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Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

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Will Barack Obama continue in office or will Mitt Romney become America's next President? Not an easy question to answer considering that palmar lines change. The greater the time lag between the “predicted” event and the current time, the greater the chances of the lines (and with it the future) changing. 

When it comes to the impending U.S. presidential election on November 6th, the question is whether the campaign strategy of the two presidential candidates will change dramatically in the run-up to the US presidential election. Even if it does not, even if it runs the way it is planned, what if some scandalous event is brought out of the closet and this revelation ruins a candidate’s fortunes? If all this
does not happen and everything remains the same, the lines will remain the same and it becomes possible to write about the good and indifferent periods in the life of these two men. Noting the good periods can give a clue as to the outcome of the election. However, before I go on to mention the good and indifferent periods on the hands of these two men, here is something about Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney has a squarish palm and his fingers are a little long and a little thick. The head and heart lines are straightish and the fate or Saturn line is clear. The lifeline sweeps across the Venus mount which is developed, as are the Lower Mars, Jupiter and Moon mounts. The Jupiter (index) finger is curved and the most dominant finger on his hand is the Apollo (ring) finger. The thumb is good, and the fingertips are rounded except for the Jupiter finger which is conic-tipped. The second phalanges of the middle two fingers are long and the first phalanges are average of all the fingers.

Check out a hand photo of Mitt Romney here, and Obama's here. And here are more details on Barack Obama's personality.

Romney's hand shows an intelligent, stable mentality, but he is not an intellectual like Barack Obama. However, his hand shows him to be more action-oriented than Obama and he also has a better, and wider approach to important issues, and a better worldview. He is more aggressive while Barack Obama’s hands show him to be more compromising, but Romney is more idealistic, more manipulative and more stubborn. Romney’s hands show him to be a warmer, more people-oriented person, and more compassionate than Obama, but on the other hand, he can be meaner and also more cynical. Both men are straightforward and honest.

If Obama’s policies are of a socialist nature then his ideas are rooted in intellectualism or based on cold political strategy, not on any strong feelings for the underprivileged.

The good and indifferent periods in the life of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

When it comes to the life trends of these two men, I have used the Fate/Saturn lines and the Apollo/Sun lines in combination and co-related their interpretation with the state and shape of the lifeline and headline.

Mitt Romney’s fateline, starting deeply inside the lifeline shows restricted early circumstances. Although his career and finances are shown to be good overall, there is uncertainty almost throughout. The early to mid-thirties were especially good for him, but by forty (approximately) a rather indifferent period (in his own estimation) commenced. The career shows improvement before the age of fifty, but there seems to be less energy expended in the fifties, and a concentrated focus on the career seems to be lacking. Could it be a health issue or does he feel that something is missing in his life?

Now comes the tricky part. Is the line going straight up to Romney's Jupiter Mount a continuation of his heartline or is it the Fateline? Due to the poor quality of the photographs, it is difficult to be sure. In my estimation, it is the fateline although I could be wrong. If it is the Fateline and if it goes up unbroken to the Mount of Jupiter, then it means that as Mitt Romney enters his mid-fifties, the sixties, and more, he will come closer to the fulfilment of his ambition and this will be ambition of a leadership nature. This could well be the presidency because this is what Romney wants, but it could be any type of leadership position which he will be satisfied with. However, as the fateline going to the Jupiter mount is extremely rare, I am not being too hopeful.

Barack Obama's career/finances strengthen in his early thirties, but his hand shows that by the age of 49/50, he is unhappy with his career and oddly, this happens at a time when is the President of the United States of America. The personal dissatisfaction is not alleviated anytime soon, certainly not at the end of this year or next year.

What is interesting is that Obama's hand tells us that becoming the president made him unhappy with his career and his life! This is also the time when he starts to become more introspective. He starts to question himself inwardly as to whether this is what he really wants and whether he is doing the right thing. This is not the right attitude for anyone who wants to win.

As Obama grows older, into his mid-fifties, this tendency towards introspection grows (which could mean that he will write more books), and he also becomes more introverted.

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  1. So, who is going to win? :)

    I don't know anything about Mitt Romney. I think Obama has not done as much as he might have wanted to do as a President. Interference?

    Destination Infinity

  2. As to who is going to win, I cannot say but you can draw your own conclusions! :)
    And when it comes to Obama I think he listens to too many people.

  3. Who is going to win and who is better. I hope Obama does.He may not have done as much as he wanted to but he's done significant things that matter (e.g. his controversial healtcare plan which really counts).No matter the mud slinging, Obama's intentions are good. Romney is the gray area here since it's not clear from his speeches, what his real intentions are. At the moment, winning is on the top of the list.

  4. I too believe that Obama is a better person, but whether he is the better politician and more effective, I am not so sure.

  5. Arvind Kejriwal - Isnt he on ur list.
    Raghu Ram - Popular producer and judje of MTV roadies.
    Ekta Kapoor or Shobha De
    Sonia Gandhi
    Can you do their hand readings.

  6. Sure, everyone is on my list. I need decent hand photos or I do not read their hands. I have read Sonia Gandhi's hand a long time ago.

  7. Hello!
    I would like to share with all readers of this wonderful article the photo of a very good quality.

    Here is the hand of Mitt Romney in high resolution:
    I think, it will be helpful to find much more interesting information about this person.

    Sincerely, Daria.


  8. Even though the file is a heavy file it is not a high res photo. A high res photo would have shown the ridges of the hand. The area which I am very keen to see is the area just above the heart line but this is blurred. I vaguely see bars and cuts on the sun line and fate line but cannot be sure.

  9. carmen please write to me at if you want me to read your hand. Thanks.

  10. Dear Nita,

    You wrote (about Obama)"This is not the right attitude for anyone who wants to win".

    Obama appeared to have doubts about his chances, probably because the economy was not in his favour, as reflected in his muted performance in the first debate. But his desire and energy was evident throughout his campaign.

    I would be disappointed IF you had allowed your analysis to be sub-consciously influenced by the same doubts that Obama may have felt, or by popular preference for Romney as a likely stauncher and more aggressive ally of India.

    If I am not mistaken, there was a shade of expectation in your analysis that the outcome would be different from what actually happened - a resounding Obama victory over an opponent clearly now fading from any future hope of "fulfilment of his ambition" as he "enters his sixties".

  11. Justin, you write as if I know something about the campaign of Romney and Obama. In India here we get skeletal news about these people, and certainly no channel broadcasts their interviews etc. I do not anything about Romney except that he was Obama's opponent, but I wanted to know more about him from his hand. However I do know about Obama because of various feature articles about him in various magazines over the years.
    If there was a shade of expectation that Obama would lose, perhaps it was not a very conscious attitude while I wrote the post. You see, without seeing Romney's top half of the palm clearly I cannot make that judgement.


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