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Marlon Brando - a large-hearted genius

Marlon Brando poster
Marlon Brando is a legend. His hands make it clear why he became the star that he was.

Brando had fairly large hands, with a broad, fleshy palm and a long, curvy heartline going towards the area between his first two fingers. He had a shapely thumb of a good size, and it was low-set, nicely waisted, and had a strong will phalange. The mounts of Lower Mars, Venus and Upper Moon were the most well-developed mounts on his hands. The other mounts were developed too. The lines seem clear enough and there is a semblance of a double headline. This second headline
does not start near the beginning of the lifeline (from whatever little one can see of the lines) and apparently does not extend all the way to the other end either, but it is present during the productive period of his life. The line is higher and runs more or less parallel to the normal headline. Brando's two headlines are overall fairly long, clear and level.

The Mercury (pinky) finger is a little short, especially the middle phalange and the Jupiter (index) finger, is a little low-set. The thumb is low-set, and the second phalange is quite slim and the tip is conic. Marlon Brando had good first phalanges of the fingers.

You can check out his hand photo here. (The other pictures on this post are all free-to-use photos).

Marlon Brando was known to be difficult, particularly at work, and the hand reading explains to some extent why he was like this. His hands show that he was a temperamental man and emotional as well.
Marlon Brando crossed arms

Perhaps it was because he felt so deeply that people found him difficult. But these qualities were also accompanied by compassion and generosity of spirit. So much so that it can be said that he was the kind of man suited to philanthropy and noble causes. This personality trait stands out on his hand and is quite unusual for an actor to possess. He had this basic unselfishness and a liking for people which meant that all he wanted to do was something which would benefit everyone overall. Perhaps he was misunderstood because very few actors have this unselfish streak.

His hand shows a fair amount of aggression and when combined with feelings which were simmering just under the surface, could have resulted in demanding behaviour. But it is highly unlikely that this was for any selfish purpose or because he wanted attention or to satisfy some trivial whim. The truth is that his hand shows a pronounced talent which would have made him see things in a different (and better?) way than people around him. Also, he was a little intellectual, and there was a side to him which was not always practical. There is some naivety present in his personality as well. It is known that in the middle of his career, his films didn't do too well, and it must be because he chose the wrong films to work in. His hand also shows a lack of business sense.

No doubt there was some duality present in his personality, but his hand also shows a stable mentality. His hand shows a highly effective and capable mind. This is in addition to his creative side.
It does mean however that he could have functioned differently in two different contexts. For example, work and family. 
The humility shown on his hand would make him a true artist because he would have been someone who would always kept striving for excellence. Ego wouldn’t come into it. If he made a fuss about anything, it wouldn't be to satisfy his ego. Again, this is a personality characteristic not usually found in actors' characters. In fact, a strong need for attention, ego, a craving for fame, and at times, narcissism, are often found on actors' hands, but there is no semblance of it on Marlon Brando's hands.

It is possible that Marlon Brando's genius wasn’t fully tapped. Sure, he was known to be a great actor and entertained the public with some outstanding performances, but he was more than that. Perhaps he could have been in some great films which could have showcased his talents better and become box office successes, like The Godfather. One will never know.

Marlon Brando in The Godfather

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  1. Excellent palm reading. I also have to say that him being an Aries also complements the personality you have discussed. I have 3 questions, Nita.

    1. Doesn't having a waisted thumb qualify him as being tactful which he wasn't towards the middle or end of his career.

    2. What do each of three sections of the Mount of Moon represent?

    3. Could you do a palm reading of Bruce Willis? He is one my favorite Hollywood actors.

    1. Firstly, yes, a waisted thumb shows diplomacy and tact but this doesn't mean he would be always so. That is why it is difficult to read actual behaviour from the hand. One does not know the circumstances during which he was not so. He was an emotional man, even volatile at times, so it is likely that when his emotions were aroused, he was different. Secondly, regarding the different parts of the mount of moon, they represent the three worlds – the intellectual, the material and the physical. It is rare to have development of the Upper Moon mount, and shows rare artistic talent. About Bruce Willis, will him in mind.

    2. Another thing. It is easy to mistake the development of the middle mount of moon for the upper moon mount. A developed Upper moon is rare.

  2. Very interesting! My impression of him for a while was of a selfish kind of guy. I was growing up when he was a big movie star and all and ofcourse I saw his films like everyone. Some stuff from his personal life made me feel he was quite cruel and rigid in his ways. But, i guess you dont know a person until you know a person right? Getting to know what someone really is an art in itself i suppose.

    1. People are complex and behave in contradictory ways. I too have heard of stories about his personal life but one never really knows the whole story.


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