Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do Narendra Modi's hands show his complicity in the Gujarat riots of 2002?

Hand Reading of Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat:

The more hands I see of politicians the more I realize that politics attracts all kinds of people. There isn't any particular talent or personality trait that appears to be necessary to become a politician! All one needs is the ambition to become one!

Narendra Modi, like some other politicians whose hands I have analyzed, appears to be an untypical politician. Shrewdness is not an intrinsic quality, for example.

The major features of his hand are
the strong Moon mount and Lower Mars as also Jupiter and Mercury, as opposed to a weak Upper Mars. He also has a long palm, fingers which are medium length and also slightly bent with conical, rounded tips and a strong thumb which is not very slim or waisted.  The finger of Mercury (pinky or little finger) is a little short and low-set as well. The Venus mount on his hand is limited and the heartline is more or less straight and not very long. The lines are well etched, however, although the headline is not wavy, it seems broken. The lifeline, although it hugs Venus, tends to go outwards mid-palm.

He is not as shrewd as he should be and at times that he can be quite
naïve, seeing things in black and white. Sure, there is an improvement if one compares the passive (inherited or past) and active (current) hands. He has become more shrewd, probably due to the profession he stepped into. But inherently he still likes to speak straight and shoot from the hip. Modi would do better if he was less blunt, and more diplomatic.

Check out hand photographs of Modi's hands here and here.

There are two other aspects of his personality that strike one immediately upon seeing his hand. One is that Narendra Modi is not particularly a people person and secondly, and also that he is extremely ambitious and likes the limelight. This is probably what motivated him to enter politics. He is controlling as well but he is not stubborn. His hand shows that he lacks some inherent warmth of personality, which is what would prevent people from being drawn to him.

(Added later: This does not mean Narendra Modi is a bad man or is not affectionate, but his hand shows that he is reserved. To explain further, his personality is not one which can reach out by sheer warmth, and that is probably why he has tried to reach out to people by his deeds.)

What do these qualities imply? Is Narendra Modi the kind of person who could have been a conspirator in the violence that took place in Gujarat in 2002? Is he the Merchant of Death as some people have dubbed him? Or has been falsely implicated because of circumstantial evidence and maligned for something which he was unable to control? This question will be answered as you read on.

Narendra Modi likes his solitude but as he grows into middle age and beyond, networking improves. This change could not have come naturally to him because inherently he likes his solitude. He does not easily bond with people. One of the reasons for this is that he does not trust people easily, and at times imagines the worst of them. You can say, he has a kind of cynicism about people in his heart.

Modi is ambitious, has an ego, and likes power more than the average person. And he also likes to get his own way and enjoys being in the centre of things. These are qualities which are typical of a politician. However, as he is not stubborn, he can be persuaded and his reasoning powers are good.

Oddly enough, when it comes to a push and a shove, Modi backs down.  This is not necessarily a bad sign as it shows that he can be convinced. He likes to avoid confrontation although he may not always be right in his judgement. He is not the person to ever do what Jaswant Singh did – openly defy the party. He has an ego, but that is not what can lead him to his Waterloo.

He is a natural leader because he is a strong person who can be quite ruthless if he wants to be. He is secretive and idealistic.

There is a catch here, however. Considering the average intelligence shown on his hand and possibly some changeability of thinking, his advisors will make all the difference to him. Arrogance can become a hurdle and this is what he needs to watch out for.

Modi's hand shows that has excellent business sense and is street smart. He has a strong serious and cynical side which can make him moody and also there is a tendency to brood, perhaps wallow in self-pity at times. He can become very critical of those around him.

But now let’s get down to the real question:

Is he capable of committing genocide?
From his hands, it is evident that he is not an evil man or even a bad man, even he has a slightly cynical view of humanity. He is not selfish and is in fact, idealistic. He wants to do good even if he wants to be known for it.

His hands show that there is no way that he could have orchestrated the riots in Gujarat. His hand is not that of a bigot or an extremist. A violent nature is not shown. There is nothing to show that he could derive any pleasure from the killing of innocent people. If anyone had given me this hand and asked me whether the owner of this hand has the capacity to commit a criminal act in his life I would have said a definite No. Perhaps his only flaw could be a kind of indifference. He has this ability to detach himself. And he may not always stand up to what he believes in. The ambition and impressionability shown on his hand can cloud his judgment.

