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Roger Federer's hand analysis

Roger Federer is an enigmatic personality for many. His hands can give us a clue as to what kind of a person he really is. By nature, he tends to be complex; a person who seems calm and controlled to the world, but is he really like that on the inside? Skilful and talented he surely is but, in reality, he is vulnerable and soft inside.

Roger Federer has a broad palm, with either medium length or slightly long fingers, a slightly high-set, tapering thumb of average length, long first phalanges, average second phalanges, and prominent mounts of Moon, Venus and Lower Mars.

His lines are not quite
straight and are long. Upper Mars seems underdeveloped and his lines are not quite straight or even, the heartline being distinctly curved and overall the lines are long and at least two of his fingers are curved – the middle and index finger. There is a mix of square and conic tips and the lower phalanges of his fingers are mostly short and thin.

You can check out a hand photo of Roger's, here.

His handshape is a good one, showing balance or personality and that is probably why he has been able to function so well and control any extreme traits. His breadth of vision, balanced mind, common sense, thoughtfulness and reasonableness, all have helped keep him on the straight and narrow path.

A person is but a mix of various traits and if personality traits balance each other out it works out fine. If not, there can be trouble.

Roger Federer has a few personality weaknesses. While he is prudent, cautious and dependable, he can be altogether too serious, often becoming cynical. He was always the serious sort (born such) but this tendency has intensified over the years and this must be because he took to professional tennis at a very young age. This must have deprived him of the carefree life that many teenagers have. Being very serious and focused is an excellent trait, but it can be taken to an extreme. Not that Federer cannot enjoy himself. His hand shows balance and besides, he has a great partner, Mirka, who is a support to him.

His inner mental strength is limited and this means that he can suffer from anguish and self-doubt, become disheartened, and can find it a little hard to hold up emotionally during bad times. This means that he may not put in enough effort at all times in his life. No one likes to lose, but Federer takes it worse than most. He may not always show it, but he feels very upset when he loses and often directs his anger at himself. This trait does not combine well with the seriousness in his disposition, because it makes him see situations (and also himself) in a far worse light than is actually the case. In other words, he can lose perspective and cynicism, defeatism, and even bitterness, can take over.

He has good discipline and control and can get into the details, plan and analyse, although he is not interested in the mundane part of life which means daily living chores for example. When it comes to his work, he would have a systematic approach, wanting to take care of all loose ends, study and analyse, and ensure that he does not overlook anything.

Federer is a pretty shrewd guy and can be tactful and persuasive. Dependable and reliable, his hand shows talent and a high level of skill. His physical skill is to a large extent dependent on his mental skill, because of the way he thinks and plans. If he has been successful it is not just because of his hard work and skill, but also the way he thinks and also the enormous discipline and focus that he has.

He is a good human being, even if he is cynical. He does not seek money, but he does seek fame and name. Excellence matters a great deal as does winning. That is what makes Roger Federer who he is. He is not interested in showing off his wealth and is least interested in status symbols. If required he can lead a simple life. He is not stingy at all and is, in fact, a warm, passionate person who likes people. He is not stubborn although he can be a little inflexible at times.

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  1. im so happy you did his hand! yay! thanks. xx

  2. You are welcome A. I almost forgot, yeah, you had asked me to read the hand of your favorite tennis star some weeks ago. :)

  3. ya we know losing can hurt him..last year Oz open comes to my mind..he cried after losing :)

  4. And well, now you know why! :) Actually I didn't know this about him as I am not a follower of tennis. All I knew is that he is robot like and I was pretty surprised to see his hand! I even hesitated to write about it, thinking people will think I am wrong! :) But his temper and vulnerability are etched clearly on his hand, and so is the discipline and control that he keeps himself under.

  5. thats clearly says why he gets emotional when he loses a final.. I have never seen a guy crying after losing a match.. but tis man did...

    and the most balanced thing.. can't disagree.. his tennis shots speaks for that.. :) :)

    can you please analyze Raefel Nadal or Pete Sampras hands??? they are my favorites... I am more curious about nadal due to his never give up attitude...

  6. kanagu, yeah it's a mixture of frustration and anger, the reason why he breaks down! It is almost eeyrie, to get inside the mind of a person! And Nadal or Sampras? Ofcourse.

  7. Nita hello!Can you please analise roger federer and his wife Mirka hands as you did for Mirza and Malik.I liked it. I can send you photos

  8. Anonymous, no problem at all. I haven't looked for his wife's photos on the net, but if you have some then do send them.

  9. if he has anger then why does it come out as tears when he looses?

    Also do all successful sports persons have big lower phalanges as that shows extraordinary discipline and control?

  10. Anonymous, that's a difficult question for me to answer, about his tears. My guess is that he is too refined a person to scream and shout. Disciplined people (in terms of control over their physical self),generally have underdeveloped third phalanges and this particularly applies to the Jupiter phalange. However other signs need to collaborate this reading.

  11. Who would you say is more talented/skilled between Federer and Nadal? Federer looks more natural/free-flowing to me with varied patterns of play.

  12. Federer is clearly the more talented, but that is my personal opinion. It is very difficult to look at the hand and specify the degree of talent because talent comprises many things, not just the physical and mental ability. Stamina, character, temperament and natural health all play an important part.


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