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The difference between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

This post not only explores the difference between the personalities of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, it also explores the difference between their fictional selves.

Fiction and reality are separate – of course. But there could be similarities between the role a character plays and his/her own persona. Either because the actor is attracted to a role (which reminds him of himself) or because the director/producer thinks he/she fits it. Even if some similarities exist, they are likely to be
superficial ones. Real people are too complex to resemble any fictional character.

Jenson Ackles and Jared Padalecki

This is a brief comparison of the characters of Sam and Dean Winchester from the sci-fi horror fantasy series “Supernatural” and the real actors that play these characters - Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. 

The analysis is from reading their hand shape and these are some of the sample images which were used: Jensen's hand photo and another one here. And this is Jared's hand photo. (The photo published above is a free one.) 

The fictional Sam Winchester 
He is the more serious, emotional and sensitive of the two brothers, and is portrayed as innocent, emotionally dependent, at times lost. However, he is a hero, strong and brave, and ready to sacrifice himself for his brother although he can be influenced. A hero with flaws.

The fictional Dean Winchester
Dean is shown to be a swashbuckling womaniser and light-hearted, at least in the earlier seasons. He is also aggressive, and very brave. Again, a hero with flaws. Strong and protective, he expects undiluted devotion and trust in return from his brother Sam. The same kind of trust he himself showed his father John Winchester.

Their real selves as seen from their hands
Jared Padalecki (Sam) has a fairly large palm, good Venus and Moon mounts, joint head and life lines, and a low-set, open and supple thumb. Broadly speaking, Jensen Ackles (Dean) has some similar signs which can be noted in the fairly large palm, joint head and lifelines, a pronounced mount of Moon, a good Venus mount (though less developed than Jared's). However, the developed Mars and the slightly thicker and shorter fingers with their square tips show different personality characteristics from Jared’s. Jared could possibly have a slightly short Jupiter (index) finger and he has a strong Apollo (ring) finger. Jenson too has a strong Apollo finger. The lines on Jenson's hands are finer.

These guys have some broad similarities in their characters. Both are reasonable, sensible, and pragmatic people, able to see issues in a broad way, and from the right perspective. Both have the ability to see another point of view. They are also unselfish in their approach. However, their inner natures are different.

Jared is more unselfish and more compassionate, and Jensen is quicker to react and more hot-blooded. In reality, Jensen has the more serious and sensitive nature as compared to Jared, but is also more cynical. Jenson is also more focused and involved in what he does, and has an intelligent approach to issues. In this aspect, he differs from his on-screen persona. Jenson is not really light-hearted, not deep inside, although he has a strong physicality and masculinity, enabling him to participate and engage with life more. 

More about Jensen
Jensen Ackles’ hands, however, show that his mental and physical stamina is not as strong as it should be, needed for prolonged periods of intense concentrative work but he has a strong inner drive. It is important that he takes extra care of his health, particularly in his thirties.

Jenson's strong physical side, and hot-blooded nature will tempt him with the good life, and here, he is somewhat like his on-screen character Dean.

Jared Padalecki has the stronger mind, more mental stamina, and a high sex drive. Here he differs markedly from Sam, the fictional hero he plays on the television series "Supernatural". Jared is also more of a thoughtful person, a thinker, and in this aspect of his character he resembles Sam Winchester. Jared Padelecki is also cooler and calmer in a crisis, as compared to Jenson, and he can analyse issues objectively. He is also very shrewd, even a little manipulative. In this personality trait, he differs from the on-screen “innocent” persona of Sam Winchester, at least the way Sam is shown in earlier seasons.

Humility is also shown on Jared's hand, and this is partly due to issues with self-esteem. Some kind of diffidence, maybe. It is not apparent in his persona, and why he should feel diffident is not clear. I guess only Jared will be answer this question for himself. He is just the opposite of vain! Also, this is not an inherited trait, but a developed one, and it could make him think twice before taking on high levels of responsibility. 

