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Why Sonam Kapoor did not make it to the top in Bollywood

Out of the 19-20 movies that Sonam Kapoor has been in, only about 4-5 have been hits, according to Box Office India. She is not considered a super successful actor. She didn't make it to the A-list. But her hands show that she has the ability, the talent.

Does this mean that Sonam is an underrated actor? If this is so, what went wrong? Why did she not climb to the pinnacle that she rightly should have? Read on and you will find out why. Her hands give us some of the answers.

Sonam has long fingers, including a long thumb and a particularly long Mercury (little) finger, all with tapering tips and long second and third phalanges and average first phalanges. The second phalange of the thumb is broad and there is a gap between the head and lifelines at the start. The Moon mount is developed. The palm is longish and the heartline is curved, going in-between her first two fingers. The headline is wavy and darker and higher in the beginning. On the left passive hand (Sonam is right-handed) her heartline and headline are both straightish.

Sonam Kapoor at Jio Mami Mumbai film festival’s word to screen market (06) (cropped)
You can check out a hand photo of hers here.

This hand reveals a personality who feels deeply and yet suppresses her true emotions and prefers to avoid emotional confrontation. She is known to be outspoken but that's because she is a person who feels more than she thinks. Her complex emotions are likely to lead to difficulty in understanding herself.

Sonam tends to be intuitive and would tend to make decisions based on her feelings at the time. Unfortunately, this could result in her saying and doing things without thinking them through. For Sonam, feelings are very important, and thus her thought process may not seem logical to the outside world.

Ambition is not an intrinsic part of her character although her hand shows ambition in the earlier part of her life. This ambition is likely to wane as she grows older. This means that she lacks consistent focus in one direction.  

She can also be self-indulgent, likes the good life and prefers to avoid regimen. Yet she has willpower and thus there isn’t really anything that she can't do if she sets her mind to it if she is motivated enough.

The journey of life is more important to her than getting to a fixed and ultimate goal. This could lead to more happiness in the long run.

The emotionalism would affect her love nature too. She is likely to be demonstrative and giving and would be able to express her emotions readily. This is a great quality for an actor if discipline, ambition and focus also go along with it. Her hand shows emotive/acting talent which is far above average. Perhaps getting into the skin of another character could also be a release for her own deep emotions.

Even though she is armed with talent and willpower, the question remains of how committed she is. And then there is the question of whether she would be happy in this big bad world of Bollywood. She may be bold but is not pushy nor aggressive and definitely not manipulative. These are the very qualities which catapult people to great success.

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  1. Cool. For all this nepotism talk, what can you say about someone truly endowed with the gift of acting?

    1. Success is not about talent only and this applies to all fields. One has to have other qualities to be successful. For example take Kareena Kapoor. In my opinion she started out with far less talent than Sonam but she has other qualities like drive and ambition and focus and this improves one's natural abillities. Today she is probably a better actor than Sonam Kapoor. Nepotism can get you a break but after that it is up to the individual, at least in an unpredictable field like acting.

  2. I have always found that she has massive potential which is also evident from your reading. I'm not sure if I'm confusing this with Saif Ali Khan's daughter but I think Sonam Kapoor also used to be obese (self-induldgent with food) before her entry into acting.

    "She may be bold but is not pushy nor aggressive and definitely not manipulative. These are the very qualities which catapult people to great success."

    ^Are these qualities which helped Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra achieve success?

    1. Regarding your question about Sonam Kapoor, I didn't realise she was a good actor until I read her hands. I thought of her below average. That is the general perception here amongst people. I like to always reveal something that people do not know about the person I read, and I was happy to have found something like that on her hands. No idea about her weight issues. I am not too much into Bollywood movies but i have a poor opinion of the acting skills of most of the sons and daughters of famous actors, except Karina and of course, Ranbir.

  3. That was a general statement, not specifically directed towards anyone in particular. It is not just about acting success but success in all fields. I cannot say that the two actors you mentioned became successful because of these qualities because it depends on a mix of traits and also the intensity of them. I will have to study their hands again. :) But as both Kangana and Priyanka are talented but from non-filmy families, I am quite sure that hard work, ambition and drive played a huge, if not all part in their success. As we know Bollywood and nepotism go together and these two ladies made it on their own.

    1. Very nicely put, Nita. Can you read the palm of former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif within this year? I really want to know why he has never completed a term in office as PM.

    2. Should be possible. Will add him to the list of hands to do.

  4. Hi Nita, i know it would be too much, but could please publish a palmistry of tennis player novak djkovic, i would love to know about him...

    1. Hi Ananth. It wouldn't be too much at all. I take suggestions from readers all the time. In fact the majority of my posts are from such suggestions. Whether or not I do a reading based on a suggestion depends on whether I am satisfied with the photos I get on the net.

  5. Replies
    1. I'll put him on my list to do. If photos on the net are good enough, sure!


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