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Ranbir Kapoor or Imran Khan - Whose hand and future is better?

Ranbir and Imran are the two stars on the Bollywood horizon and they couldn’t be more different. Whose hand is better? Can their hands tell who will outpace the other? A comparison of their hands can indeed tell who is better suited to the acting profession and who will make waves, although I am restricted by the poor quality of their hand photos available on the net.

First, let’s check out their acting talent. The shape
of the Mount of Moon, the Mercury and Apollo fingers and their phalanges show that both these hunks have acting talent although Ranbir scores higher in this department. Ranbir in fact has superior acting ability, evident in the shape of the Mount of Moon, as well as his Mercury finger. The left hand of Ranbir indicates that acting comes naturally to him, that his acting talent is inborn. His environment must have have kept this talent alive. There is a good chance that he will become an even better actor as time goes on. But then acting ability is not the overriding factor ensuring stardom in Hindi cinema. Check out Ranbir's hand photo at this link.

There are other aspects of personality that need to be taken into account. Resilience is important, as the acting profession has plenty of ups and downs. Here Ranbir scores (Upper Mount of Mars, HeadLine). Imran’s hand shows that he can get discouraged. Plus, the shape of Imran's Saturn finger shows that he has a penchant for being negative. His Headline reveals that his thinking is not consistent. Check out Imran's hand photo here.

Oddly though Imran is more ambitious and wants fame more than Ranbir does. This means that he would be in a hurry to prove himself. Ranbir is capable of biding his time and can be a cool customer. Perhaps the fact that Ranbir has grown up in the limelight has watered down his strong desire for fame. Perhaps. Or perhaps it is intrinsic to his nature. He takes his work very seriously indeed and his desire for fame and the seriousness and focus he puts into his work is in balance. He will not expect more than he gives.This is not to say that Ranbir is not ambitious. He is, it’s just that he is not in a hurry. (Saturn finger). Imran is talented, but to him acting is just another route to fulfill his ambitions. For Ranbir, acting is all he can do. It's his life.

As people, these two are very different. Imran’s thumb and the shape of his palm and quadrangle tells us that he is a generous, compassionate and open person. Ranbir has a selfish streak, and tends to see issues only from his own perspective. He is also more of a closed person. This usually affects personal relationships as such people are often wrapped up in themselves. Imran is unselfish and giving.

Imran’s nature is such that he is likely to give a lot of space to his partner, while Ranbir is likely to be more demanding.

Both their hands shows a certain level of manipulative behavior (Jupiter finger), although this is more prominent on Ranbir’s hand. The advantage that Imran has is that his heart line shows him to be a very loving, passionate and thoughtful partner (deep, dark and long Heart Line) while the quality and length of Ranbir’s heartline shows him to be colder, and certainly less passionate. For all his casanova image, his hand shows that the passionate side of Ranbir's nature is limited. The warmth that he exhibits towards women is likely to be just youthful behavior. When it comes to real passion it is Imran Khan who wins hands down. Not always do the qualities of deep passion and unselfishness go hand in hand, but in Imran's case they do.

It would be interesting to see the hands of these two young men in detail. I could surely tell which one of them is likely to make it big, although from whatever little I can see of their hands, I can take a good guess. I guess you can too from what I have written here.

(The published here is a copyright-free picture from BollywoodSargam. Hand photos of these two actors which were available on the net could not be posted here as they are copyrighted, but appropriate links have been given.)

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  1. acting skills apparently aren't such a huge factor for movies...there is an actor in my gym, who told me this..

    Been a long time since I saw a hindi film..but they act in more of chick flicks and love stories right?

  2. I guess in Indian cinema it is more to do with staying power and contacts. When it comes to the latter, both have heavyweights backing them. But Hindi movies are more than just chick flicks and love stories. The recent one with Hritik Roshan was about a paraplegic. However I did not like that movie much except for the fact that Hritik acted well.

  3. Very Interesting. I found that which you said about qualities not going together. I think we tend to associate certain qualities together and see one and stereotype the person without understanding. Hope I am making sense.

  4. Yeah sure you are making sense. Human beings are complex and each one of us is an unique combo. That is why no two hands are exactly alike.

  5. I think the real character of the people helps them in choosing which projects to work and which to not - that's it. After that, its the director who shapes the movies! I really wish our movies churn out directors like Steven Spielberg and Mani Ratnam more often! They are the real heros.

    Destination Infinity

  6. DI, I think so too. Often making the right choice of a film can make or break an actor and for that actors need to be intelligent and sensible. And yeah directors are the main people. We have very few brilliant directors. About Mani Ratman, I agree he is very good, but his latest film Raavan wasn't very good I hear.

  7. Bikramjit, no, I read everyone's hands but for private readings I charge a fee. On this blog I read only celebrity hands, from photos which are publicly available.

  8. How much are your fees for private hand reading? Do we send a picture of our hand or you only loook at our hand physically?

  9. gayatri, my fees differ according to what you need. Whether you need just a personality analysis or you need future trends, or only want to ask 3-5 questions. I do look at hands physically all the time, but I think the computer has great advantages. I can pour for hours over hands on the computer for hours if I wish and go back to it several times. Take a look at this post:
    It will answer your questions. Sending the photos is not difficult as almost everyone has a digital camera these days. Besides, scans are also accepted.

  10. Can you please analyze TomHanks palm please?
    I'm a huge fan :)

  11. could u plz du a deatiled reading of to hw is a persn in real life..??:):)

  12. I will definitely keep that in mind ankycool and will do it if possible. You see, I do the readings of the celebs mostly from the shapes of the hands and fingers and usually there are very few things I can see. If I can find something on Ranbir which I have not written here, I will definitely do the reading.

  13. Ranbir's heartline is short but double, what is the significance? is it rare?

  14. That is not a short heartline, but a broken one with a large overlap. It can mean several things but I cannot comment on it unless I see the whole hand properly.

  15. And no it is not a rare sign at all. It is very common. Broken lines, whether life, head or life are common. Reading them requires on to examine the whole hand in detail as the effect of the broken line will be shown on other lines. From seeing the effect, one can guess as to the probable cause.


  16. Ranbir Kapoor is one of finest actors of Bollywood, media also call him a Method actor. He has acted in 11 Hindi movies, received five Filmfare awards including 2 Best actor awards. He is well known for different filmmaking, he never did an over action and drama movies in his career or chooses subjective movies like Wake Up Sid (2009), Barfi (2012), Saawariya (2007) etc.

    Ranbir Kapoor movies list


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