Sunday, November 29, 2009

Would Hillary Clinton have made a better President than Barack Obama?

President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton couldn't be more different as leaders. When the American people chose Obama they chose to take their country in a different direction than Hillary would have. I preferred Hillary and would have liked to see her as the President of the United States.

Was I right to think that she would have made the better President? I wondered what a comparison of their hands would reveal!
Hillary Clinton’s hand reading shows her to be very clear about what she wants and she would have little hesitation in taking the country in that direction. She would have made a strong President as she is more hands-on, ready to take responsibility. She is action oriented and aggressive in the pursuit of her goals. And also can take action independent of advisors.

Check out a hand of Hillary Clinton here.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are very intelligent people but what Obama lacks is Hillary’s strength of personality. He also has less of an ability (as compared to her) to stand firm in the face of opposition to his views.

To give him his due, Barack Obama is a man who readily takes advise from others. He is also quite concerned with public opinion. This can also be construed as a weakness.

Barack Obama’s greatest quality is that he has vision, like a true leader should. This is where he scores over Hillary. This does not mean that Hillary has no vision, but if we are comparing him to Hillary, then certainly Obama has more of it. He is the kind of man who inspires people with his noble ideas, and his dignity. One is not sure whether he can deliver all that he promises, but he sure can energize his team and carry diverse members along with him. Isn't that what leadership is all about? Plus he is more open, and the quality of being approachable and open can never be underestimated in a leader.

Obama’s higher cause would be “America” unlike Hillary, who would see things from a broad global perspective The interests of the world would be strong on her agenda, and she would believe that her global thinking would in fact benefit the United States in the long run. Obama’s hands show him to be a little narrow in his thinking as compared to Hillary Clinton.

The hand readings show that Hillary is a more of a “solid” person that Obama is, as she is more likely to stand firm in a crises, more likely to follow through. She also has more intellectual integrity. But does all this mean that she would have made the better President?

Hillary has weaknesses. She can be stubborn and at times egoistic and also emotional. This is a dangerous trait for any leader to have, particularly in a crises situation.

The American people have chose Obama, and I think they have made the right decision. Barack Obama is the safer bet. Hillary would have a bit unpredictable, and besides, Obama has better leadership qualities than she has. He has a strong vision for the United States and he believes in it. Hillary is more of practical type, a person who would make an excellent General but as the King she could fail to inspire or may not even fail to think like a King should. Obama is on a higher plane than her, and she is the type who would have her nose too close to the ground.

Besides, Obama's weaknesses can be counter balanced if he has a strong team with him, people with excellent organisational skills as well as doers. In fact his weaknesses can be overridden. The best thing he could have done is to have Hillary as a part of that team. Her insights and her global outlook would prove invaluable.

When it comes to Hillary’s weaknesses, it would have been difficult to counterbalance them (though not impossible), if she ever become President.

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  1. Wow! You have analysed two of America's leaders better thasn most citizens of the US. It's great to have all this stem from a reading of the hands. I'm not sure if Hillary would have been better than Barack Obama, but I know I'm glad she's on his team!

  2. Christine,thanks. Your words mean a lot to me! And me too, I am glad she is on the team!

    Jingle, thanks for visiting.

  3. Funny a woman has never been their head :)

  4. I guess we are more advanced than them in this sense!! :)

  5. Interesting comparison! I think Obama's indecisive streak is a good thing. Though I am very skeptical about any real change under him.

  6. interesting analysis Nita.. somehow American people made a right choice and lets hope Obama delivers :)

    and next one is Sourav's... I am expecting it :) :)

  7. Purpler, I guess taking no decision can be better than taking a bad decision! :)

    Kanagu, thanks. And Saurav Ganguly is as per your request and I am glad to analyse his hands! He has a controversial image and it is interesting to see what it is that makes him tick.


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