Friday, December 24, 2010

Julian Assange's hands reveal that he is not a predator!

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks has said he is a gentleman, not a predator. I assume he means sexual predator, something that he has been accused of. Does his hand corroborate his claim? Well, certain features of his hand like the underdeveloped Plain of Mars, the refined palmar skin, the slightly waisted thumb, the shape and length of his phalanges and sensitive tips do suggest that he is the gentleman he says he is. The developed Venus and Heart Line tell us he has strong passions (sexual), but that by itself never made anyone a predator although the line between the two can be a thin one. As Assange’s hand does not show the robustness of health, particularly later on in life, this interest in sex would manifest itself in ways other than just the physical.

Another question people ask about Julian Assange is: What are his motives for founding WikiLeaks? Does he really have altruistic motives as he claims? We are
on sticky ground here. A person’s motives are usually quite complex, and so it is with Assange. Humans may have one or two major drivers that keep their personality humming along on a certain path, but other personality characteristics go a long way in making them comfortable with the choices made.

Check his hand photo out here. The photo above is a free photo.

Assange’s hand shows a broad perspective on life, a cerebral mindset, and a strong desire to help others and sensitiveness (shape of palm, finger phalanges, and thumb setting) but this does not necessarily translate into altruism. Yes, his hand shows a streak of high-mindedness as well, but he has a side to his personality that is not all that pleasant. His Jupiter finger clearly points to the fact that he is controlling, manipulative and attention-seeking. What this means is that while his motives may be noble, he loves the attention even if it is negative and enjoys exposing others and making them uncomfortable. It gives him a sense of power. The shape of his Moon Mount reveals that he has an excessive imagination of the kind which helps him believe the worst of people. This bolsters his belief that his actions, however unsavoury, are right, and that the bad guys need to be exposed. His idealistic, and uncompromising nature (Jupiter, thumb) helps him rationalize. In fact, his will phalange is far too long and makes it difficult for him to see another point of view.

His Mercury and Moon mounts along with the shape of third phalanges show that he is mentally agile, with a curious inquiring mind, and a penchant for investigation. He can be quite tactful when necessary (Mercury, thumb) and is persuasive, and has acting abilities! (Mercury). He is also restless and at times diffident, has a tendency to be changeable and not always reliable (Moon). He is a man who loves music and is in fact bonded with it in some way (Venus and Moon).

It was not possible to see the Headline on the right hand clearly (Assange is right-handed and his right hand shows his current personality) but from what  I saw I could not classify him as brilliant or highly intelligent.

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  1. Any Government should not say things (in official documents or otherwise) which cannot be shared with the people. After all, the Government was supposed to exist for the people!! Imagine, if in our office, we do certain things and inform our boss otherwise. Won't we get fired in no time? But when the Govt officials do it, and some one exposes them, how is it that there is no uproar from people? And that too in 'developed nations'? This goes to show the kind of double standards that democracy has been encouraging.

    Destination Infinity

  2. I guess I am enjoying the wikileaks too. :) I agree that politicians are taking the people for a ride, in the name of democracy. Makes me feel that true democracy does not exist.

  3. this is very interesting. the complaints the two women had on assange wasn't rape but something culpable to that i.e by not using a condom even when explicitly asked to do so. this seems to suggest a kind of arrogance and diffidence that you say he possesses.

  4. Anonymous, I think if he was accused of not using a condom it could mean that he did it because of the strong desire that he had, desire he could not control. His hand does not show arrogance, but it does show a person who has very strong physical desires. Even though he has will power, the will is a strange thing! It works only when one wants it too!

  5. Don't know much about this fellow personally but often people start with good motives and then they start liking the power a little too much! You have explained it beautifully!

  6. i would like to correct the anonymous here....he was accused for not stopping at a point when the condom by chance came out......
    on a different note i think these can be some charges which are being forced upon just make a case against him......

  7. Hey guys why not take a nickname so I can distinguish between two people who call themselves anonymous? It gets difficult for me to relate to the commentators with just the anonymous tag. What do you say? What are your reasons for not taking a nickaname? You don't have to give your real name.

    TN, thanks

  8. Thanks Nita for this interesting post. :)

  9. The problem with Julian's over inflamed sex drive is seen clearly in the distended, red, and protruding mount of Luna. You can see it in this picture on his right hand. Right is the male side and shows he has an issue with aggression, too.I love what he's done with Wikileaks but his downfall is through his sexuality. Thanks for the post. Erin


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