Friday, December 4, 2009

Tiger Woods hands reveal why he was unfaithful to his wife

The world is talking about star golfer Tiger Woods' infidelity, wondering why he was so bent on destroying his idyllic life by having one affair after another. What do his hands reveal? Do they explain the mystery of why he sabotaged his marriage and career?

I don't go by the idea that infidelity is "normal" for stars. Infidelity is an individual thing. When a person cheats on one's partner, it shows certain aspects of his/her character, whether he is a star or whether he is a person on the street. Rich people, however, do seem to get more opportunities.

When it comes to infidelity there are certain factors which come into play. Firstly one’s values, secondly one’s sex drive, thirdly one’s self-control and fourthly whether one is selfish and self-serving, and lastly one’s love for one’s spouse - not necessarily in that order. Oh yes, there is also one more thing. Anyone who betrays his partner and is not in an "open" marriage, will find it difficult to keep it a secret. People who can manage to do so are capable of being fairly devious. Honest and straightforward people would find it tough difficult to keep their infidelity a secret from the person they live with, a person whom they possibly love.

Where does Tiger Woods stand on these qualities? What do his hands tell us?

His thumb and his headline shows that
Tiger has more than the average amount of willpower. Successful people generally have at least an average amount of willpower, and Tiger Woods has more than that, which is not surprising, given the scale of his success and his achievement. However, a strong will can be used for both good and bad. So by itself will power tells us nothing much.

He has a fleshy hand, with a highly developed Moon and Venus, and strong, curved, balanced lines, and a few bent fingers and possibly a high-set thumb.

You can check out his hand photograph here.

Not heartless
Tiger is not heartless and this is clear from the shape of his hand, his heart line and also the height and width of his Mount of Venus. Venus does not show just sexual passion as many people believe, it also shows warmth and compassion, which he has.

Then surely Tiger must be the kind who does not hold store by the idea of fidelity and marriage? Actually, this may not be so either...although there are indications to this effect I am not sure of this aspect. So where does his weakness lie?

Impressionable, and more
His weakness likes in his impressionability, impossible idealism and love of beauty. This is staring out at us from the tip of his thumb, which so conic to be almost pointed. The thumb also bends back, and this is an additional weakness, taking away control and adding impulsiveness. These signs mean that he can be carried away.

These signs would mean less on a long and/or conic tipped hand, but Tiger’s hand is not like that. As I have mentioned earlier, each sign has to be read in conjunction with the shape of the hand as well as other signs. A conic thumb on a hand such as his is unusual, and therefore it enhances its reading. It is this sign which is his Achilles Heel.

There is another thing too. Tiger’s hand shows a high sex drive. This is a very poor combination with the thumb qualities described above.

The placement of Tiger’s fingers and thumb reveal more about him. They tell us that he is highly individualistic, controlling and independent...and very secretive, which means that he likes to do exactly what he wants and will ensure that he keeps it close to himself. There is an element of not being careful enough about the future, the consequences. And a tendency to be selfish.

Tiger's fingers show that he can manipulate and he probably does it through sweet talk and diplomacy. Charm he will surely have.

(The sketch is made by me on photoshop)

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  1. Suppose you didn't know that Tiger Woods had had an affair, could you predict it?

  2. I would have said that this person could been drawn or tempted but whether he actually would I could not say. If I had to give him his hand reading in private I would warn him to beware of this. Hrithik's hand has a sign such as this, but his thumb is not so conic, Hrithik is not so sensual or with a such a high sex drive. Hrithik would therefore be more mentally swayed, while Tiger Woods would be swayed because of the physical thing.

  3. I guess when you are a celeb, your person characteristics are judged...and well second fellow from that gillete ad in trouble :P who's next I wonder

  4. yeah thats the price you pay for fame! Look at all the famous people I have analysed on this blog! Their private selves are on display here!

  5. Simply Awesome! It is a rare gift which you have honed to perfection. I wish you all the success in the world dear schoolmate!!

  6. Thanks for this fascinating analysis. I certainly hope he is thical enough to truly regret the damage he has done to the bond of trust between him and his wife, and make the required changes so he can establish that bond with her again.

  7. I think he does have good intentions, but the question is for how long.

  8. Thats interesting !!I am really impressed that you could analyse soo well from the pic here...

    when would we girls have a chance of letting our palm read ? ;)

  9. Thanks. And I am starting from January! :)

  10. hiya! what a great blog you have here!! so talented :)
    how would you consider reading Robert Pattinson's hands for us? :D


  11. Hullo there dunya. Thanks. :)
    And yeah sure can read Pattinson's hands. When I read your comment I drew a blank on his name but then I searched to see if I could get photographs of his hand on the internet. And I did found a few, not too many, but I am sure there are more as he seems to be a real hot star! It would be interesting to read his hand, and I will give it a shot!

  12. in tigers case also the heart line ends up below saturn finger making him shelfish i think

  13. As I mentioned in my answer to your previous comment, the heartline ending on or under saturn does not mean selfish. Character traits are seen on different parts of the hand, and several signs need to be examined before one can come to a conclusion. The traits are enhanced or reduced by different signs.
    Also, no one sign can be used to dub a person selfish.
    In any case the Heartline refers to a person's affections, and his emotional life, and thus selfishness as a character trait in general cannot be seen on the heartline.
    Yes, at times coldness can be seen on the heartline, if the line is very thin, weak and short (not reaching even the bottom of the saturn mount) but this has to be confirmed by the shape and size of the other mounts, particularly Venus, Mars and Jupiter.
    And most important, on Tiger Woods hand the heartline is strong, sweeping up in a curve to a place inbetween the first two fingers. It is not ending on Saturn.


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