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Omar Abdullah's hand reading

Omar Abdullah portrait
Omar Abdullah's political inheritance catapulted him into the Chief Minister's chair in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. When one comes from an eminent political family the person’s suitability for the job is rarely questioned. But a study of the hand can invariably reveal the truth about the personality of this political scion.

Perhaps Omar Abdullah would have done well in a country with less politics in politics, Britain for instance. The way he is, he will find it tough
going in Indian politics, let alone finding it easy being the head of state of troubled Jammu and Kashmir which requires an experienced and canny politician.

Omar has a large palm, shortish fingers, and the Jupiter (index) finger on his hand is a little bent and could be a little short as well. Its tip is conic as is the tip of the Mercury (little) finger. The length of the Mercury finger is below average, and the Apollo (ring) finger is dominant. The developed mounts are the Moon mount and the Jupiter mount, though not too heavily.

This means that he has a great desire for renown and the limelight but he may not have the qualities that it takes to get there. For example, he falls short when it comes to the ability to judge human nature, mental agility, and shrewdness. Omar Abdullah can be too trusting, almost to the point of naïveté, at least when he started out in politics. He can take things at face value, even now. Omar is fairly eloquent though but this becomes less significant without other qualities to back it up. Add to this an inherent shyness and diffidence which means that the combination of these qualities can come in the way of success. 

According to his hand, Omar has a slight deficiency on several fronts: high self-esteem and a savvy, shrewd personality. He does have a strong belief system (could be religion or country) but this is not enough.

Not surprisingly his father Farooq Abdullah (who was the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir) does not have his son's weaknesses, at least not the way he is today.  

One can say that Omar Abdullah is not really suited for a political career. Rajiv Gandhi also possessed a shy, diffident nature, but Rajiv had other qualities that managed to override these personality characteristics. Sure, Omar is ambitious, but he may not be ready or capable to take upon his shoulders the responsibility that comes with it. So this hand belongs to a person who wants success and fame quite badly but does not possess an equally strong ability to reach where he wants to. At least Omar was born into a famous political family so he had a stepping stone, a golden one at that. But even then he couldn't have really made it. These kinds of hands are fairly common in average people which is why they do not achieve the fame and success they desire.

Omar has a good imagination, which is negative at times and is restless, as well as changeable and sensitive.

He does possess some leadership qualities, with the ability to direct others but his lack of boldness and inner self-confidence would interfere with the leadership ability. Also, his desire for wealth and fame is out of balance in his character which could lead him to take unnecessary risks.

What does his hand show he is good at? Well, his hand shows that he is a smart man with a better-than-average business/marketing ability. He understands money as well and could possibly have some trading ability.

Overall his hand shows that he is a decent person and probably has good intentions, but the truth is that politics is not really in his blood. 

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  1. 'honest' is a word is rarely used to describe politicians in our country, right?

  2. heh heh, right! But then is that enough of a qualification to become one?


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