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Rajiv Gandhi's hands show that he was shy

Rajiv Gandhi’s hands show some qualities of a leader, but they also show that he lacked boldness, independence and self-confidence. Cautiousness, sensitiveness and diffidence were a part of him. He inherited a shy nature (shown by the left hand which in his case is the dormant hand) which was enhanced due to his environment.

It is generally believed that he had charisma. He was certainly good-looking but he was too shy a man possess charisma, at least in
his younger days. The word charisma is often used loosely and here is what the word actually means:
A rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm...personal magnetism or charm
A lot of Rajiv's "popular" support happened due to his family name. Without the Gandhi name he would not have been so popular. Charisma is a rare personality trait and very few politicians have it. Mahatma Gandhi had it.

You can check out a hand photograph of his here.

rajiv gandhi sketch
As Rajiv entered his thirties, his shyness lifted a little and it is likely that a quiet charm (not charisma) would have come to the fore. His hand shows him to be a sweet and kind man and these qualities would have given him a pleasant persona. If he had lived beyond the age of 50, he would have conquered his shyness to a large extent. This is evident from the way the life line (which is tied tightly to his headline at the beginning) starts to move outwards as he nears middle age and then sweeps across the Mount of Venus in a wide curve. He had already started reaching out to people, something which his political job forced him to do. His wife's (Sonia Gandhi) support would have helped. Her hands show her to be a strong woman with an inner confidence and that would have given Rajiv the support he needed.

Rajiv was not weak. His thumb shows strong willpower and determination, and also a stubbornness which would have enabled him to do anything he set his mind to. He may not have been born with the personality of a politician, but he could have become a good one.

Another one of his strong character traits was his pragmatism, evident in the shape of his hand and fingers. He was no intellectual, and his ideas were far from esoteric. He liked to do things which were useful and practical and his policies would have reflected reality.

On the personal level, Rajiv's hand shows him to be brooding and introspective. The development of the Lower Mount of Moon and the Mount of Saturn on his hand are signs present on his grandfather’s (Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru) hand as well and could perhaps have been inherited from him. However Nehru did not possess Rajiv’s diffidence and shyness.

Rajiv Gandhi’s Mercury finger shows a trusting nature, bordering on naiveté. He also possessed a humanitarian outlook and had compassion for the underdog. The position/setting of his headline and thumb tell us that he was understanding and kind. He was also very refined and genteel.

Rajiv and Rahul
Rahul Gandhi has some of Rajiv’s pragmatism and some of his shyness as well. However, Rahul is not hindered by the intense shyness and diffidence that troubled Rajiv Gandhi in his younger days. There have been accusations that Rahul does not have the charisma of his father Rajiv. Rahul is certainly less shy and more confident than his father, but it is difficult to say whether Rahul has less or more charisma. What Rahul lacks is Rajiv’s strong will and determination (although Rahul is more aggressive), although he has more inner  strength than his father Rajiv. Strong determination and will are part and parcel of a person's charisma, and that is where Rahul loses out.

(Note: The sketch of his hand has been made by me on photoshop.)

(Rajiv Gandhi was ex-Prime Minister of India who entered politics when his  mother Indira Gandhi was assassinated when she was Prime Minister. Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated at the age of 46.)

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  1. Rajiv Gandhi and politics - definitely a mismatch. However, once in the thick of things, he tried to do his job as best as he could, given his shy personality. His story is a little like Micheal Corleone in 'The Godfather' who initially moves away to escape the family legacy but has to return to be part of it.What I find interesting is how people usually adjust to any career even though they are not really suited to it and may even excel despite the mismatch. However, by the same token, would people who love doing what they are doing reach greater heights than if they had been doing something that they're not suited to? Definitely YES.Had Rajiv been doing something that suited his personality, his shyness or lack of charisma would not have been part of the equation. I wish more people would try to find careers that match their passion for doing something. Unfortunately, in today's rat race, it's not very common.

  2. Thanks Padmini for that insightful comment. It is sad about Rajiv because I am quite sure he did not enjoy being in the public eye. Successful politicians usually have a need for attention and glory and this means that they enjoy their jobs for the power and attention. Rajiv was a private person and therefore for him this was just a job that he had to do. However he didn't have to tried hard to get to the top. He was handed the top job on a plate even though he was not experienced in politics. I guess for him success came easy.

  3. I wonder if we choose our leaders just for the name..who are the next gen. of politicians in this country?

  4. Rahul I guess! Or perhaps Priyanka. Or perhaps the sons and daughters of other prominent politicians. In our country even our public votes because of the name, not merit. So that is why the system perpetuates itself.

    1. Does Rajiv's palm show an assasination and abrupt end to his life?

      Also, it would be good to see an analysis of Akhilesh Yadav's hand since youve done for other dynastic heirs like Rahul, Vaerun too.

  5. Smita, I am a hundred percent sure that Rajiv's palm shows the danger to his life at the point. I am sure of it even though I have not seen his hand, because I have that much faith in hand reading. His hand photos are very few on the net.
    When it comes to Akhilesh Yadav, there are some good pictures of his hand on the net. Let me see when I can do his hand.


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