People accuse him of fiddling when Gujarat was burning. None of us knows what actually happened, whether Modi was guilty by omission if not by commission, but one thing his hands do reveal – that it is possible that a weakness of character led him temporarily to turn a blind eye to what was going on. Temporary blindness I would say, but not temporary madness. If he did not act on the rioters, he did it because of the inherent distancing... and not because of rage or hatred.

(Narendra Modi's photograph has been given to me by a blogger friend who has clicked it himself)

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  1. A commentator wrote to me by email:
    "I was a touch dispoointed with your blog post on narendra Modi's hand analysis .. Ofcourse you were almost top notch about his character and personality analysis, but I did not like the flow of your writing .. Instead of talking about your analysis of him, I felt like I was reading a TOI article where Modi is (wrongly) questioned about post-godhra riots every now and then .. It was a nightmare for us and it has passed .. There is no pont of digging the burried grave now .. A small mention of riots would have been fine but the whole article centred around the riots really set me off .. You could have talked more about how he was able to bring Nano and other giant industries to Gujarat and which quality of him has won him CM of the year award for consecutive 7 years from various magazine polls .. What quality of his has this charishma that even after 8 years of rule in Gujarat, there is still no single anti-incumbency feeling in the state and why the people of Gujarat love him ??

    This media who even demands for a fair trial of Ajmal, has without any evidence called Modi a massmurderer and death of merchant .. He has not even undergone a single trial nor any case is pending in the court against him .. How can we even mention that he was guilty .. There is no way he can be accused ..

    I dont think a person with your kind of intellectual can really get influenced by fluent-english speaking media persons like Burkha dutt or Rajdeep sardesai who really live on sensationalism and can get to any extent to portray a good man bad and devil .. Jsut dont trust them or the others who thrive on vengence and vendetta .. Trust your instincts .. Belive what your heart says .. We just cant create any perception from a stupid movie or by some stupid debate shows ..

    Ofcourse no offense meant to you .. You were quite right in analyzing that he is very ambitious and he does not gel up with people easily .. He takes inputs/suggestions from many about every thing he does but trusts very few people .. yeah, he is dominating and you were bang on target when you said that he feels that he is superior and he is born to rule .. Sometimes egoistic .. You might have missed the point that he is very very religious .. Does pooja everyday and he even keeps fasting the whole nine days of navratri (only on water) .. He has got tremendous memory power .. If he meets you once, even after 10 years, he will recognize you .. I have seen that with my own eyes ..

    Great work .. Looking forward to ur analysis of Aishwarya rai - My dream Girl .. LOL !!!"

    My reply to him was:

    " was not at all disappointed with your feedback! :) In fact I welcome it. I know what you mean when you say its all past and done. However, the truth is that no one really knows the answer and for me at least (not living in Guj) the one thing that always haunts me about Modi is: Is he guilty or is he not? So when I was reading his hand that was the topmost on my mind and I guess it would be for all those who are not very well aware of the events in Gujarat. So I was being true to myself while writing the blogpost, in the sense I was trying to address something which is still on the mind of many people (I think). They are just not willing to forgive Modi for what happened in 2002 and I hope my blogpost helps to clarify somethings. That is, please give Modi the benefit of the doubt. Don't blame him without proof.
    I am glad that you find my analysis of his personality fairly accurate.
    Good to get a point of view from someone who knows Modi personally.
    Thanks and regards,

    (I wrote this as the comment was important in the context of the post.)

  2. Reading about Modi is interesting. I confess I have always been prejudiced against Modi because of the Gujarat riots. Even today I cannot shake off the feeling that he must be guilty. This post did give me some idea as to the inner workings of a mind such as his. However I think you have been a little soft in the interpretation of his characteristics.

  3. Hmmm..."He does not think all human beings are equal"

    All Animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others I guess..

    I read about these idiosyncrasies of Modi somewhere...

