Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did not get along

I believe that two people, whether they are similar to each other or not can make their relationship work, if they set their mind to it and their basic human values don’t clash.

But even if a couple finds it hard going, for various reasons, it hardly means that they break up. If they do, it is often because breaking up is more acceptable in some societies than in others.

An examination of the hands of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston give a clue as to where they clashed and where they could have had problems in their relationship. Jennifer Aniston's hands show that she is more aggressive than Brad Pitt and more selfish too. She can come on rather strong, as she has a
tendency to see things from her own point of view and makes no bones about expressing herself.

Check out Brad's hand photo here and Jennifer's hand photo here.

Brad Pitt may be unselfish as compared to her, but he has some set ideas on how to live his life, and he is controlling in a quiet way. He is not aggressive, and in fact can appear to be easy going because of his calmness and reasonableness. It is easy to be fooled into thinking that one can push this person.

Aggressive people expect to meet opposition, that is why they learn to be aggressive. Not all aggressive people keep pushing until they get their way and certainly Jennifer wasn't like that. She was just vocal, and would have compromised, although after argument.

But most non-aggressive people feel uncomfortable with such behaviour. Brad for example. He would prefer to withdraw rather than confront, at least on some issues. Jennifer Aniston could well have misread Brad. She could have thought that if her partner was really upset about something, he would confront her about it and they could try and fix it. She is really a very straight person. The problem with her is that she is idealistic about many things, while Brad is more practical.

Brad is also the kind of person who is able to see things from another's perspective quite easily, and this would make it harder for him to try and make her see how he feels. He would think: uh okay, so that's how she feels and thinks. And this is how I feel. She needn't change or I don't want to try and make her change. She is who she is and I do love her, but I want out.

Another thing he could have found hard to handle was Jennifer Aniston’s strong negativism. Negative people are difficult to live with. Jennifer has many great qualities, but she is at heart a very serious person, and very critical, often sees things and people as much worse than they are. She is also particular about small things and is sensitive. Plus, she does not let go of issues easily, and broods. Brad, on the other hand, is more fun-loving, more relaxed about the future, more forgiving. He would find his style cramped by someone who he feels is unsporting, or a wet blanket. It would affect his ability to enjoy life.

Brad could have tried to sort of their issues but I guess he found divorce the easier option. He is the kind who would find it easier to mend his heart too, as compared to her as he mentally stronger and can put bitterness and hurt behind him.

His basically generous nature would also make it easy for him to forgive and forget. I guess that is why he is still friends with Jennifer.

I cannot help but feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston though. I mean, her hands show that she is a determined lady and if she wishes she can change. She would have been able to, if she had realised in time what was causing the problem. That is where palmistry can be of big help. It can help us to see our faults in perspective. Relationships break because we cannot see ourselves for who we are, we look at ourselves with rose-tinted glasses. Also, we do not realise that not everyone whom we come across reacts the same way to our faults. Some take it worse than others. It is sad in the case of Jennifer Aniston though, because she is not an egoistic person. She could have changed if he had wanted her to.

(The above reading is based on the reading of both their hands. I do not know any details of their life and nor do I know them personally.)

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  1. maybe they never considered working things out in any other way?

  2. Yeah, I think over there divorce is given far less thought. Their society is different. And then these guys are so rich, I am sure they want to do things the way they want to! In our society extremely rich people are not always faithful to their spouses, and in fact have girl friends in every city. I know some people like that. But they won't divorce.

  3. BTW why did u make this blog on blogspot?

  4. very interesting!! waiting for Jolie's hand reading!

  5. Reema, I plan to put ads here after awhile. And then use paypal to read hands. Wordpress doesn't allow all this!


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