Monday, May 14, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg's hand reading

Mark Zuckerberg F8 2019 Keynote (32830578717) (cropped) Mark Zuckerberg, the young technology billionaire entrepreneur has a good set of hands – broad palms, longish fingers, and a strong thumb with a good balance of both phalanges. What can we know of his personality from reading his hands? The phalanges of all his fingers are well balanced. He has sensitive pads at the tips of his fingers (an unusual sign for a businessman) and a slightly short Jupiter finger. He has good Apollo and Mercury fingers, with the latter slightly bent.

It is difficult to see the palmar lines, but from whatever little is visible from the photos on the web,
there is a slight gap between his life and headlines, and the Headline itself starts on Jupiter, and is a little high set, narrowing the quadrangle. Check out his hand photos here and here.

All these signs point to a clever, astute communicator and an independent thinker, a man full of ideas and verve. He is very ambitious and has a strong self-confident approach/mind, and this would be a big factor in his success. Materialistic yes, but then most business tycoons are. Not that straightforward either.

Many successful business people become less money-oriented as time goes on, and this will be the case with Zuckerberg as well. In his younger days, he is also more likely to be resistant to different points of view, and this makes him more inflexible.

As he grows older this will change. Perhaps he gets more in touch with his emotions, rather than trying to analyse everything from the point of “reason” and “objectivity.”

His hand shows some insecurity about himself, but it is not possible to know whether this was inherited or developed, as there are hardly any good photographs of his left (passive) hand on the internet. It is surprising that Zuckerberg has any feelings of inadequacy at all because he has achieved a lot at a young age. The result of these feelings of insecurity is that that he would like to avoid the limelight, even if he desires name and fame.

Mark Zuckerberg has a good hand. It shows a warm, balanced personality, and a sensitive, helpful nature. He has a worldly, business outlook, yes, but without it, he would never have achieved what he did.

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(Free photo of Mark Zuckerberg, from the wiki: Anthony Quintano from Westminster, United States / CC BY [])

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