Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hand Reading of Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel's hand is not an extraordinary one, but she is the Chancellor of Germany, now in her second term. Her success is not dramatically imprinted on her hand. You don't get to see the big broad hand with at least an average length of fingers or even the low set, large thumb or the long slim Mercury finger; signs you see on many successful people. Instead, what you see is
a slightly small hand with fingers on the shorter side, some of them bent.

You can see an image of Angela Merkel’s hand here.

Women tend to have smaller hands (even after taking into account their body size) and this points to a more emotional nature. Finally however it is the actual lines and the shape and length thumb which determine whether a person’s heart or head dominates. It is always best to have a balance of both as it shows clear thinking.

In Angela’s Merkel’s case her long, well shaped thumb shows strong will power, the ability to control others, and determination. She can be a little brusque however; quite direct. She is a no-nonsense type of person and perhaps that is why she is called the "Iron Lady" by some, and has been compared to Margaret Thatcher, Britain's ex-Prime Minister. However Merkel is not really an "Iron Lady", and quite different from her namesake – Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret Thatcher
Besides the strong thumb, Thatcher’s Jupiter finger is significantly high-set and combined with the well developed Lower Mars, and the first phalange of the thumb, the strong Heartline, and the gap between her Head and Heart lines, it shows a person who is bold, arrogant, aggressive, and stubborn. These qualities would make Margaret Thatcher a formidable personality. Angela Merkel does not possess most of these signs, although some amount aggression is present (less).

Check out Margaret Thatcher's hand photo here.

Angela Merkel
Although Merkel's hand shows less of a cerebral mind-set, her Head and Heart lines are better balanced. This points to someone with her heart in the right place, more open to others’ opinions, yet a person very much in control; a person with a strong will and leadership qualities. Sometimes this is exactly what one needs to be successful. A high dose of common-sense, the ability to not be swayed by emotion, being humble enough to listen to others, and the will to implement.

Merkel’s shorter fingers (as compared to Thatcher’s) need not be a weakness. They show a quick, action-oriented nature. One is not sure why Angela Merkel has been called the "Iron Lady" because she isn’t one. She is simply a determined leader and a clear thinker.

Merkel’s hand shows some negative qualities - impatience, shrewdness and manipulation. Thatcher’s hand shows manipulative tendencies too, but not as pronouncedly.

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  1. I think it should be a difficult job to be in the position of Chancellor of Germany. As long as I can recollect, Angela Merkel has a positive image across the world. I guess people in Germany also concur, as she is in the second term now.

    I guess leadership is not always about controlling others and silencing others, as the case is often in India. But I guess broad minded leaders work only in countries that have broad minded population.

    Destination Infinity

  2. That's true, the politicians in western democratic countries have very different characteristics than the ones here.


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