    Anyway from what I heard he has helped the state develop a lot..but I cannot form a view about him, unless I can be certain about his involvement in the riots or of course unless I meet him(neither seem likely)..

  4. vishesh, thanks. the problem with writing about famous people is that some things about them are known. However I assure you that I knew nothing about him (except that he is probably involved in the riots and that he has done a lot for the development of gujarat). I just hope there is something here that is not so well known! I think some things are, but Modi himself will have to come here and confirm them! :)

  5. Anil, yes, I guess it is difficult to fend off deep rooted beliefs.

  6. I stumbled onto your blog by chance tonite. I am fascinated.

    Read several of your 'palm' readings.

    Whilst reading this one on Modi, it struck me that you have a really terrific command over the english language, coupled with a terrific flair for expression.

    Then I read the comments and was amused by the varied critique on yr analysis...or is it perhaps the choices you made...when you wrote on Modi...?
    It was always going to be a tough subject to tackle. Though you limited your scope, I thot u did an overall good job of giving a mental pix of d man.

    Its also interesting to note that people responding to you write rather well too! In fact the comments are intelligent :)
    You are fortunate indeed to have a smart bunch give you feedback. I presume it hones your ability.

    On a curious note...can folks like me, (non-famous), get a hand reading from you as well?

    cheers...and more power to ypur word lady.

  7. Thanks anuradha. Good to hear your feedback. And yes I am lucky to have intelligent commentators. Quite a few write to me personally, on email.
    Ofcourse I read hands of non-famous people but I do it for a fee. Check this post:
    It takes hours to read a hand even though the ultimate analysis may be just a page long. This is because I study the relative strength of the mounts and fingers very carefully, checking it from different angles and I have to measure the length of the fingers. I need to check if a finger is really long or just high-set, and all this takes time. There are some hands on which I have spent a whole day because finally it is a question of judgment. Many people write to me asking me to do it for free, but that is because they do not understand what goes into it. It is hard work.

  8. Hi NITA...

    thank you for giving MODIJI the benefit of the doubt, here are few of my thoughts..

    First, no human is ever perfect...all of us have done things and said things in the past we regret...that is why all faiths ask us not to judge one another...let god worry about that.

    I am Gujurati. Godhra is not too far from where I was born. Let me tell you, Hindus and Muslims alike have been fighting inside Gujurat for close to a 1000 years. To blame an "out cry" of thousands of people who came out due to the worst terrorist attack in the history of the state (train burning) on "one man" is totally wrong. Had Modi not be there, Godhra would have happened, anyways. Had the Congress party been running Gujurat at that time, even they would not have been able to control that mob. In fact, Godhra did burn once years before when the Congress was in power at the state ( something no one speaks of). Modi did what he could, to contain the mess. He even appared in several Media channels asking people to calm down and stay home...(most people have never seen these, but he did do this, as I have viewed the video recordings). The riot took place only a few months after he came to power in Gujurat...HE, IN A SENSE, INHERITED A STATE THAT WAS READY TO EXPLODE. He got many Gujuratis out of this mind set through his aggressive agenda of development, and prosperity, which seems to have worked, as Gujurat is at ease today.

    Most of the misconceptions about him are from the Media, which is very biased towards him...He has alot of enemies, not only in the Congress, but within his own party, because he is a "no nonsense" politician, which is uniqie in India. He has been known to throw people out on a dime, if things don't get done. He will not let the people of Gujurat be held hostage to a corrupt few (even if they are powerful). Human rights actives have been gunning for him for years now, with many false claims and alligations. False alligations about him, proven to be wrong, don't make it into the main stream media.

    Alot of myths about him have been dispelled recently, but still, the image of him as a modern day "Nero" is abound, and not right...he is an elected Chief Minister of Gujurat, and has been elected by the people several times. I believe even Godhra votes BJP now, and many MUSLIMS in Gujurat openly campaign for him. If the people are happy with him, who are we to point fingers?

    He is very dedicated to the state. The riot marks 5 days of his administration that has ruled close to a decade, and may continue for another decade.

