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Dr APJ Kalam’s hand reading

Dr APJ Kalam’s scientific, intellectual, academic, and philosophic bent of mind is evident in various parts of his hand and the different signs show that Dr Kalam has the character of an intellectual, and he is a person with an investigative mindset, superior analytical ability, and great organisation of thought.

Thinking comes naturally to these people; almost akin to breathing. They will usually plan and think about everything they do. However,
Dr APJ Kalam photo
if one had to encapsulate Dr Kalam's personality in a few words, it would be idealistic and principled to a fault.

Dr Kalam has a long hand, a long palm and long fingers with long first phalanges, which are also slim, knotted, and waisted. And all the fingers are either conic-tipped or pointed. The heart and head lines are long, and the latter slopes downward into the Moon mount, which is quite developed. Venus and Jupiter mounts are also developed. The Upper Mars mount is also good, though not as developed as the others. In comparison, Lower Mars is less developed. The lines on his hand are dark and clear. The thumb is good, with a strong first phalange, although it is also supple and held close to his hand.

All this shows how a mentally strong person, a person who will not bend to anyone's will; someone who can hold his ground and has leadership qualities. It also shows idealism and this is the main personality characteristic which will colour all his actions. He is not the kind to compromise his ideals.

Check out a photo of his hand here.

In addition to idealism, he is prone to impressionability and some impulsivity and could get carried away by great and noble ideas. He is something of a dreamer, a person who wants a world to be “ideal,” but he is not weak by any means. He may not be aggressive but can dig his heels in and can be very strong-willed. His hand and thumb show a complete lack of materialism, a deep generosity and compassion for the underprivileged.

People like Dr Kalam are not easy to get along with because they tend to stick to abstract principles come hell or high water. Nothing can move them, certainly not the lure of the lucre. In addition, Dr Kalam can be quite strong-headed, wilful and determined and not easy to persuade.

After seeing his hand I quite believe that he was ready to appoint Sonia Gandhi as the Prime Minister in 2004 (however much he hated the idea) if she had staked a claim because as he has said he would not do anything to destroy the sanctity of the constitution. If Dr Kalam did not reveal this important fact at a time when there was a strong rumour that he had actually stopped Sonia from becoming PM, the explanation lies in his hands. Dr Kalam's hands show him to be a very secretive, closed, shrewd and even a manipulative person! He is also a deep planner and thinker, and quite likely had sound reasons for the secrecy.

We may or may not believe that Sonia Gandhi wanted to be Prime Minister (she proposed Dr Manmohan Singh’s name when it came to the crunch), and Dr Kalam said he was surprised at this turn of events because he had expected that she would stake the claim herself. I have my doubts about this. Dr Kalam is the kind of person who would be opposed to Sonia becoming the PM as strongly as he would be opposed to fiddling around with the Indian Constitution, and therefore being extremely shrewd, it is almost certain that he would have hinted (either to her directly or through one of her cronies) that he could possibly reject her candidature. Dr Kalam’s hands show him to be quite shrewd and he knows how to handle people.

{Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is a famous Indian scientist who was the 11th President of India} 

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  1. can u do mohammad ali and sylvester stallone hand please?

  2. The charisma he portrayed, being a President in India was beyond our expectations. We knew that he was a good executive and all that, but he handled the role of being the first citizen very well. I am definitely inspired by him. Nita, have you read his autobiography? I am yet to read it! Thanks for reminding...

    Destination Infinity

  3. Samir, I shall look out for their hand pictures.
    DI, looking at his hand is certainly aspiring. It is not just his intellect, but his ideas that are so inspiring. I think he is the only person in politics who is as good as any of the founding fathers of this nation. Sonia Gandhi I am sure is afraid of him.

  4. carmen please write to me at if you want me to read your hand. Thanks.


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