Interestingly, despite his humble nature, Jared’s hand shows a love for fame and adulation, distinctly more than that of Jenson’s, although Jenson too wants it more than the average person. Most people in public life have this personality trait. 

In Jared's case, he needs be cautious as it could make him over-confident (giving so much importance to fame?). Often people who lack an inner self-esteem rely too much on others' opinions and Jared should never ever take his success for granted and should focus more on his work. If Jared is reading this the advice to him would be to concentrate more on the work and developing as an actor rather than relying on fame. This applies to criticism as well. Jared should see all the good that is in him and not get affected by criticism. As of now, he takes it too much to heart.

Jared Padalecki has the ability to take risks, emotional or otherwise. At times he may not take life seriously enough though. Of the two actors, he is the more light-hearted. In his personal relationships, he is likely to be very loyal and steadfast, ever willing to give himself fully to a relationship, but this does not necessarily mean long-lasting relationships. His tendency to idolize and high expectations of loved ones can become a problem. Jensen, on the other hand, is more down to earth, and his serious nature is likely to keep his feet firmly on the ground.

Jensen and Jared
The hands of both Jenson Ackles and Jared Padalecki show talent, imagination, and determination. Jared’s hands show more business sense although it is more instinctive. Amongst these two talented actors, Jenson is likely to find it easier to express deep emotions because of his serious personality, greater commitment, and emotional sensitiveness. Jared being more light-hearted in nature, may not make the effort to dig deep inside himself to find that raw emotion necessary to portray dark emotions. He can if he makes the effort because not only is he a talented actor, he has good health and lots of energy which can be channelled into the craft.

I personally believe that actors who have a dark side in their actual personalities can play dark emotions better because they have something to draw upon. In this sense, I think Jenson has more of a dark side, but what I mean is that there is that highly emotionally sensitive and sentimental part to him which has resulted in some emotionally hard times in his life.

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  1. Very interesting read.

    I have to correct you on a small fact thing though, Ackles name is JensEn, not JensOn!

    As a long time fan of these two actors I believe your reading is pretty close to the truth. The one thing I question is that Jared should be the shyer of them. More then once and by a lot of different people, including themselves, Jensen have been described as the more reserved while Jared is the more outgoing one between the two of them.

  2. Thanks for the correction Anonymous. It is only the fans of these two actors who will know about them. I will make the spelling correction
    That's interesting what you say about the quality of being shy. What you say makes sense, because Jared is a more light-hearted and fun loving type of person and also more open (thumb setting), while Jensen is the more serious, which I have mentioned. I think that this must be translating into their outward personality.
    As Jared's hand shows a strong inner reservedness (headline and life line joined for at least an inch), I thought would translate into a shyer person outwardly. Now realise that Jared's fun loving and open nature is what shows, and his inner shyness is deeply buried inside him. This will make it more difficult to emote, or show his most intimate feelings. Jensen has less of this inner reserve and cautiousness. I hope this is not too confusing! People have so many layers, that it's difficult to explain it, specially when one is reading total strangers.

    1. Jensen has more baffles to hide himself behind than Jared does. Jensen is also far more reserved unless alcohol has been consumed first. I suggest doing some reseach into photos of the two men standing with their wives for comparison. You will I think, have a clearer picture of why this seems odd to people who have met them.

      Jared shares and shows his emotions very easily. I think it is because he is a natural born protector. He can throw emotional/psychic energy outward into a crowd to "embrace them". Jensen tends to put up walls and become extremely reserved without Jared there to coax him out.

      Jensen has been described as shy to the point of muteness in social situations as a child and still suffered from a large degree of that shyness until he began working with Jared.

      Jared is also the one who is more willing to socially interact with people. He has a twitter account, Jensen does not.

  3. Thank you for sharing your take on reading their palms.

    First off, his name is JensEN not JensON. Please correct that in your article. Having his name right helps to give you more of a professionl look.

