Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oscar Pistorius's hand reading

Few believe paralympian Oscar Pistorius’s claim that he shot his girl-friend Reeva by mistake; certainly not the police. What is the truth? Did Oscar Pistorius deliberately kill his girl-friend Reeva Steenkamp?

The hand can guide us to some extent. It may not be able to tell if a person has actually committed a crime, but it can tell us whether a person is capable of it. The hand reveals the inner workings of the mind, and it is also possible to surmise from the hand whether a person is likely to commit a crime of passion or a cold-blooded, premeditated one.

Pistorius's hand has
well developed mounts, particularly that of Jupiter, Lower Mars, Moon and Venus. The Lifeline is strong, and the palm broad. Taken together, these are not indications of a timid or gentle soul. In fact, a developed mounts (particularly those near the base of the hand and the Mars mounts) show a passionate, even excitable person who can be quite moody. There is an element of crudeness present in such personalities, but how this rough edge is acted out depends on the personality trait being expressed. A lot people with such hands lead normal lives without getting into trouble.

Check out a photo of Pistorius's hand here.

Pistorius’s Heartline is relatively stronger than his Headline, and there is that slightly low-set supple thumb. Emotionalism and impulsiveness are some of the qualities revealed by this.

All of the signs mentioned above together point to a personality who is basically good-hearted, generous, and deeply loving. There is also compassion and a love for humanity.

However, taken together the signs also mean unpredictability because impulse, emotion, ambition and passion (all present in above average amounts) can become a volatile combination. It can result in aggressive, emotional, and competitive behavior if the situation warrants it. At the same time Pistorius' fingers also show manipulative behavior.

A good, strong thumb (like Pistorius has) shows will power but that works only if the person wants to exert his will power. This type of thumb gives immense determination, and therefore if he is bent on doing something, he will do it. If he wants to control himself, he can. Whether a person uses his will for the benefit of others or for himself depends a great deal on the rest of the hand. While Pistorius's hand does not show selfishness, his actions also hinge on his personal value system and the society he comes from.

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  1. Very interesting Nita. Loved this post.

  2. I guess no one is buying his story of accidental shooting. Even if it was accidental, he deserves punishment - A gun is not a toy.

    Makes me wonder: Not all people who have emotional and impulsive, are going to commit a crime, right? Is there anyway to find out if the chances of their committing crime is maximum during this period (like Age: 20-25 years, for example)?

    Destination Infinity

  3. I agree that Pistorius's claim of shooting at a burglar several times through a door is barbaric. How can you shoot a person again and again and again like that without even checking to see the damage inflicted the first time?

    And there are two aspects to the the age factor when it comes to committing crimes of passion. One is the physical energy of a person. That is what makes the person more physical. People who have a lot of physical energy in any case (even if they are not very emotional or impulsive) should exercise to burn it off.
    Secondly, when it comes to the age factor, there is another factor besides the physical energy. It's the emotional highs and lows. As one grows older one learns to handle one's emotions better and has more maturity to realise the consequences of an impulsive act.

  4. Do you think that criminals might grow up to become better people, with age? Considering that many people commit crimes during their youth when energy/emotions are at an all time high, can they become better (unless they become professional criminals)?

    I am asking this question because, I feel that people have certain basic characteristics and it's very difficult to change. Maybe their intensity might reduce, but people changing overnight (like shown in movies) are very difficult, I feel.

    Destination Infinity

  5. I do believe that some types of criminals who are very young can be rehabilitated, but not older ones. But it depends entirely on their environment. Its like alcoholics I guess, and special efforts need to be made and supportive people who love them and believe in them need to be around. That is actually a tall order! The question is also whether they will be accepted back into society. If they are not, then they go back to their old ways. And you are right, people do not change overnight. Their mindset may remain the same, but their behavior might change.


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