Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alejandro Jodorowsky's hands show his genius

Reading the hands of exceptional and brilliant people makes my heart skip a beat. I may not be lucky enough to meet these geniuses in real life, but I am privileged to be able to delve into their minds. In a way it is more gratifying than meeting and shaking their hands.

Alejandro Jodorowsky is a well known Chilean film-maker who is also known as a spiritual guru. I had not heard of him until a reader requested me to read his hands. Unfortunately, with so few photographs of his hands available on the internet this proved to be a difficult task. However, I was persuaded to read with whatever little I had. This is a brief reading.

The most striking aspect of Jodorowsky’s hands are his strong
Mounts of Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. These tell us of his exceptional creative ability, fantastic imagination (collaborated by his headline), quickness, mental agility, and a high degree of intelligence (collaborated by his headline), musical ability, deep passion, love, and ambition. These are just some of the qualities I can see on his hand and I am sure there are more. If there is anything negative that I saw, it was his dark, almost fearsome imagination. This is likely to have given him sleepless nights and inner demons to fight.

Check out some hand photographs of his here and here.

The key to whether a person wrecks his life or takes it to great heights can be found in the hand. The headline and the thumb are the main signs that reveal the direction of the life, with the thumb being the most important indicator. The headline tells us of the kind of mind the person possesses and the thumb tells us how strong the will is and the direction it will take the person.

Jodorowsky’s thumb, which is much longer than normal with a long will phalange, is also low-set, and this reveals a very powerful personality which will work to help others. A person with such a thumb will achieve much, and make use of his talent, however scanty it is. In his case, the talent is not scanty. People with such thumbs have a direction in their life, they have a mission. They are driven, and this need to achieve is not based on amassing wealth. It is based on helping others. This is the main sign that distinguishes successful folk from spiritual leaders. Capability and hard work may make a man successful but few people have the bent of mind which turn them into spiritual icons.

Jodorowsky’s thumb also shows executive ability, collaborated by the shape of his fingers.

I was asked whether Jodorowsky deserves to be a “guru,” or whether he is just a “clever businessman.” Well, I could not ascertain whether he has a materialistic streak as clear photographs of his hand were not available. Nor do I have evidence of his "wisdom" although there is evidence of his altruism. What is not in doubt is his genius.

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  1. please log on to and read chapter 2 & 3 and one hand singn ! tell something about it nita !

  2. Anonymous, I do not know which hand you want me to read. You need to give me the name of the person and if the photos are available on the net, I will surely do so. I need several photos of a hand from different angles to give an accurate reading.

  3. I am asking in general, as i think of u to be very good at this,analyzing personalaties ...what do you think of people who are innocent . Does it have anything to do with intelligence, is it, they lack it Or just i would like to know what other traits that are likely be found in a innocent person.

  4. That is a very interesting question Anonymous. In fact I have been thinking of this for some time. My conclusion is that however "bad" or "corrupt" or "greedy" or "evil" the thinking of a person, it does not mean that he/she will actually do a bad thing/action. On the other hand however "good" or "saintly" or "truthful" or "honest" a person is, it does not mean he/she will never do a bad thing. This is the very basic of human psychology. The reason why seemingly good and honest people do bad things! That is why you will not always find "bad" traits in someone who does bad things and conversely you could find some "bad" traits is someone who is living a good exemplary life! Strange isn't it. What it boils down to is will-power and control.
    Take a simple issue of infidelity. A person will high sex drive is not "bad" but if he has only average will-power he will succumb to infidelity. On the other hand a person with very a very low sex drive may not be unfaithful to his partner, but that does not mean that he loves his partner more.
    Human behaviour is very complicated. Finally it depends on how much self-control he/she has and what are the values of the society he/she is living in.

  5. oops i find it a little confusing!! if a person who is "bad" ( the one who thinks bad but doesnt act on it as he has a strong will power) ,firstly it is difficult to imagine a person like him as why he wont act on it , if he has bad intentions he will always try to act on them without getting caught..that is what his focus will be , no matter what is the level of his will.
    For example an ambitious businessman who really wants to achieve, and doesnt care abt the means to his end, he is a strong willed person but someone who will most likely do wrong thing. as the only thing that matters to him is his win .
    However if he uses his will along to stop himself from doing anywrong and achieve his dreams in every right manner possible, than hes actually a good person.
    Im sorry im not being able to explain myself clearly but i think i have given you a hint of what im trying to say.

  6. That is because you are seeing people as black and white. That is precisely why I had put the terms "bad" and "good" inverted commas. There are hardly any purely bad people or good people although there are bad actions and good actions.

    If someone like a businessman is not tempted to take advantage of a few loopholes then he is certainly an exception and frankly in India his business would have closed down. I personally know people who came from the US with high intentions of never giving a bribe and it was when their business was almost closed down after 3 years, they started paying a bribe. This does not make them bad people.
    And for a person who wants to win, it is a great quality! But wanting to win at any cost means that this person will not exert his will power at all. Perhaps you are talking of people without a conscience. These are psychotic people and very few people are like that.
    I am sorry I cannot explain it further. The crux of the matter is that people are not black and white.


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