Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ashton Kutcher's hand reading

Ashton Kutcher may not be a very big movie star, but he is a popular one. He was always a bit of an enigma because he married a woman much older than himself – Demi Moore. What brought him into the news again was when he married his childhood co-actor, Mila Kunis, who is nearer his age. What do Kutcher's hands tell us about his personality?

The actor has a broad palm and fine lines, with a gap between his head and lifelines, a larger gap on the left, passive hand. His heartline dominates the hand. He has a strong Apollo finger, and a slightly bent, low set Jupiter finger. These hand features reveal some interesting facts about Kutcher's personality.

Although there are plenty of photos of Kutcher on the net, unfortunately, there are few which show his hands clearly. However, some broad personality characteristics can be seen from his hand.

You can check out some photos of his hand, here, here and here. The photo below is a free photograph.

Let’s start with what he is believed to be like. Kutcher tends to shoot off his mouth, has an attitude (at least some of the time), and he also tends to be a little over the top, dramatic.  He is fond of technology, has made some good investments, and is involved in philanthropy. That is what is generally known about him.

Does his hand bear it out? Yes and No.

His hand shows that his attitude is just a front, a part of his dramatic persona, his way of trying to draw attention to himself. At heart, he is a humble guy.

Dramatic he certainly is, as seen from his Apollo finger, and the gap between his head and heart lines. It is not surprising that he became an actor, although apparently, he has said he doesn’t really like acting that much and is not a good actor. Well, his hand doesn’t show acting talent of any real depth, not really. It does show a kind of flamboyance, a bold personality, and a desire for fame and name, and these characteristics usually fit an actor. It is half the battle won. Going out there on stage, facing people, talking your mouth off, networking, well, he would be good at that.

His hand also shows a controlling nature.

At heart, Kutcher is a very sweet, loving and helpful guy. Very clear from his Heartline. He has a heart that would go out to help others, even if they are not his near and dear ones. One problem though. His Headline is not very strong, not that deeply etched or long. No, this doesn’t mean he is less intelligent. In fact, his Headline shows intelligence, but people like him are not leaders, and this can mean in relationships too. He is the kind of man who needs a strong woman. Perhaps that explains his attachment to Demi Moore earlier in life.

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  1. I've always considered him smart and warm hearted but not a good actor. It feels like he was forced into the acting field.

    1. He had the looks I guess. That is what makes people feel that they are suitable to be actors.


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