    Also, I have to say you missed a few things about them and misread a few things as well. Palmistry isn't just about the things you mentioned, it's also about the difference between the dominent hand and the nondominent hand. To get a more accurate picture of their personalities, you have to read both palms. The palm of the non domiment had often speaks of the things that they could be capable of or the things they keep to the background in themselves.

    Jensen and Jared both have a lot of smaller lines in their hands which is consistant with people who have a very spiritual nature. Both men possess a strong ability to read people and know things about them. Jensen especially is very tuned into this and often makes snap judgements about people. Jared is more open to taking more time about making a judgement about someone.

    I agree that Jensen is more easily distracted from his focus than Jared, but that is because he often second guesses himself because his lack of self confidence and his pragmatic nature war with each other. Whenever his instincts don't feel right about something it comes across as lack of mental focus or being incapable of making a decision. He has strong boundaries that make it hard for people to get close to him. He is more self protective than Jared is.

    I am not so sure I agree with the hotblooded interpretation of Jensen's hands. I believe he is very tactile when it comes to things around him. He likes things that are pleseant to the touch and evokes pleasurable feelings or feelings of comfort. Jensen is also the one more capable of becoming dominent and/or controlling over people who fawn over him or show that they can be controlled by him and he constantly fights the tendancy in himself to do this. He is also capable of showing his dispise or distain for people he can control or dominate. While Jensen appreciates people who are his 'fans' he often believes himself to be in a different class than they are .Yet of the two men, he is the one more easy to be controlled by more agressive people in his inner circe. He gravitates to people like Jared or to his own wife Danneel because they are extremely dominent and strongwilled people. Jensen uses their natures to his advantage to act as a shield between him and the other class of people.

    Jensen is the one with better business sense (moon in Scorpio) and more pragmatic approach to things of a business nature. Jared has good business sense as well but tends to want to fix problems so he is more easy to take advantage of. Jensen can be somewhat the same except he has a more ruthless nature (moon in Scorpio). Fool him or misuse him once in the business world and you are out. Jared will give a second chance.

    There are other things I agree and disagree with, but you just wanted a comment, not a book.

  4. Thanks for your comment Nonnie.

    The name has been corrected, thanks.

    And ofcourse I know about the dominant and non dominant hand! I have been practicing hand reading for 30 years now. I have done the comparison between the passive and active hands on this blog for several celebs but do not do it everytime. It depends what I want to focus on. I like to keep my posts short and readable, and this one is still too long.

    You mentioned that Jensen and Jared have some smaller lines on their hands and that is very interesting indeed. Unfortunately on web photos one cannot see the lines mostly, and I rely on the shape of the hands and fingers.

    About the “hot-bloodedness” it comes from the strong Mars mounts on his hands and also the Venus, and the shape of his fingers as well. I am sure Jensen is very tactile too, as you mentioned. And yes, I agree that Jensen is “also the one more capable of becoming dominant” although not controlling. Controlling people are more manipulative, while dominant people more overt, that is how I see it. Jensen is a very straightforward type of person, as compared to Jared.

    And I agree that Jensen will not like people who fawn over him. It fits in with his more pragmatic persona, and his ability of having his feet firmly on the ground. He realises that these people are elevating him to somebody/ something he is not. Jared on the other hand enjoys the adulation.

    One thing I cannot agree with you though, not entirely at least, which is about the business sense. I got the impression you have used Astrology to come to this conclusion as you mentioned the “Moon in Scorpio.” I have gone entirely by hand reading. Jared’s hand (finger phalanges) shows a superior business sense as compared to Jenson’s. However Jensen is more practical and yes, perhaps more ruthless, and this too is a part of business sense so it’s complicated. The setting of Jared’s thumb as well as his Heartline clearly shows him to be a softer person, and I guess this takes away from the business sense. But what I meant was not the execution part (which Jensen could be better at) but simply the instant grasping of a business idea, knowing that this is good and money-making.

