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Christopher Nolan – a brilliant director

Christopher Nolan, the Hollywood movie director, is known to be a genius. It is difficult to write about Chris Nolan (the Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception are some of his famous works), especially as one has so little to work with. The photos of his left hand (he is left-handed) which are available on the net are few and also hazy.

The shape of his hand is clearly visible, however. His hands are large, with a broad palm, and seem to be a little stiff. The fingers, tapering at the end, are neither short nor too long, and appear to be evenly set except for the Mercury (little) finger which is a little low-set. His heartline is curved, and the headline though sloping
is fairly even in shape. Nolan has a long, low-set thumb with a strong will phalange and a good development of the mounts of Jupiter, Venus and Moon. The Saturn (middle) finger is bent a little and the Apollo (ring) and Mercury (little) fingers are long.

You can check out a photograph of both his hands here, and another one of his left hand, here.

This was all expected. After all, a successful man who has made such brilliant movies would surely have a well-shaped hand. And expectedly, Chris Nolan also has a long thumb and long, clear lines and a long ring finger. These signs show high ambition, a strong inner drive, good physical health, intelligence, imagination, leadership qualities as well as a broad worldview.

His hand belongs to the “Thinking” type. He is a contemplative and analytical type, a person with a deep curiosity about life. It is not surprising that his films often explore the unknown.

Idealism along-with conservatism is also evident on his hand and this could at times make him inflexible. He is an intellectual and it can become important that he let go of theory and principles at times.

People with this hand shape are excellent communicators.

It is likely that philanthropy of some type will play a greater role in his life as Nolan grows older as he is at heart a very generous person, compassionate and sympathetic, with a desire to do good, despite the touch of cynicism in his personality.

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  1. I have often read that a long thumb along with developed Mount of Jupiter gives the person a managerial personality; like they can handle a lot people in a certain environment easily. I have an uncle who is always hired as a team leader in IT companies and he has these two qualities on his palm. Is it safe to say this analysis applies to Christopher Nolan as well?

    Also, thank you for reading the palm of one of my favorite directors, and one of the best filmmakers of this century.

    1. Hi. Your question is a tricky one. Sure, a long thumb shows leadership ability as long as the phalanges are balanced and good qualities like self confidence are shown on the hand. And yes, handling people well is an important aspect of leadership ability but this is not shown in any significant way on Nolan's hand. That is why I have not mentioned leadership ability.
      A developed Jupiter mount shows (without bars) shows qualities like ambition as long as the Jupiter finger is good too.
      All the signs on the hand needs to be considered together.

    2. Sorry, I made a typo in the comment. The last line of the first para should have read "That is why I mentioned leadership ability." However, I was planning to delete that sentence entirely as it didn't make sense after reading the first few lines, but in a hurry, this was not done.

  2. This seems like a very precise reading, however a low set thumb has also been observed in materialistic personalities all of whom have phalanges to support materialism. However still, a low set thumb is always directly read as a feature that points to non materialistic characteristic.
    Also please could you do a reading of any western musician of your liking in the near future :) Thanks.

    1. Hi bluesky, Actually, a materialistic attitude and a compassionate, philanthropic nature can co-exist, as you have pointed out. It is not an anomaly. Warren Buffet for example. Of course, it was in the first half of his life where he was rather materialistic and amassed a fortune. This is not to say that he became philanthropic suddenly. He always was that way although he concentrated on his materialistic ambitions first. He has a thumb which is a low-set. Thus I would not say that a low-set thumb always is to be directly read as showing a materialistic characteristic. People are complex.
      Regarding western musicians I have done quite a few. If you click the label "Music Stars" which you will find on the right sidebar (desktop view) you will find several, like Kurt Cobain for example. But yes, I am planning to read the hands of more musicians in the future and will certainly keep your request in mind.

    2. Thanks for highlighting Buffet, seems like the perfect fit for my query.
      Yes I have gone through all sections/posts by you. Maybe if you could do a sharp yet multifaceted person like John Mayer or Jared Leto.
      Thank you

    3. Sure, will keep them in mind.


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