Friday, April 27, 2018

Why do you want to know your future?

People want to know when they will die (even when they are healthy); if they will get divorced (even if they are in a happy marriage); or if they should start a business. Queries like these are very common.

My response is usually an apology. I tell them that I am unable to answer their questions because the hand cannot reveal the answers with any accuracy. Not surprisingly, I never hear from them again.

I know they will go to others who will give them exactly what they want. These predictions can come true 50-70% of the time, the accuracy depending on the guesswork of the person who is doing the guessing.

I regularly get emails from people who are frightened out of their wits, asking me
whether they will really die in an accident next year or whether they will have three marriages - because someone predicted it. I assure them that nothing of the sort can be predicted, and I hope that they believe me.

But why do people want to know the future? And why do people allow bizarre predictions to scare them even though they know in their hearts of hearts that they are untrue?

The answer to the first question is that it is more than just curiousity. We human beings want to feel secure, and want to do something to prevent bad things happening to us. We want to feel in control, just as driver does. But if you think of your life as a journey, and you in the driver's seat, safety precautions can be taken even without knowing the future. Even after taking all the precautions like wearing a seat belt and driving within speed limits, you cannot be 100% sure of what will happen, because you have no control over other people.

Similarly, if you want to start a business, ensure that you get into a field you have expertise and experience in, and study the market. If you are afraid of divorce, the best thing to do is select the right partner and be a good partner yourself. To do this all you need is self-knowledge. Without true self-knowledge you will make mistakes.

Going to a hand reader or astrologer to tell you whether you will have a divorce or succeed in your business is futile. For one thing, he/she cannot answer this question with any certainty. Secondly, whether you will have a divorce or not depends on whom you have married, and what your circumstances are, not on the lines of your hand.

We Indians are curious about the future, more so than other people. So much so that we even want to know what will happen after we die. If you believe in re-birth and this motivates you to lead a good life, there is nothing is wrong with it.

But when this starts translating into anxiety about our future in our present life, then it can spoil our happiness. It prevents you from living in the present. Instead, just take the necessary precautions! Whether it is to prevent crime, or to prevent bad health or prevent job loss or prevent an unhappy marriage, you are in control. Some circumstances can never be within our control, but knowing that you are trying your best is good enough.

Believing in "fate" makes people not try hard enough to improve their life. And getting the future read by astrologers and palmists increases this sense of fatality.

To live a good life, self-knowledge is the greatest weapon that you can have.  Whether you get this from meditation and spirituality, or through hand-reading, it is your choice. As this Delphic maxim says: Know Thyself.

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  1. One strange thing I've noticed about some people around here is: They believe in fate & They think that they have the ability to change it. These two sentences contradict each other, but that's how the thought process goes!

    Destination Infinity


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