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Satyajit Ray, the personality

Director silhouetteConsidering that Satyajit Ray is such a legendary film/movie director, there isn’t too much information about his personality on the internet. There is a lot written about his achievements. Ray was more than just a filmmaker – he was a writer, music composer, calligrapher, artist and film critic. Yet, not many of us know who Satyajit Ray was as a human being. Perhaps his hands can give us some clues.

It wasn’t surprising to find a long, fine and curved headline ending on the Moon mount on Ray's hands, the hallmark of a creative mind. Such headlines show intelligence and imagination. The headline, however,
does not dive deep into the moon mount (a plunging line referred to as the Persephone headline). The main lines of life, head and heart on Satyajit Ray's hands are clear and balanced with each other in length and strength. The lifeline appears to start on the mount of Jupiter and separates from the headline a little late. The mount of Moon on Ray’s hand is well developed and the other developed mounts are Venus and Jupiter and Lower Mars. Ray had long fingers on a large, broad palm. His fingers, though long, are not thin and some of his third phalanges are developed too. The top phalanges of his Saturn and Jupiter fingers are a little bent and this is so on the left, passive hand as well. His hand shape is what can be classified as the Thinking Type.

You can check out his hand photo here.

Satyajit Ray was a thinker, with a strong sense of the physical. He worked instinctively but was a practical thinker, forming ideas into patterns (not abstract ones). He had a clear sense of reality and there would be a tendency to be non-conformist. At times perhaps he could try too hard to be objective and reasonable. His hand shows a distinctive cynicism, an inherited quality. This attitude must have influenced his work.

He was humble at heart. And he was compassionate, felt deep sympathy for the underdog and was the kind who would want to go out of his way to help others even if they were not close to him.

Though he was a practical thinker, the world of imagination was an integral part of who Satyajit Ray was. This would have lifted him above any kind of materialism. Although he liked his comforts, he was not in the least suited for the commercial world.

He is likely to have been shy and cautious, more so in his younger days. However, despite this, his hand shows an assertive, ambitious, and striving nature – from a young age. He was not the type to waste any time idling. Not much information is available about his childhood but I have no doubt that he must have spent his time developing his skills in some manner.

Satyajit Ray's hand does not have a prominent Sunline/Apollo line but he did attain worldwide fame. This just goes to show that Sunline does not necessarily show fame and renown. Another palmistry myth busted!

Restlessness is shown in his personality as is moodiness. No doubt there he had a tendency to delve deep into himself and this was perhaps one of the reasons that at heart he was a solitary man, a loner. If his health had permitted and Ray had lived into his nineties he would have probably become a recluse although he would have continued to work till the end.

(The silhouette above is a free one from Pixabay)

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  1. Hi, Nita there is one sign of palmistry which is confusing me. Girdle of venus what is it supposed to mean can you explain its significance and make a post about it like you made about the marriage lines.

    1. Basically the girdle of venus functions like a double heartline. Whether it is a good thing to have a girdle of venus or a bad thing depends on the quality of the girdle of venus and the other aspects of the hand. Making a separate post on it will be a little difficult because there is no one meaning to the girdle of venus. This is one sign which has to be read in the context of the hand. And if I write that if you have such and such a type of hand (with a brief description) then the girdle of venus means this (if the girdle is shaped in such and such a way and if it has this depth and clarity and whether it is broken or not) then it can become very confusing. And it can make people reach wrong conclusions unless I write it in a very detailed manner. Very often people mistake a horizontal bars above the heartline for a girdle of venus but that is another matter. So right now I am avoiding writing a separate post on the girdle of venus.

  2. Excellent reading. I actually did my bachelor's thesis on the Art Cinema of India so I am well acquainted with Satyajit Ray and his legendary works. Please do a reading of Bruce Willis if you get the opportunity.

  3. Thanks Aspiring Palmist. About Bruce Willis, he is on my list. Either you or someone else suggested his name earlier.

    1. Yes it was me. I look forward to the reading. :)

    2. Hello Aspiring Palmist. Just wanted to tell you that Bruce Willis is left-handed and I could not find suitable pictures of his left hand to do the reading. One can do a reading with limited hand photos if there is a distinguishing feature on the hand that can be talked about but in Bruce Willis's case I did not find any so it is unlikely that I will do the reading. Unless you can find several good photos of his left hand.


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