    Overall, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment Nonnie. I enjoyed reading your comment and responding to it.

  5. Jensen is a very straightforward type of person, as compared to Jared.

    Jensen is not straightforward, he is a true Picese and swims in elusive patterns to keep you guessing. He is a master at misdirection and being covert. The only time he is straightforward is when you cross his personal boundries or step out of your league with him.

    We might have different meanings for the word controlling. Jensen doesn't like to be in a situation he can't control the outcome of or the players in it. I think that is the part of his nature that draws him to directing and photography. The sense of being able to place the players and set the stage.

    You are right about Jared being good at grasping business ideas. His mind is very analytical which is why he excells at chess and math. He is more concrete where is Jensen is more abstract.

    I have to say that overall, you are very good at what you do. I enjoyed reading what you came away with. I admit that palm reading is not something I have a whole lot of experience with. I do psychic readings as a medium. I will tell you that Jared once related a story of getting a palm reading at a party and it was pretty much on par with what you say you see. That person too told him his career would have success but his personal relationships would be rocky. He said he wanted it to be the other way. Soon after that, he got the lead in a movie and had a bad break up with the woman he was engaged to at the time. SO I think that put him on notice to be mindful of this aspect.

  6. I have no idea who these two are, but I feel that TV/movie characters portray a little bit of themselves in their roles. So, do the kind of roles they play slightly resemble their real-life?

    Destination Infinity

  7. Thanks Nonnie. But I am not sure about success in his career for Jared, and his bad in personal relationships. Most palmists (as the one Jared showed his hand to) do predictive palmistry, but I do not, even if I see the lines. In this case, I cannot even see the lines of his hand. In fact from whatever little I see, I think that he will be more successful in his personal relationships than in his career. However I cannot confirm this without seeing all of the lines. Also success has to be seen long-term, and he may be doing great now, but one does not know 10 years from now.

    DI,I do not know. I have watched this serial several times on tv and that is how I got interested in the actors. In India we are not exposed to news about these people and I have no idea what these two are like in real life. Frankly I personally do not think they are great actors, just about above average for tv.

  8. One thing I wanted to mention. If you are working from screen captures of closeups of their hands taken from the series please be aware that those are not always the actor's hands used in those shots. It's often times the hands belonging to their stand ins. In a series such as supernatral, production time is limited so in order to save time they have a stand in do closeup work like that while the actors are doing something else. In one episode in particular we see what is suppose to be the palm of Sam's hand while he showing something to Dean. That is no Jared's hand. It's his stand in's hand being used for the shot.

  9. Nonnie, I never take a hand photo seriously unless it's attached to a body. :)

  10. These don't sound very accurate in some senses. I mean Jensen can't focus for long? That doesn't sound like the Jensen Ackles who can stay in character no matter what is going on around him. Or whose two times directing Supernatural were notable for being extremely well thought out and organized and in at least one case finishing slightly earlier than they usually do. Or the Jensen Ackles who has shown an ability to understand what works and doesn't on the show he works on almost better than the writers who write it--he's the one actor who consistently talks about not just his own role but the bigger picture and who seems to understand the production work as well. He's also known for being a calming influence on the set. In truth, Ackles strikes me as being a sort of natural leader. His opinion seems to carry a lot of weight with the people who know him well, he seems genuinely trusted.

    He has been described as being laidback and humble yet intense. Which sounds contradictory but I think makes sense - because contrary to what you write, he is often capable of being intensely focused and he clearly thinks very deeply and thoughtfully about many subject matters. In reading interviews that allow such observations, I've always been impressed by his insights into both his work, into the motivation of all the various characters and into human nature as a whole.