    I would like to challenge your notion that he is of "average" intelligence. I feel he is the most intelligent leader we have ever had. I don't know, perhaps I am wrong...but a man of "average intelligence" cannot sit on the thrown of Gujurat for long, and over come the challenges he has over the last decade. In the election of 2007, he had to fight not only the Congress, but also senior BJP leaders of the state who were jelous of him, and they wielded much influence in the state...still he emerged on top with full majority. A person of "average intelligence" simply can't run Gujurat. The kind of speeches he makes, lead me to believe he does his home work...

    My brother spent some time with MODIJI in the early 90's when he was basically a no one. He would come to our village to campaign for the BJP. My brother says he was very focused when it came to his work. All he ever spoke of was about developing this and that to serve the people. He wishes to see India a great power, like never before seen. He wishes to see "national pride" in everyone.

    His only passion is about development of the state, and that is why Gujuratis love him so...he is our leader.

    I hope this might help some...

    Thanks Nitaji....may God bless you, and all those you love...

    JAI HIND!!!

  9. Anonymous, I am not sure that Modi did his best to contain the riots but I do agree about the tensions between the two communities being in existence for a long time. Certainly, Modi is not the one directly responsible for the riots but you see leaders need to take responsibility. It is a matter of principle.
    About intelligence it depends what you mean by intelligence. There are various kinds of intelligence and when I speak of intelligence I do not mean practical intelligence. I would call people like Bill Gates intelligent or people like ex-President Kalam.

    1. The working senses are superior to dull matter; mind is higher than the senses; intelligence is still higher than the mind; and s/he [the soul] is even higher than intelligence. The perceived world is a projection of consciousness. It is transitory. When you have gained knowledge and wisdom you can feel unity with all embodied beings. When you know the Self and find delight in the Self, then you are free [as they say]. PM Modi is a living example of the one who accepts and practices that all souls (in the unmoving and in the moving) are one and the same. Those perplexed, Mother Nature propels moving and unmoving forces through the circle of life (3.5 billion years as we know it).

  10. Hello Nita,
    Interesting Analysis!
    Since there is so much talk about him and people wanting him to become the next PM of India. What do you think , will he make a good PM & in ur opinion is he India's best option?
    How is he like when compared to the American President Barack Obama ?

  11. There is no comparison to him and Barack Obama. Obama is an intellectual and much more strongly principled.
    As whether Modi will make a good P.M., well, what are the choices? Rahul Gandhi? Yes, he would be far better than Rahul Gandhi. But I personally do not think Modi is good as a P.M. because his hand does not show true leadership ability nor a love for people. Rahul Gandhi would be much worse because at least Modi is a doer, he is capable.

  12. Hi Nita ji, Nice blog on modi's palm reading. Whilst reading, I felt and found some similarity in my palm and modi ji's palm. You are tremendeous reader and whatever traits you have mentioned here is all about scorpio person. Modi ji is scorpian I am also scorpian and If you see Rahul Gandhi is also scorpian, where moon is debilitate and thats why these persons are more creative and imaginative. My moon area is also vast and some horizontal and verticals line on my moon area shows i am imaginative and creative type. Well, there are so many influence lines in my whole palm which of them some lines coming from venus mount or from life line or wealth line or head line and all the lines goes upwards. What does it mean? Are they good for life? Thank you.

  13. Neel, certainly as you say if the Moon area is developed it shows a creative imagination although the type is to be determined whether it is lower, middle or upper moon which is developed. The shape of the Headline is also to be taken into consideration. And yes, overall upward lines are good.

  14. Please do an analysis of Shri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji in the spiritual leaders section and compare with other Indian and Foreign spiritual leaders.

  15. Well, if some good hand photos are available on the web, I will certainly do it. If you have any, please send them to me.

  16. the head line in his left hand is more clear and good then right hand that was a bit surprising for me !!!

  17. True, most successful people have better headlines on their active hands as they have improved in some way or the other. When it comes to Modi's case, on the face of it, it does seem as if the Headline on his right active hand is worse as it is broken. But unless we see the actual hand clearly we cannot be a hundred percent sure because the quality of the headline is important and this cannot be seen in pictures. A broken headline is bad at the point of the break, by which I mean the age. If he is past the difficult period then it is not necessarily bad at this point of time.

