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Indra Nooyi's hand analysis

Indra Nooyi
Indra Nooyi’s hand is a complicated one. Each of us is an interesting mix of different personality traits, and successful people usually have two to three main characteristics that are behind their success. Nooyi's hand is unique as it is of a very intelligent person but strongly influenced by the heart. These two opposing aspects of her character have managed to exist in tandem with each other.

What her hand has in common with other very successful people
(in business and management) is her long, balanced headline, a long, well-shaped thumb with a slim, tapering tip, a broad palm and a strong lifeline  The thumb is a very important indicator of personality and what it reveals often overrides other indicators on the hand even if they are contradictory.

The heartline on her hand is deep and long, and her headline rises up a little towards it. The headline ends on Upper Moon, and is long and curved but fainter at the end. The Moon mount on her hand is developed but the mount of Venus is limited. The finger of Saturn (the middle finger) is long with a long third phalange.

You can find a photo of her hand here and another photo here.

Her hand reveals a strong will but a lack of stubbornness, and good reasoning powers. These are good qualities in a leader. However, she could find it difficult to see another point of view easily and this could be a weakness.

Her hand shows superior organisational ability, very good concentration levels, excellent memory, high intelligence, and an imaginative, innovative mind and high energy levels. Her disposition is stable and balanced, and she is a well-centred and serious person, according to her hand. 

Although her feelings are very important to her and can override her mind, she is not a warm, friendly person at a personal level. However, as a businesswoman, her decisions will not be cold but will take into account the human factor. In fact, on a personal level, she can be quite detached and reserved. There is also a trace of cynicism in her nature, along with a positive, idealistic mindset. Indeed, a complex personality!

In conclusion, one can say that her mental capacity, tremendous self-control, and rationality and reasoning powers kept her personality in balance and got her to where she was. 

What I liked about her hand is that here is a person who managed to harness her idealism and heart qualities and used them in a rational manner. Perhaps one also needs to mention that unlike many leaders she does not have a huge ego and also lacks the lust for power. She is, in fact, very humble and unassuming by nature.

(Indrani Nooyi is a businesswoman and heads PepsiCo. She has been ranked as one of the most powerful businesswomen in the world.) 

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Photo credits: JeffBedford from Arlington, Virginia, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


  1. If someone doesn't have the lust for power, wonder how they manage to reach such top positions... I thought money and power are the two basic things that people in top would want!

    Destination Infinity

  2. DI, I think most people who get power and money aren't looking for it. They are looking to creating or expressing or at the most getting recognition. Most people who make it big are driven by a need to create. Even money moguls like Laxmi Mittal wanted to create something of his own. Power was certainly not his game. People who lust for power (lust is a strong word and means someone who wants it above all else) make poor leaders.

  3. I would like to see Julian Assange's (wikileaks) reading, if you haven't done it already. :)

  4. Thanks for the suggestion purpler. Of late I am getting several suggestions for hand readings, but the hand photos have not been available. I hope I can get the hand photos of Assange.

  5. She seems to be a private type. Haven't heard too much about her. Always did wonder what type she was though. Thanks for the reading.

  6. Thanks for your comment TN. Even I was quite curious about her as one knows little of what makes these people tick!

  7. I think a hand analysis of Rahul Dravid or Karan Johar will be a very interesting thing.....

    Rahul dravid is like a stoic so would love to know about his mental will power n self control..

    Karan Johar-Well he is quite a controversial figure so it will be an interesting read...
    coz it can be quite upsetting at times for a man to see people doubt his he deals with it..??

  8. Yeah, those are interesting people and shall keep them on my list. Cricketer hands are not easy to find as often they have gloves on. However shall try.

  9. Purpler, I think I can manage to do Julian Assange's hand, to some extent at least. I checked on the net and found some decent photos of his right hand, and as there was a photo of him signing, he is right-handed. In all readings I only proceed if I can confirm which hand the person writes with.

  10. well with rahul dravid one i can help you...
    he is a right hander and this pic shows his right hand quite is the link...

  11. Anonymous, thanks for sending that link. Indeed, it is a fairly decent photo, and gives me hope that there will be others. The photo is at an angle and therefore I shall search for other photos, showing the hand facing the camera. Only that way can one get the relative shape and length of the fingers, which is an important part of my reading. I shall also search for photos where he is seen writing. Being a right-handed batsman does not necessarily mean that he writes with his right hand. The case of Sachin Tendulkar is an example. He is left handed, but plays with his right hand.
    I read hands of Indian and International celebs alternatively. Next will be an international personality and after that an Indian one. Before I decide to do the Indian one, I shall search for photos of Rahul Dravid's hands. Thanks again.

  12. anytime my friend...

  13. @Nita: That's an interesting point. I always thought power was the driving factor! Its good if creating enduring structures is the driving factor for leadership. I hope at least some of our leaders have such motives.


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