Monday, November 16, 2009

What Brad Pitt's hands say about his character traits

Brad's hands may show him to be a sensitive and refined person, but it is also true that they show that he likes to have his way. Being the refined person that he is, he doesn’t believe in overt domination. He does it more subtly, and can in fact manipulate people very well because he knows which buttons to press.

Calmness and control
It is the shape of his Jupiter finger and his long Mercury finger and strong Mount of Mercury which gives us this reading. His controlling nature may not be obvious, particularly so because he is not too aggressive and nor does he have
a short temper (note his lower Mount of Mars as well as Plain of Mars). In fact he is rather calm and collected, and comes across as a sensible balanced sort. Check out a hand photo of his here.

Only those close to him might find out that he is not as easy going as they thought he was. Precisely because he is non-aggressive his loved ones might take him for granted, thinking that they can push him. They cannot. He doesn’t take kindly to be pushed around.  In fact they will find once they get to know him that he likes to lead life on his own terms.

He does not like to get his way through confrontation. He may be articulate, but if he is attacked or pushed, his tactic is not likely to be direct confrontation, but withdrawal. He is likely to do exactly what he wants.

Brad Pitt is mentally strong. He is the kind of person who will be able to survive bad periods in his life and come out of them unbroken.

Freedom and Compassion
Brad loves freedom, but this does not mean that he wants freedom to flirt. No, he simply wants to lead his life the way he sees fit and hates restraint. His love for freedom is evident from the placement of the thumb, his broad palm and his fingers.

His hands also show that Brad is generous, and has a lot of compassion for those weaker than him. Something he has in common with Jolie. But most important to him is freedom and not just for him but for others too. This means that he is not ever likely to stop his loved one from doing something she wants.

Possibly this is why he does not like formality or rules. He is impatient with them and would like to do away with them altogether. The way he holds his fingers clearly tell us that he does not like to plan ahead, and likes to take life as it comes. He likes to live, he likes to enjoy life to the fullest. He has a sense of adventure in him. However his inability to plan can land him into trouble at times.

Brad undoubtedly has a lot of mercurian qualities, seeing that his Mercury finger is long and mount well developed. His Sun finger leans towards Mercury, strengthening the mount. This bestows on him skill, acting talent, intuition and keenness of mind. It makes him pretty shrewd too, although there is a touch of naivety about Brad that seems like a contradiction to his other qualities. However, his basic trusting nature does go with his other qualities of compassion and generosity.

The strong mercury also tells us that Brad likes money. Making money is important to him and at times status symbols are important to him too.

A good man
The way he holds his thumb and fingers also show that he is a fairly open person and gets along with a diverse set of people. This is because he is a warm person who has a fairly broad outlook on life, although he himself may have some set ideas on a few things.

He is active and practical, and does not have extreme views. He is able to compromise and see reason. However nothing makes him happier than getting his own way. He has a strong will and can in fact achieve what he sets his mind on.

All in all Brad Pitt has a fairly balanced personality. His only problem could be some of his set ideas which he is not willing to change. He wants to lead his life the way he sees fit. Do things he wants to do, without thinking too deeply about the consequences. Luckily his hand does not show that he is selfish. If handled right, Brad can be accommodating and reasonable. Unfortunately, while he does compromise, it does not make him happy.

To find true happiness with a partner, Brad needs someone who is as unselfish as he is, and who understands that he has to live his life his own way. Without someone like this, Brad is not likely to be happy.

This makes us wonder: Is Angelina Jolie making him happy? Her hands can give us a strong clue to this. 

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  1. Ha quite an interesting there any link between the length of the fingers to the size of the palm?

    Why don't you try someone who is old and retired? Like Mandela? Since palmistry gives you insight into the past, I think that would be really interesting..

  2. yes there is a significance to that. Very very much! Also the width of the palm matters. And the size of the hand to the actual person.
    And by the way, Mandela is a good suggestion. I need to see if I can get some good photos of his hands though. However it is highly unlikely that I can get a print of his lines. It is only from the lines that one can tell the past. Or future trends.

  3. This is fascinating. I admit I am enthralled. In fact I have been looking at my own palms and wondering out loid what you could find in them. However, I'm neither sich not famous. :D

  4. TT, thanks. It is a fascinating subject, isn't it. And I will surely read your hands one day, if you wish me too! I am going to throw this blog open for hand readings one of these days soon. I just need to have a certain number of readings from each category so I continue to get good traffic from google.

  5. why dont you do the hand analysis of michael jackson's hand. it's available on google images. and you can get a very clear picture of his hand by typing 'michael jackson hand palmistry' on youtube. i am waiting to see that.


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