    I don't get the idea he's controlling, more that he likes things to run smoothly for the sake of everyone. If he can help that happen, he steps up. On one of the first shows he worked on, the lead actor and actress misbehaved alot(both of whom have admitted as much since then). All the trouble behind the scenes helped lead to it's cancellation because the ratings weren't so high that it made it worth it to deal with all shenanigans for the network. Jensen on the other hand was complimented for not getting caught up in it, even though a lot of their attitude was directed towards him. He got along very well with everyone else.

    He knows how important it is to not make life harder for others, in part because he's seen it up close and personal plus he seems to genuinely like a lot of the people who work on the crews. Even when he was 18 years old and just starting on the soap opera his tv dad mentioned how well Jensen got on with the crew. This has carried through every project he's been on. He works hard to try and make their jobs easier(not making it more difficult by his own actions) and to keep people getting along.

    Ackles seems to very much like to be part of a team, which I've long thought might hold him back a little. It's sometimes seems like he doesn't want to stand out even when he should be pushing himself forward more. He also seems to be a very loyal, giving and generous friend. As an actor as well, one compliment that is almost always thrown his way is that he's very giving and pays attention to what they are doing and not just to what he wants to do. Jim Beaver said Jensen was a truly sweet guy and that it wasn't something he says about many people.

    As for the shyness, I think it's situational. With people he knows and has let in, he's not at all shy but in out of the ordinary situations esp. if he's on his own, that strong shyness he had when he was younger still affects him. On the other hand, he's got a lot of friends. He seems to have friends everywhere and not just passing acquaintances, people he's known for years as well as those he's made a long the way. So it doesn't sound like he's super restrictive about his friendships. :) I don't think there is anything wrong, however, about not treating everyone like they are you're best friend the minute you meet them because it's never true. I think you always know where you stand with Ackles. He's personable and good natured with everyone but not unrealistically friendly with people he doesn't know well yet.

    1. I think you misunderstood – I did not say Jenson cannot focus for long. I have clearly used the word "prolonged" and this means that intense work over a period of time can exhaust him. This is very clear from his hand. And when I say a period of time it does not mean a few hours, it can mean several weeks. If his focus was not present to that much time he would never have made it as an actor! People with little focus can never succeed in anything, leave alone acting.
      But Jensen has less mental stamina than say Jared.

      And yes ofcourse he throws himself into this work ofcourse he will likely to be extremely focussed for that very reason. It is possible that he gets so involved that this exhausts him. So please read my analysis before commenting.

      Also I have clearly said that both actors can see the bigger picture.

      Whether Ackles is a natural leader or not, I cannot say. I have not mentioned his leadership abilities because I am unable to see his hand fully.

      Also I never said he is controlling. Please read my post before commenting.

      I am sure whatever you said about Jensen is right, but I have more or less said the same thing. So thank you for confirming my reading.
      Also remember that this post is a comparison of the two actors, and therefore things that have been mentioned are relative to each other. That is in the very heading of my post. Please read the heading again.

  11. i want to ask something.. Are jared and jensen still best friends?

  12. I have no idea whether they were best friends or friends earlier or are now. This post is not about their relationship. It is about their personalities.

  13. That was an interesting read, I love palmistry, it's very intriguing. I also love astrology, and I think their personalities are well honed to their astrological signs. Jensen Ackles is a Pisces, and Jared Padalecki is a Cancer. Both are water signs, I think that's why they are friends in real life.

  14. Thanks Sylvie. I am not clued into Astrology although yes it intrigues me as well.

  15. Brilliant article. Certainly your best Nita. Also, Jensen is a more versatile actor as he has done voice-over acting and starred in more dramatic TV series such as Days of our Lives. One other thing I noticed is that Jensen's fate line is clearer after it leaves the head line: maybe he became more focused after the age of 30? 27 is the age when he landed the Supernatural role.

  16. Thanks Nisar. This one is one of my favourites too.
    And its interesting what you said about Jensen. Supernatural happens to my favourite tv series and I have noticed that Jensen's acting has improved with every season. However without seeing the lines more clearly I cannot comment on the point about the fateline.


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