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What the hands reveal about the character of Nicolas Sarkozy

Hand analysis of Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic

If I had been given this hand to read without being told who it belonged to, it would have been difficult to guess that it belonged to a politician. This is because Nicolas Sarkozy is not your typical politician. His hand shows that he
is not ruthless enough.

But Sarkozy succeeded as a politician. So what are the qualities which made him succeed?

You can check out his hand photograph here.

Leadership qualities
Well, his leadership qualities for one, and charisma. He also has a broad outlook on life, has excellent communication abilities, is persuasive, diplomatic and has charm. Sure, he is capable too, but not extraordinarily so. He is no intellectual either but his personality and ability to lead others has got him where he is. Leadership is a complex thing, but basically, it means that you can get other people to follow you, admire you, trust you. And one of the reasons that this happens is when one has integrity, and Sarkozy has that. It’s not honesty that I am talking about here, which he also has. I mean intellectual integrity. He will stand true to his beliefs. Another good quality he has which helps him in his work, is that he keeps his own counsel until he feels the time is right to speak.

Sarkozy is also a doer.

Generous and ambitious
He is also magnanimous towards his colleagues. This is evident in the placement of his fingers, which stand straight and tall and which are all normally placed. His hand is larger than normal (which one has to compare with the size of the man), and he has a good-sized thumb, both of which show these qualities. He is also ambitious, assertive and aggressive when he wants something.

He has a warm and affectionate nature, with a lot of love to give and not just romantic love, although the latter is strong. He loves people and cares for them - a good quality in a politician. This quality, his basic liking of other human beings and his generosity, all help in making him an excellent leader of men.

What's wrong?
However, the first thing that a palmist notices about his hand is that it seems out of balance. I don’t mean mental balance here, because Sarkozy's hand shows that he is a reasonable man, although he has a tendency to be inflexible at times. What I mean is that the hand belongs to a man of strong passions and imagination (strong Mount of Venus [particularly lower] and Moon, and also whatever little is visible of his Heart Line and Head Line). In a hand without willpower, perception and reasoning abilities, this can be a dangerous sign. Luckily Sarkozy’s hand shows that he has the latter qualities, although they are not strong enough to balance out his other side. His impressionable nature is a weakness. He will find it more difficult to keep himself in check than the average person.

One can surmise why his two marriages failed. Sarkozy feels strongly, and also tends to be a suspicious man, especially when it comes to the affections (shape of Heart Line). He tends to be rather demanding in his relationships, and overall his hand shows that he is not an easy person to live with. He can push his loved ones away with his temperamental nature, and moodiness. However, he does not have a short temper, although he is aggressive and controlling.

He has common sense too although some feel he lost it when he married supermodel Carla Bruni! Well, his hand shows that after the age of 35 or so Sarkozy allowed his heart to take precedence in many decisions in his life. This has probably led to the broken marriages. Unfortunately, none of the photographs of his hands showed his lines with any clarity so I cannot be absolutely certain of this.

Ability to get along
His public personality is a good one. He is the kind of man who is at home in different milieus and can be comfortable with intellectuals as well as his drinking buddies.

Other qualities
He is not a particularly independent thinker or analyst and tends to depend on others to give him advice. This in itself is not a bad quality, and in fact, can be considered a good one for a politician as long as he chooses his advisors with care. However, Sarkozy has a tendency (particularly at this age) to make decisions based on who he feels is right rather than what is right. His heart tends to dominate.

He likes money although he is not that good at making it. However, he is a talented manager and would have made a good CEO.

He is creative and imaginative, and can appreciate art, loves music, and has good taste although he personally prefers the more useful (as opposed to arty) things. His hand shows musical talent, and it won’t be surprising to find out that he learnt a musical instrument sometime in his life.

At times he can lack seriousness and focus, and this can make him a little playful. However, he has the ability to pull himself back. He has the control, if he wants to exert it. He likes his food and drink.

Was President Sarkozy checking out a Brazilian girl?
Here is my take on a controversial video making the rounds of Youtube. It apparently shows President Obama and President Sarkozy staring at a Brazilian girl at the recently held G8 summit. From what I know of Barack Obama from looking at his hands, he is very unlikely to do this. But Sarkozy is quite capable of it and he would see no harm in it either.

Sarkozy can never understand Barack Obama
At the UN Security Council recently Nicolas Sarkozy mocked Barack Obama, and well, this is not surprising at all because there cannot be two widely different people than these two. Obama is an intellectual and something of an idealist, but Sarkozy is a pragmatic down-to-earth type who uses his heart more than his head.

Update, 9th October: The latest news is that Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his attempt to bring peace to the middle east and also his nuclear non-proliferation efforts. Now Nicolas Sarkozy had mocked Obama on this exactly, saying that Obama was being impractical. Sarkozy will obviously disagree heartily with the peace prize being given to Obama.

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  1. Really interesting :)

    About the Brazilian Girl ... whats wrong :P

  2. Hey there vishesh. Nice to see you here. And about the Brazilian girl, yeah!! :D

  3. 'Sarkozy is a pragmatic down-to earth type who uses his heart more than his head'.

    Isnt this a contradictory statement?

    A pragmatic person is one who is ruled by his head.

  4. Smita, human beings are complex, and this is brought out only too clearly in the hand. Qualities are present in different degrees say in amounts between 1 and 10, and a balanced person is when all these degrees are in balance. When contradictory qualities are present in a person, one side may operate more at certain times, but the overall effect depends on the strength of each quality.
    You can be pragmatic, but at the same time quite emotional. All pragmatic people are not ruled by the head, in fact I would say it is very unusual to find a person who is ruled by the head. Such people are calculating, and often cold and selfish. However in many pragmatic people neither the heart nor head rules. Sarkozy tends to use his heart more, but his heart does not rule. He is still a pragmatic person overall. Circumstances will dictate which of this qualities surface when.

  5. If he is shrewd he will know exactly when to be pragmatic and when to use his heart.


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