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Angelina Jolie's hand shows that she is fun to be with though she isn't serious enough!

Angelina, the famous Hollywood actress, can be a little too casual about life, and can lose focus. It’s almost as if an important cog in the serious business of life and living needs some tightening. This gives her personality an undesirable tilt and lack of balance. But she has other personality characteristics which have earned her fame and name. She has a certain force to her personality, she is a go-getter. Ambitious and dominating, she is an independent thinker who likes to follow through with action.
What is so special about her?
The strength of her thumb and Jupiter finger and mount reveals that Angelina Jolie is an ambitious and determined woman. She may not possess oodles of acting talent, but she does have an original way of approaching her work. When she decides on something she acts on it and follows it through. However her action-oriented nature has a downside. Angelina tends to do what her mind and heart tell her to do, and while doing it she does not care much about what others or society think. This gives a certain boldness to her personality and some might say a certain disregard for societal norms. The way she holds her fingers give us a clue to this side of her.

Check out a hand photo of hers here.

Another quality which has helped her become successful is her disciplined nature. The lack of high mounts on her hand and also her waisted fingers tell us that she can accomplish her desires without being distracted by a pandering to sensual and physical pleasures, be it eating, drinking or anything else. She can rough it out and put her body through a lot of strain. In other words, she has discipline ingrained in her personality. She is also far more focused on her work rather than on gaining name and fame.

The development of her Mercury and thumb shows that she is a very shrewd and smart woman, with good powers of expression, persuasive and very tactful (Mercury, waisted thumb), with an uncanny ability to get her way. Add to this an ability to plan in advance and her analytical thinking (high development of both knots) and her aggressive and pushy (developed Mars mounts) personality and you have a list of formidable qualities! She is not careless when it comes to planning her projects. Her well knotted fingers also add to her reasoning power.

What she is like inside
Her lack of sufficient seriousness (Saturn finger) can make Angelina fun to be with; a person who always ready for something new, for an adventure. Such people are usually very sporting. However if anyone thinks that this is just a mood or a phase can be in for a rude shock!

In her personal life she is likely to be quite dominating, manipulative and aggressive. She will also do what she pleases. However all is not lost, because she is basically a happy person, and not as tough as she appears. Her weak Upper Mount of Mars and supple thumb shows she buckles under pressure, and can be pushed into doing something she does not want to do or even hates. She is not that strong a person from the inside, and can feel discouraged. In fact in her heart of hearts this woman is very vulnerable and not at all as mentally strong as she appears. She is the kind who needs emotional support and she probably knows this.

She can be surprisingly flexible and reasonable. Two square tips and her head line also give her a dose of practicality. In fact she is the kind of person who will compromise quite a bit in a relationship, for the sake of someone she loves.  She needs a beacon to stabilize her, push her in the right direction when she starts to shift focus. If she does not find the stability that she is looking for, it can affect her relationships.

Angelina wants love and devotion, not money, and nor is she a status-seeking person. In fact she is not at all materialistic but this quality can at times go to an extreme because she can become careless of the future and spend too much. Several signs on her hand, like her broad quadrangle, waisted fingers, her supple thumb, and the lesser development of her lower phalanges, particularly that of Mercury, point to this.

Jolie has a sharp mind and can be a mentally stimulating companion although she has a tendency to gossip, although privately.

The shape of her hand tells us that Angelina has a tendency to see things from her own viewpoint without seeing the overall impact of her actions. She is also fiercely independent.

She has changed from what she was earlier
For some reason she has become less serious that what she was earlier as in her right hand her Saturn finger seems to be of a good length (she is left-handed and the right hand is her passive hand). I am not sure of this aspect though, as it becomes difficult to make out from photographs. What is clear to see though is the difference in her heart line and it points to the fact that she has become a little less possessive and demanding of her loved ones, although she is still so. The differences in her Mount of Venus tells us that she has become more outgoing and warm and giving than she was earlier.

If one has to write a conclusion to this character sketch one can say that though Angelina tends to go overboard at times, and can be arrogant and egoistic, she can bend. She is not really all that tough and has a good heart.

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  1. Thats a nice analysis Nita... I dont know much about AJ and this gives me a nice insight into her character...
    Is it possible to read the hands of people who are dead Nita? I am curious to know about our late leaders who are really honest and in which way our current politicians lag behind...
    Its really great to know you are going the read the hand of us... I am really interested to know whether whatever I thought about me is true :)

  2. Kanagu, thanks. Yes it is possible to read the hands of great leaders. In fact I have the hand print of the late Radhakrishnan, who was an intellectual as my father (from whom I have learnt a lot of my palmistry) actually met. One of these days I will do an analysis of our late leaders, like Indira Gandhi and so on. The only thing one requires are hand prints or photos. It might be difficult to get those of some leaders.
    And its always fun to get one's hand read! However much one thinks one knows oneself, the truth is that we always tend to gloss over our faults, or at least downplay them! And seeing us the way we are helps us a lot in our future, because character is destiny.

  3. Interesting post. I had watched an interview on tv where she had mentioned that she used to cut herself when she was a teen. I wonder if it's possible to check this against her hand?

  4. purpler, as she is well into her thirties now, this could show a trait in her character in her teens, which would probably be an inherited quality. What her inherited quality shows is a seriousness and intenseness which is not present now. But overall, it is difficult to read a hand in much detail without seeing the lines properly. In fact it is a challenge most times!

  5. I am discovering such a nice blog!
    The Blog header is too good... so many palms!
    I have subscribed to your blog

  6. hi!nice explanasion!!
    but what about her life line..is it long??I wish it is and be able to live her life in peace for many years more...(I saw a photo recently in wich her life line showed like it stoped in the middle her palm..:( )

  7. hi!nice analysis!!
    what about her life line??I saw in a recent photo of hers waving that her life line stops in the middle of her hand..or so it appears in the photo :((
    have you seen this?

    please answer to my email g.env.me@gmail.com

  8. Hullo Marina. Angelina Jolie is left handed and it is her left hand which shows her reality today. As far as I could see from photos of her left hand the line line is long and clear. Not that it necessarily means that she will have a long life. The length of life is not related to the length of the life line, although health issues can be seen from the life line.

    As to her right hand,which will show her inherited tendencies, I could not get a good enough photo of her right hand (which showed the lines) although it is possible she has a long life line here too. Even if it is short it does not mean she will have a short life.

    Whether on the right hand or the left hand, the length of the life line does not denote length of life.

  9. Left hand shows hereditary tendencies nd right is what you are going yo make up in your future life.take the case of Oscar wild.This is applicable for woman also.
    Oscar wild during his dinner party when his hands were put through the hole screen Cheiro was able to say that left is the hand of a King ,but the right says he who will send himself into exile since fate line was broken for him the the peak his fame he produced 'A woaman of no Importance" but lefy the hall in a depressed mood.He never corrected himself and was sent to jail as a fraud,Destiny by nature can not be cheated,
    Sankaravelauyudhan Nandakumar.


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