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What Jennifer Aniston's hands show about her personality and temperament

It’s always a pleasure to read the hands of famous people because often their hands show some amazing personality characteristics compared to ordinary folks like us.

Jennifer Aniston has dark lines but on closer examination, they appear to be a little shaky/uneven and the heartline dominates. She has a long palm and shortish fingers, with the Jupiter (index) finger pointed and a little low-set, and the Saturn (middle) finger a little bent and long too. The Mercury or little finger is also long. Surprisingly the Sun or Apollo line is a faint compared to the other lines and it's wavy too. The Venus mount is average but she has a very well-developed Upper Moon mount and good first and second phalanges of the fingers. She has a long thumb with a conic tip and a slim second phalange. The thumb phalanges are well-balanced with each other.

Check out Jennifer's hand photos here.

Like most successful people Jennifer's hands show that she has plenty of energy and determination and that she is ambitious – shown by the elasticity of her hand and the firmness of it, as well as the developed mount of Jupiter. But then many of us have these qualities, and yet we do not reach the pinnacle of success. Aniston has something special. What exactly is it?

In the case of famous artists, it is usually a talent. And Jennifer Aniston has plenty of it. And she has money sense as well, and is basically of a very serious disposition which means that her energies will be directed in a focused manner. It is not at all surprising that Jennifer Aniston is one of the richest celebrities in Hollywood today.

Moodiness and idealism are also shown. Perhaps too much idealism.

At first glance, her hand seems quite balanced as her fingers seem to be of normal length and no mount is excessively developed. She comes across as a sensible, balanced person. She is actually – to the world. This is because she has this ability to talk to people and say the right things, and she can be diplomatic and adroit and can be quite open too. She is fairly straightforward and this too can endear people to her. Nor is she the manipulating type. However, she does have a penchant for viewing things through rose-coloured spectacles, her own point of view. It does not mean that she is selfish. She can see another's point of view because her reasoning abilities are high.

Her greatest flaw is her negativism/cynicism. She can be a real wet blanket at times, and can become gloomy and critical. It is as if she can see the negative side of everything almost effortlessly, including that of people. This can affect her close relationships. She has issues with self-esteem too. Combine with idealism and it can interfere with relationships.

It’s easy to blame these qualities on one’s childhood or one's parents, and very often in adult life children do this. But Jennifer Aniston has apparently inherited these qualities. This conclusion was reached by comparing her left (passive) hand to the right (active) one. Just like we are born with a long nose or big eyes, all of us are born with a certain temperament, a temperament or characteristic which can change because of the environment. Or not. If Jennifer had grown up in an environment where she had seen more positivity then perhaps this quality of hers (negativism) could have been diluted. As for the talent, this is not seen as prominently on her left hand which means whatever she achieved is of her own doing, because of her own efforts.

She is also likely to be particular about small things, for example how people speak and behave in public. She can do with more warmth and passion. It would have balanced out her critical side. She can also feel pangs of envy at times.

She can be hurt very deeply (she is sensitive and has refined sensibilities) and does not forgive easily. Her heart rules over her head. However, it is her willpower and determination which can pull her back from any mess she gets into. She can do whatever she sets her mind to do. Independent in thought and action, she does not care too much about what people think and will do what she thinks is right.

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  1. Ha ha, wonder what my hand says about me :P

    anyway..How About Kamal Hassan? Or Rajinikanth?

  2. Okay after Aish it will be one western star (I want to keep it for both audiences) and next will be either Kamal Hassan or Rajni. Whoever has better photos of them on the net!

  3. Vishesh, I forgot to add (this blogger blog doesn't allow one to edit comments!) that I am looking forward to reading hands of readers! The only thing is that the readings will be private. After 1-2 months I will be doing that.

  4. Ha I am looking forward to that :D( someone reading my hands :P )..

    See if this image is alright(you can delete it from here :) )

  5. Thats a good image and I have saved it on my pc for future use. I will ofcourse need lots of images of his hands as I need to look at the hands from different angles. This I have to do as the length of the fingers and phalanges looks different from different angles! Even the mounts look different. In fact it is a most arduous task, from photos. Usually I read hands of people I meet and make notes and then take photos for reference so its easier when I am doing the reading.

  6. I think if you examine the hands of Brad Pitt then perhaps you will see if there is compatability? They got divorced so that means there is less compatibility. You can perhaps examine hands of a couple and tell whether they are compatible or not? I am sure you can and if so I can send you the hands of my would be and myself and you can give your comments on that to me in private. Where is your email id mam?

  7. Anonymous, yes ofcourse, an idea about compatibility of two people is possible to surmise from looking at their hands. I will be putting up my email id here soon. However I will not be reading hands of readers as yet. Maybe in a couple of months. Thanks.

  8. Aniston is imaginative but she should try more different roles often. Maybe she's a bit pessimistic about changing her persona.
    By the way, would you do a reading of British horror writer Clive Barker's palm:

  9. Aniston is imaginative but she should try more different roles often. Maybe she's a bit pessimistic about changing her persona.
    Anyways, fine reading as always!

  10. Thanks Nisar. Shall keep Clive Barker in mind. Will check out if any hand photos are available.


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