaks of jealousy at times. She can be generous but often it is on impulse.

She also pays a lot of attention to her clothes and you might think that this is natural as she is a film star. Well, for her this comes naturally.

If she is hurt as she often is (she is sensitive and has refined sensibilities) she does not forgive easily. This all is evident from her finger of Saturn.

I wish I could see the lines of her palm more clearly as it would tell me how she thinks in more detail, but unfortunately there weren’t any good photographs of the lines of her palm hand on the internet.

However it is important to write here than Jennifer has common sense and can pull herself back if she thinks she is taking things to the extreme. Plus her thumb shows willpower and determination and if she wants to, this lady can do what she sets her mind to do. Independent in thought and action, does not care too much about what people think, and will do what she thinks is right.

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  1. Ha ha, wonder what my hand says about me :P

    anyway..How About Kamal Hassan? Or Rajinikanth?

  2. Okay after Aish it will be one western star (I want to keep it for both audiences) and next will be either Kamal Hassan or Rajni. Whoever has better photos of them on the net!

  3. Vishesh, I forgot to add (this blogger blog doesn't allow one to edit comments!) that I am looking forward to reading hands of readers! The only thing is that the readings will be private. After 1-2 months I will be doing that.

  4. Ha I am looking forward to that :D( someone reading my hands :P )..

    See if this image is alright(you can delete it from here :) )

  5. Thats a good image and I have saved it on my pc for future use. I will ofcourse need lots of images of his hands as I need to look at the hands from different angles. This I have to do as the length of the fingers and phalanges looks different from different angles! Even the mounts look different. In fact it is a most arduous task, from photos. Usually I read hands of people I meet and make notes and then take photos for reference so its easier when I am doing the reading.

  6. I think if you examine the hands of Brad Pitt then perhaps you will see if there is compatability? They got divorced so that means there is less compatibility. You can perhaps examine hands of a couple and tell whether they are compatible or not? I am sure you can and if so I can send you the hands of my would be and myself and you can give your comments on that to me in private. Where is your email id mam?

  7. Anonymous, yes ofcourse, an idea about compatibility of two people is possible to surmise from looking at their hands. I will be putting up my email id here soon. However I will not be reading hands of readers as yet. Maybe in a couple of months. Thanks.

  8. Aniston is imaginative but she should try more different roles often. Maybe she's a bit pessimistic about changing her persona.
    By the way, would you do a reading of British horror writer Clive Barker's palm:

  9. Aniston is imaginative but she should try more different roles often. Maybe she's a bit pessimistic about changing her persona.
    Anyways, fine reading as always!

  10. Thanks Nisar. Shall keep Clive Barker in mind. Will check out if any hand photos are available.


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