  18. During his childhood times, a Sadhu, who was also a palmist once said that he would become the highest post holder either in spiritual world or the world of the politics. He had said that if Modi chooses the spiritual path, he will become the Shankaracharya(highest position in spirituality) and if he chooses politics(which infact he has), he would become the Prime Minister of the country, which seems to be happening.

    And your analysis that he is not "quite" intelligent is absolutely wrong in my view. If u make this inference seeing his short pinky, then I don't know for what reason are u calling him a person having good business skills. A person with short little finger can't be assumed to be business minded. Kindly look for other pic of Modi's palm so that u might get to know that he has quite an O.K. pinkie, a strong head line etc. It's possible that his communication skills are weak, but he is way above intelligent, atleast U could be proved wrong with the way he answers the questions of the media, even better than Obama.

  19. Sachin, firstly, the pinky finger does not show intelligence. Nor does it show business sense.
    Business sense is to be evaluated by noting the length of the apollo fingers as well as the phalanges and this can be confirmed the shape of the palm and the shape of the tips of the fingers as well as by the pinky finger. One sign means nothing in any case. And btw, Modi's pinky finger is much better on his right hand and it is the right hand which is to be read, not the past which is shown by the left hand.
    Secondly, I have not said he is not intelligent and nor have I said that he is "not quite intelligent" as you claim I have said. The problem is that at times people see their leaders as perfect, and unless the leader is praised to the skies they are not happy.
    I have said he has average intelligence and I stick by what I have said. There are many intelligent people in this world like say Bill Gates or Steven Speilberg, or even Manmohan Singh, but certainly not Modi. However if you believe him to be intelligent from what you know of him or when you hear him speak, then I have nothing to say. These are personal evaluations, but on this blog it is entirely from the hand. I have never met Modi and it is unlikely that I will ever meet him.
    Before I come to any conclusion, I check the length of the fingers, shape of the hand, phalanges, tips, and also the quality and length of the lines and then come to a reading. I am quite sure about what I wrote about Modi or I would not have written it.
    You are welcome to prove me wrong but using only palmistry, not your personal perception of Modi.
    When it comes to the pinky finger, as I have already mentioned, it does not show intelligence or business sense by itself. Everything on the hand is to be read in combination.

    1. You are right Neeta ji, People can not differentiate btwn intelligent and intelligency. I think Narendra Modi's decisions are not a long lasting, they are only ephemerals.

  20. For a long time, I am interesting in hand-reading and you prediction is very closed to me. In my view, the person having mercury finger could not reach first part of sun finger always a person do wrongful act while deciding specially by concealment or hiding himself..........Gujrat riots is still a matter of question for Modi because in Indian Judaical system U cannot prosecuted if you are not directly involved up to the limit of Sec 120 IPC - Criminal Conspiracy but making silence is also a offense in the eye of humanity.

  21. Mr Sharma, I can answer your remark about the short Mercury finger.
    You are saying that a person with a short Mercury finger is always a person who does "a wrongful act."
    A long or short Mercury finger does not reveal the morality of a person. The length of a Mercury finger can reveal certain personality characteristics (nothing to do with morality or wrongful acts) but even these need to be confirmed by other signs on the hand.

  22. You said : He does not think all human beings are equal .
    Can you explain a little further how is he wrong.
    I mean some are intellectually superior, some are strength wise & so on.
    All of us should be treated equally (in the same way) but all of us are not equal , i guess.

  23. I do not want to say that he is either wrong or right Karan. This is simply an overview of the personality. Whether everyone is equal or not is a vast metaphysical and spiritual subject which I am not getting into.

  24. are you still active? I would like to know do you still think he is a good PM as compared to Rahul Gandhi? Lines change and our own thought processes shape the lines. Possible to look at the latest palms and see what has shifted? should be interesting

    1. True, lines change and it's very likely that his lines have changed. However such changes are usually small (although they have a big impact on one's life) and thus not visible in photos.


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