Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sylvester Stallone's hand reading

Sylvester Stallone may well be a talented guy, and is neither manipulative nor selfish, but his personality (as shown by his hands) is that of a person who is passionate, emotionally volatile and impulsive and he can be difficult to live with. He has high energy levels and his hands tell a story of a person who likes to live his life to the fullest. Stallone's tendency to be unpredictable is accentuated as he thinks and acts quickly. His hands also show a very high physical sex drive and coupled with his impulsive nature, it would be difficult for him to be faithful to his partner. To counter such a passionate nature, one needs more self-control than the
average person. How did this man channelise his unbridled energy and reach the heights that he did?

Sylvester Stallone photo
Stallone's hand has short thick fingers with average second phalanges, highly developed mounts, deep lines, and a long supple thumb. He has a good headline, long and slightly sloping. The palm is broad and squarish and the mounts of Venus, Moon, Jupiter and Mars are developed. 

Check out his hand photo here.

Even though Stallone is the kind of guy whose emotions lie just below the
surface, people do mellow with age. In his youth, Sylvester Stallone could easily have easily got into serious trouble, but he didn’t! Despite what nature had given him he led a very successful life. He managed to channel his energy into something productive. It was his basic pragmatism and clear, practical thinking that kept him on an even keel.

What is it that makes some people take what they have and catapult themselves to great heights? And what makes others (like Oscar Pistorius for example) ruin their lives?

Common sense, rationalism and direction are shown on Stallone's hands. Also, he is a good man, with feelings for people and is warm and friendly. With these qualities, he managed to steer his life in the proper direction. However good/bad the hand is, this is the critical factor – whether one is mentally stable and sensible enough to balance one's personality. Basically, Stallone's hand tells us that he has plenty of common sense and the ability to see the consequences of his actions. He also has the ability to focus and be productive, not destructive. There is goal-oriented behaviour. Despite Stallone's volatility, his head managed to take control, and his basic common sense triumphed. He succeeded even though his hand shows poor business sense.

I suspect that the kind of movies Stallone chose, violent action movies, could have enabled him to act out his inner demons; perhaps it was therapeutic. Such roles could have given him that all-important outlet that enabled him to lead a normal and successful life. However, there is always a danger in such cases of fantasy and reality overlapping, but Stallone managed to keep his reel life from impinging on his real life.

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  1. amazing. one of my idols. rocky balboa

  2. So, it is possible to control one's instincts or at least channelize it in the right direction, if one wants to. Good to know this.

    Destination Infinity

  3. Very few people can do it. Just will power is not enough. You need the focus, the direction and motivation.

    1. how can one derive that even if it is not there...

    2. aayush, Everyone does not have the same level of will power and motivation. Everyone is not equal and that is why you see that people do not have the same level of achievement. However there are ways to develop willpower if there is motivation. Without motivation and energy nothing can be done.

  4. Just for information: Can palmistry or any other scientific methodology (like psychometric analysis, for example) help us identify potential criminals so that a special curriculum can be devised in order to channelize their energies in the right direction?

    I am not very convinced about the effectiveness of prisons, except in isolating criminals from the mainstream life. I am just mulling over the possibilities of an alternative corrective/preventive system that could effectively deal with crime in our society.

    Destination Infinity

  5. One cannot identify potential criminals as such even if one gets into the mind of someone because behavior is dependent a lot on circumstances. At times people with a good personality commit crimes, and vice versa. There are very few people who have a true criminal bent of mind, people who are inherently evil, greedy and without conscience. These people can be found out from their hands but there is no way to reform them. They will never reform.
    However if someone has already committed a crime, then an analysis of his hands can reveal the reasons. Therapy/rehabilation after this can help lead a person to a better life.

  6. i guess Jupiter and Apollo fingers are almost the same length as his Saturn finger, what does it tell us? and also his little finger is twisted a little bit ,is it a sign of dishonesty?

    and thanks for the reading!!

  7. Sylvester Stallone has a straight Mercury finger! How in the world did you think it was twisted? It is not even bent. Not even the top phalange is bent. The top phalange has been bent inside but it can be straightened out, it is not bent. It is being held that way. And twisted means twisted on its axis, and this is very very rare. Also, one cannot guage dishonesty by the Mercury finger alone. People with bent Mercury fingers can be honest! One has to look at the headline and the shape of the other fingers as well as the palm before coming to any conclusion. In any case you have to decide what you mean by dishonest. Whether you mean someone who steals or someone who lies.
    And whether his Jupiter and Apollo fingers are almost the same length or not is something I mulled over for awhile but finally came to the conclusion that it cannot be seen from the photos. In most photos he has bent the saturn finger deliberately as he waved and this makes it look shorter. I am not sure it is shorter. One has to see several photos of his fingers held straight before coming to this conclusion.
    Please remember that the most difficult thing in hand reading is actually know what the signs are, not what they mean. Great errors can be made if one mistakes straight fingers for bent, or long fingers for short, and so on.

  8. thanks for correcting me ,yeah his mercury finger is not bent !!!!thanks for reading


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