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Aamir Khan's hand analysis

Aamir Khan, a leading Indian actor and director, has a complex hand. It comes across as belonging to a strong-willed person with vision, intelligence and talent. The contradiction lies in the fact that he can be quite unreasonable despite being intelligent, mean despite a strong compassionate side, and he may give in to his physical self despite enormous self-control.

The shape of his palm is broad, and he has shortish fingers, with good first and second phalanges. The Mercury (little) finger is long, and most of his fingers have squarish tips, and all this shows
that his head sits firmly on his shoulders. His thumb shows an obstinate determination, but he manages to handle
opposition with flair when he wishes too.

His Mars, Moon and Jupiter mounts are well developed and these reveal the characteristics of these mounts. Combined with the indicators from the shape of his hand, the development of these mounts confirms that Aamir is fairly calm and controlled. His head and heart lines well balanced.

Check out a hand photo of his right hand here.

He is shrewd and clever beyond the ordinary, and he has the ability to judge human nature and is a clever speaker/writer. His shrewdness extends to money matters.

There is no doubt that Aamir has plenty of acting talent and is a brilliant film-maker too. This is because of several factors. One is his remarkable breadth of vision. His humanitarian side is also strong, and enables him to make films with meaning. His thumb clearly tells us that a calling without a larger meaning holds little appeal for him. He will never be satisfied with making films just for the box-office.

Then there is his coolness, ability to be objective, as well as good executive ability, and all of these qualities help him to be the successful man that he is.

He has to be careful of his impulsive side because he is strong-headed as well (thumb shape), and this could lead him to do things he might later regret. However, his innate nature is a cautious one and in most things he treads carefully. He is likely to be impulsive when his emotions and physical passions are aroused. His hand shows a strong sex drive. He can also be quite volatile and hot-headed at times (strong mounts).

His quickness of thought and ability to act quickly, as well as high energy, enables him to see the essence of issues immediately. In addition, he has good analytical and thinking ability. Aamir Khan's hands show that he is a person who can easily outwit others; he leaves them red-faced more often than not.

All this may sound impressive, but unfortunately, there is a side to Aamir Khan which is not very pleasant. His hand shows his willfulness and obstinacy, and also his controlling nature. It is his ability to think and a practical approach which can possibly balance out these weaknesses.

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(Photo credits: free photos from Bollywood Sargam)


  1. conclusively who is more manipulative& also who has a better hand? aamir or shahrukh

  2. Interesting question Sahil. I think I will do a comparison of the two hands in a separate post one of these days. Watch out for it in the next month or two.

  3. Would you consider doing Kiran Rao's hands too? I always wonder what he saw in her ...?

  4. Smita, It's very unlikely that any pictures of her hands will be available. Usually politicians and film stars have the maximum number of photos up on the net, and Smita is in neither category. Also, she is not that famous.
    I also did wonder what made them a pair and I think perhaps it was the work they did together.

  5. U know what Neeta most of it i could have wrote without reading aamir khan's hands..this is what the media and he himself tries to project about himself. But i dont think its true.
    I have seen his movies and interviews, he's not insightful, his reasoning and logical ability is average to say the most, far from visionay.Moreover someone who is more misguiding the youth (barring satyamev jayte which had issues which were obviously wrong.) Also,he comes around as a person who is not honest and just seems to fake feelings & doesnt truly care. .He works for the reputation. Although reputation is what most people who do good want.He gets along with people because hes mature & shrewd & not because he has genuine warmth.
    I like u, but i think u really need to reread his hand without keeping any inherent perception of him.

  6. Anonymous, you are welcome to hold your opinion about him or about this post but I only write what I see on a person's hands. Ofcourse, I do get influenced by what is known about a person, but I get influenced only to the extent that I search for the signs showing those personality traits. If I don't see them I don't write them.
    I had no idea that the media portrayed him as warm, because just like you I had impression that he was manipulative and cold, specially after some unsavory incidents that he has been involved in like his leaving his wife, his affairs, his illegitmate child, his inability to get along with others etc. Unfortunately although I tried hard to find signs on his hand to confirm my inherent belief about him, I did not find them. His Mount of venus both wide and high clearly show his warmth and this is confirmed by the shape of his fingers, and also the heartline. Nor could I find signs on his hand which showed dishonesty per se. I would have been quite happy to find such signs because I do not think highly of this person. But I do not let my personal prejudice affect my reading.

  7. Im sorry first of all, I just reread my comment and realised i was very rude. Im sorry.
    As far hes concerned...Ya maybe time will bring a better picture of him to the world..I dont want to think abt him anymore.

  8. What made him a famous actor
    I don't see any apollo line nor fate line on his palm

  9. A man can be successful without a fate or apollo line. Also poor people can have good fate and apollo lines like taxi drivers, househelp etc. That said, I think we should not jump to conclusions as to whether a person has a certain line or not without a clear picture of his palms. Aamir's fate line can be seen (I have seen added a link in the main post) although from whatever little I can see of his hand, the fate line is stronger on the mount.
    In any case the fate and sun do not show reasons why a person becomes famous. Hand reading is more complicated than that. It is all about reading signs in combination.

  10. How many marriege lines are there?

  11. If one has to be scientific about hand reading, then there are no such lines like marriage lines. There are influence lines, that's all. These influences can be anyone, not necessarily those of the opposite sex. Marriage is but a piece of paper, a legal contract. Legal contracts are not seen on the hand.


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