Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vladimir Putin's hands give us a glimpse into his personality

Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia who is now back as the President, is a man of action. His hands show that he is an impatient man who wants results, not talk. The only profession he is suited to is a managerial one, where he manages not just people, but events and changes. According to his hands, he was certainly the right man to oversee the massive changes that Russia went through as he took over the reins as the President of Russia in 1999.

There has been some criticism about his methods, with many believing that he is fascist, and there are fears that he might go back to some of the old ways. Once we interpret his hands we can find out if this criticism is justified. Not only is Putin a doer, he is a
quick thinker with a broad perspective of the world, quite clear from the overall shape of his hand and fingers. And most important, he has a strong vision for his country and is very patriotic (Jupiter finger, mount, and phalanges). He certainly does not want to take Russia back in time. However he is not a true visionary but could have been if it wasn't for some ingrained shortcomings. Check out a photo of his hand here.

His cautiousness and conservatism when it comes to his ideas and their implementation is a character weakness (finger position). Even though he wants action when it comes to implementation of his ideas, his ideas on the conservative side. He is not an independent or revolutionary thinker.

And then his thumb and the overall consistency of his hand tells us that he is a stubborn man who can be quite unreasonable. He has strong pride which can even be considered ego, (Jupiter finger) and this makes it difficult for him to compromise. Most of the time he refuses to change because he thinks he is being more practical. There was a time when he would have found it difficult to see another point of view but his hands show that he has softened (quadrangle, widening Mount of Venus, Head Line). He has become more people oriented than he was earlier and more open to ideas which he initially believed were impractical.

Good leader
He is an excellent political leader, not just because he has the interest of his country at heart, he genuinely cares for his people and is also a very able man.

His Mercury Mount and Finger is strong on his hand, and that combined with the consistency of the hand and Lifeline, tells us that Putin is mentally and physically active, skilful, and intuitive. His mind is sharp, and he is expressive to the point of being eloquent. The thumb does show a lack of tact, but his Mercury finger shows a fine diplomacy which he puts to use when required. He is very shrewd and has the ability to judge human nature. All qualities necessary in a political head.

Soft side
He is mentally tough (Mounts of Mars, thumb) but despite this and some other “hard” traits there is a sensitive side to Putin that not many know about. He is very sensitive to his surroundings and is a refined person (sensitive pads, hand texture.) This is what can save him from being bull-headed.

Other qualities
His finger phalanges show that he is not a spender, and is in fact quite stingy and/or economical. He does not hanker after status symbols.

His Mount of Moon is strong, and in combination with his Head Line it shows a good imagination. It also shows that he is a restless man and can be diffident at times.

Overall his hand tells us that he is good for Russia although he cannot be considered a world leader.

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  1. I do not know much about him, but whatever little I have seen of him and heard, makes me respect him.

  2. True, he has a good image in India. I too have respect for him, but somehow don't trust him entirely. However there was nothing shady as such in his hand.

  3. I find the most unusual thing about his hand is the extraordinary length of his Mercury finger. He is a talker- and his childish pride is dangerous. Love your site!


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